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Today we decided to speak about something ALMOST recurrent. Actually, it’s not even a subject, it’s a certain someone, to be more specific.

A person who is just like a pimple and pops out of nowhere.

If this reminded you of a teenage girls or chocolate, I’ll let you know in advance: We will not talk about those here.

No, we’re talking about someone who draws less attention, but sometimes can’t go unnoticed… or almost… you will understand shortly.


But SISters, why?

Well, let us explain. On January 1st 2018, Melissa, the Australian journalist from hell announced through her IG account that Cait was engaged.

And after EIGHT months of engagement, we suddenly found out we’ve been campaigning for the wrong 007 to be.

Feeling confused? Didn’t understand? Calm down, take a breath, no need to freak out. Get your popcorn ready and come sit with us for a chat.

This week, we’ve been sent a story about the most worthy assist… ops… fiance, I meant fiance. Tony.

As usual, when presented as someone who’s in a relationship with a public person, it would be normal to have stories that give details or at least a glimpse of the relationship. After all, love make people curious and curiosity generates news.

There’s just a wee problem here.

Tony or Toby as lovingly nicknamed by SIS, doesn’t have SM or online profile.


Is this person from outterspace? No facebook, no twitter, NO IG!

The nightmare of any news agency has come true and this is where everything turns into chaos.

He says he’s a shy guy, but still some online info about him came out after he was presented as Cait’s boyfriend and later as her fiance, and one of them was from a website, sent to us by a SISter through IG.

In it there was some ‘’information’’ regarding Toby. But that’s what we thought.

After reading over and over, no one here at SIS come to a conclusion, because when it comes to this shy guy, info are always messy!

The website is Wiki Networth and it was last updated on June 10th, so we can’t even say the news are outdated.

As soon as we open the page, a pic of him and some data pops up:

According to this site, Tony was born in 1977 and would therefore be 41 years old. However, some records point out that he was born in 1976 and would be 42 years old.

On Wiki Networth they present Tony as irish, but you can also find in other websites that he’s british or londoner.

Different Tonys for different websites? Maybe, maybe not… who knows. We can not say it for sure based on the nationality pointed out by the website, therefore, if we analyze this whole matter, we’ll come to the following conclusion:

Yes, Toby can be a british and irish man, because one term is more generic, and the other one is more specific.

Let’s think: if you’re born in Northern Ireland you’re Northern Irish (referring to the country) and British (referring to someone who’s born in any country on the UK).

The same is true of those born in Scotland (Scottish and British) and Wales (Welsh and British).

That is, it all depends on how exact we want to be when dealing with one’s origin. The problem is that no one can be accurate when it comes to “Tony McGill”, because we have nothing accurate about him and we suspect that not even he knows where he is from.

So, antis darlings, do not get attached to the idea of “Caitriona’s Tony is british’’ or “he’s irish’’, after all, it’s all the same thing.

Phew! Next topic… Tony’s occupation.

Anthony McGill is shown by the media as a celebrated music producer, financial investor, pub owner, maestro, assistant, friend and fiance of Caitriona Balfe. I think he has also been a civil servant here in my town.

It is not only his profession that brings doubts. According to this article published on 09/30/2017, his name is Brian, that is, we still do not know his real name.

Tony + Brian = Tobrian

With these many identities, Tobrian is, actually…007!

And speaking of secret agent, his bio on this website indicates that our Toby studied at the Curtis Institute of Music, a music conservatory.

How cool, huh?

However… the conservatory in question is in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA).

Tony went to school in United States? Hum interesting!

Networth Wiki also says that Tony McGill is the co-founder of Combo Fiasco trio. This information is not entirely wrong, as Tony McGill has in fact teamed up with Chelsea Plumley and Shaun Murphy to found the Australian trio of Cabaret performance called “Combo Fiasco.”

Uh, so why is this point interesting, SIS? Because Tony McGill from the Combo Fiasco group is NOT our Toby Tony, Caitriona Balfe’s fiancé! Here is the “evidence”:

Oh SISter, there’s actually a certain similarity between the McGills, right?

Are they Father and Jr?

We don’t know … … we only know that Tony McGill co-founder of the Combo Fiasco group is in fact a great performer and musical actor, who has also performed in major Broadway musicals such as Cats and The Phantom of the Opera, while we do not even know the exact tone of Toby’s voice.

