Hi SISters and Bros, we are back with another:

In case you missed Harry’s tour through America, his wandering in London and Dora’s declaration of love, you can catch up right here.

Dora posted on IG a picture in memory of Agnès Varda.

Agnès passed away today in Paris at the age of ninety. Belgian filmmaker based in Paris, Varda was one of the voices of the nouvelle vague, a movement that marked the contentious French cinema of the 60s and influenced generations to come. May your legacy inspire many women! #BraveWoman #SIStertainment

Harry popped up on Twitter asking votes for Outlander:

Well, it’s kind of hard, right Harry? Not because of you or Dora, but I guess the fandom, or part of it, ended up quite disappointed with season 4.

I have to confess, I couldn’t get to the end of it. Yep, I tried, but things got to a point where I was done and just stopped watching. #GuessThatsWhyI’mAnIntern

We are all expecting that season 5 will get us back to the good old Outlander days: a beautiful love story between a man and a woman, a couple we love so much. May all the wrong be written right between Sam&Cait, ops, Jamie and Claire. #SorryWeAreconfused #MarriedCouple

Nothing happened today, all very quiet. Seems like Harry’s vacation gave some place to peacefulness. We are back in our Scottish bubble! #PraisedBe

All this silence, it even seems they’re with their bundle of joy…

What did you just say, boss?!

I meant Eddie, intern. The fat cat. She too deserves to be spoiled.

The family is together, at last!

Since we’re here doing nothing, how about a nice flashback?

Woohoo! I love it. Let’s dance? Some disco? Let me get my dress…

Nope, come back here, intern. Not that kind of flashback.

Today marks the three anniversary of this TV Guide event. Do you remember it?

I don’t. I’m new around here, boss!

Well, Harry and Dora were doing the season 2 promo for Outlander and then there was this event. Dora seems kind off at the beginning and Harry looked out for her.

Monday! time to get back to work, right?

Well that depends. You and me are here, but Harry and Dora won’t come until tomorrow…

How many moons until this season starts shooting for God’s sake? #WeCantTakeMuchLonger

Meanwhile, our dear Steven Cree keeps hummoring us on twitter. We love his and Harry’s banther.

Still thinking about what he meant by massive…

I can only think of a shrimp!

Is it today? Is today the day they (Harry and Dora) start shooting this season?

Please, for my sanity, say yes. My poor knees are tired of kneeling on this corn.

Well, Dora posted a stories letting us know she was back at the studio. And it was raining.

Matches the weather forecast for today.

As for Harry, he also posted a stories almost at the same time as Dora, but as for what he’s shown, he’s in London.

No. Hell no, nope, não, nicht, non. This isn’t possible, he’s not in London today! No f-ing way. That’s it, I’m done.

But intern, my dear, I guess you’re right, he’s not!

How can it he be in the Queen Lands’ today if it’s raining?

Harry, don’t be such a child, please. We can be fooled once or twice but not this time, don’t underestimate the fandom.

I call it a strike. I’m not even going to investigate this, boss.

I guess Harry went there with Dora when she was there, you know. Remember the theater pic?

It wouldn’t be “THE Vacation” if he didn’t go where she said she was, or still is, or will be or…are… #SorryImConfused

Intern! Where are you! You there?

What, boss?

You can stand from this corn now. You can say your thanks for all the saints.

Seems like there’s no mistake now: Harry and Dora are back in the Outlander studios!

Whatttt, my God! Hallelujah! I can’t believe my ears!

Dora posted this pic with her script in her hand and we’re seriously thinking about framing it.

Obviously it’s a lattergram, since yesterday she showed us she was in Cumbernauld opening gifts and saying her thanks.

Boss, what place is that? Looks like a train. Or a plane?

Well, let’s do what we always do… investigate!

After so much rolling on the railroad tracks, we finally found something, and in Dora’s own photo.

This is the Heathrow Express, it is a rail link between London Airport, Heathrow and Paddington. Paddington is a railway terminal in central London and a London subway station complex, located on Praed Street, in the Paddington area.

This is the first class wagon (because she can) that travels through this line.

Its route is limited to just connecting these two points: Paddington station to Heathrow Airport. Its duration will depend on which airport terminal is your destination. You can disembark at Terminals 02 and 03, on the four and also in Terminal Five.

I’ll repeat: Terminal Five. Got it?! Terminal Five.

Then Dora, who was already in Cumbernauld the day before, pops up in the middle of a train carriage, wandering the streets of London. Riiight.

And why did Dora mark Harry in the photo? He around, darlin’?

Boss, think of one thing, these two are not far from each other. Where one stands, the other stands too.

Meanwhile Harry, still worried about the balls…

Ohhh, every year MPC supports this campaign. And Sam always gives his support as well. Dora’s also a part of it.

Maybe this year she’ll claim his balls? Or her balls?

Don’t know, intern. So confused. Too many balls in this court.

We woke up to this:

Harry, you are gorgeous, but really dude? Stop wearing hats, we are traumatized with Hawaii. For real.

Harry at the Heathrow Airport in London. Let us pray.

And do you know exactly where he is?

If you said Terminal Five you got it right!!!

Now if Dora went to Terminal Five to meet with him so they would go back home together, that’s up to you.

Here we don’t lie, we only present, within our possibilities, what they themselves tell us, and it is logical that, as humans, we make mistakes sometimes.

As our dear Kristin dos Santos said: believe what you want!

Long live freedom of speech!

We are all very emotional with Harry’s post.

Very fancy, boss…Producer and Cast!

Now they get their script (for being actors) and a storyboard of each scene (for being producers), as Harry showed there in the stories. This means that while they say their lines, they also have the power to adjust each scene.

It is on the reading table that the lighting, costume, scenery and all these other things begin to happen. They have the voice to decide along with the responsible for these sectors how they want things to happen.

Isn’t it great, intern?

Boss, I hope Harry uses his creativity and meets our longings, the fandom loves to see Jamie & Claire together!

Oh! We miss this so much. I’m breathless!

After this, we say goodbye full of hopes for season 5 be as meaningful as the first season was! If they deserve it, we fans deserve it too!

Till next week.

Tchau, tchau!




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