Was this Tony from the group the one who studied at the Curtis Institute of Music Conservatory?

Now this is where things starts to get funny because, in Toby’s list of relationships, in the field related to divorce, the author of the Wiki Networth chose to fill in with a simple “not yet.

Not yet? Oops, did they travel in time and came back to tell us the future?

The Wiki Networth site says:

HUH? Is that some kind anti’s bad taste joke?

The pearls kept coming:

I think whoever wrote this to the Wiki Networth took our #PayMyCaipirinha very seriously and drank too much. Hon, next time try some chocolate milk ok?

In addition, the Oscar Wilde Awards took place in January 2017 and the engagement was only “confirmed” in 2018. I think the time traveller, who already predicted Toby’s divorce, planned the engagement in 2017 and got a little confused on the dates.

It’s an honest mistake once Toby is a common figure in Cait’s life because he shows up in several videos and old photos on her friends’ Instagram.

This particular video is widely used as proof of their “loving” relationship, because she is (or not) on his lap while playing the flute. After all, there is no greater proof than playing a musical instrument on someone’s lap.

In 2016, after the IFH, the scenario changed a bit, because Sam and Cait denied the relationship and to end the speculation on shippers side, MM and Tony were introduced as their romantic pairs.

A pause for reflection: I have a best childhood friend, who may or may not become my boyfriend and fiance in the future, and we always go out with our friends in common, after all, friends socialize with each other, right?

Wrong, because, according to some speeches that we come across, if I was seen in public, three years ago, with my current fiancé, who only became my boyfriend two years ago, we already had something before.

Or, as the site in question claims, if I start a relationship today and was seen in public with my new boyfriend, in two years people will say that I was on honeymoon on the day I started dating.

Look at the facts with attention, people. Tony really started to be seen with Cait about 2 years ago, but neither does their attitudes indicate that they were “lovebirds” or even “melting each other” at that time!

Even nowadays, that they have taken on this “engagement”, we cannot say that, and that’s why several websites define him as shy and reserved, precisely because they do not appear in public often as a couple with such intimacy to melt on each other.

Actually, Tony was always with Cait at the events, once he always acted as her assistant.

Tony as her… ASSISTANT? Yep, that’s right!

And Cait behaves in the very same way every time they appeared in public.

So, we believe this: he’s a friend, whom she trusts and became her assistant.

Some examples speak volumes. Take a look at these ones from Cannes:

It’s interesting that in Cannes he went with her where only actors and people who work with them go.

But he also went to parties:

An actor, the actor’s assistant, Cait and Tony


He also went to BAFTA. Cait won the award and guess what? She doesn’t even mention him. Only Sam.

Who chooses to thank a co-worker instead of thanking an assist… I mean, boyfriend?

Notice the exchange of looks between MM and Tony on the last photo


Why didn’t she thank him?

If we’re gonna go with the “she’s a private person, she doesn’t like to talk about her relationship, he’s shy’’ speech, we can also question why she even brings him to these events.

If he does not want to be seen and she does not want him to be seen, why even show up on these very public places, full of press to insinuate a relationship?

On January 2017 we have another situation where we can see that he is her assistant.

Transpotting 2 premiere in Edinburgh.

Sam attended it with Cait and there was also Marina and Tony.

Look at these pictures.

And here:

In this moment, the red carpet had already ended and they were heading to go see the movie.

If Tony was the future fiance, shouldn’t he be the one walking with Cait?

On September 2017, during season 3 promo in NY, Cait went to a Talk Show.

There were some fans waiting outside and they recorded this video.

They say that Cait’s team were outside, where we see Tony, and she rushed to the car because she was going to a catwalk.

She gets into the car and leaves, as Tony stays in the street with the team and then leaves, heading the other way.

So, after all of these considerations, I guess you only have one question for us:







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Authors: Alexandra Favoretto, Bianca Portela, Flávia Labruna, Laís Monteiro e Thaís Belluzzo
Researchers: Capitu, Eloise Zanatto, Flávia Labruna e Lotti
Images: Catarina Balfe
Arts & Memes: Alexandra Favoretto, Bianca Portela, Catarina Balfe e Talita Brisola
Compiler (text): Bianca Portela
Proofreaders (Portuguese): Alexandra Favoretto, Manu e Thaís Belluzzo
Translators: Bianca Portela e Eloise Zanatto
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