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In the morning this pic popped up. It was posted by a fan, who said her boss had let them know Harry would visit the office where she works.

She was very discreet, and she was right to be. I wouldn’t risk my job as much as I’m Harry and Dora’s fan.

Later, on SM said the office was in East Kilbride region.

As we normally do, we went to check the info ourselves and we found out some interesting things, and things that makes sense.

We assumed that while he was with Alex, the matter could be related to Great Glen Company or My Peak Challenge.

In this region of East Kilbride there are four distilleries, among those one in special caught our attention. The Distell.

Its headquarters is located in South Africa, in the city of Stellenbosch at about an hour from Cape Town.

In 2013, Distell has acquired a company in Scotland, the Burn Stewart Distillers.

Burn Stewart Distillers “owns” the Deanston Distillery in Perthshire, Bunnahabhain in the Isle of Islay and Tobermory in Mull.

In case you didn’t get it, we’ll refresh your memory.

On 05/12, a Sunday, Harry went to Isle of Mull.

Among these stories, he posted one apparently arriving in Tobermory.

If you are interested in knowing a little more about how the commercial transaction between both parties was done, click here!

Because of the lack of information, we can not conclude this story, but you can have an idea (if we are certain) that, like the whisky, Harry has been maturing the idea of GGC in his head for a long time. #HarryTheEntrepreneur

And as for us, we hope that GGC closed some deal with Distell, and soon we will be able to taste GGC’s whisky, since Distell also has an office in Brazil, São Paulo.

Yayyy! I’m dying to taste Harry’s whisky!

At nightfall, Harry let us know he decided to support a new cause, the Grenfell United.

After this knot in our minds, comes Alex and decides to tie the rest of our neurons together…

Okay, Sam showed us horses…

And Dora…?

Well, she said herself she was on the other side of the set, with ginger outlanders…

As always, far far from him, or, in this case, from them!

Our couple was offline most of the day.

Dora was on ghost mode, just sneaking on Twitter to like some posts, but no comments.

Consider us impressed with her determination to “disappear’’, therefore not give us any clues where she is or who she’s with…

She didn’t even comment on Leslie Jones’ praise of Outlander!

Everyone was so excited and happy… but only Dora didn’t say a word.

Stranger things!

I just wanted to say that if these comments of Leslie were in fact organic, it’s a great promotion for the show! May they enjoy it!

Today is father’s day in many countries and in the UK also. Daddy cheered through posts:

We missed some kids there, Sam! Where’s Fergus and Faith?!

Sophie also made a post.

Can I call him daddy too, boss?! #SugarDaddy

On mid afternoon, Harry popped up signing the official Outlander Cards! For the pic, we could see that Dora had already signed hers. When? IDK. But when those things happen without much promotion, our eyes open wide.

Anita, Outlander’s former make up artist, posted on her IG a pic of her and Adso… Adsos, in fact, since he is portrayed by two kittens.

She said there was only one “Cait” missed in the pic.

Funny enough, Dora, who usually likes and comments on Anita’s posts, didn’t make any moves on this one.

Sure that wasn’t because she doesn’t love those kittens!

Anita must have been in a good mood or much distracted since she gifted us with a comment in the form of a receipt.

About time, boss! A good soul to gift us with a receipt. Let’s hope she opens that little box of receipts and give us more!

If you look closely, intern, their friends always let receipts fly around. Kinda difficult to avoid, I’m afraid.

After a time off and wanting us to believe they didn’t spend the weekend together, our couple said bye bye to SM with only 6 minutes apart from each other. And happy to bed they went!

After a no glow weekend, Monday came like a wrecking ball!

Harry says the “perfect whisky blend’’ is almost ready.

I’m dead! The only perfect blend I know is of two people who wrecks our head.

And let’s face it Harry, the whisky also goes through a boiling distillation process!

Put that mixture in your house and the perfect whisky will be ready for tasting. Uh la la!!!


We are very happy with the news, it’s a dream come true and he deserves it!

But, however, we were much happier to see a certain brunette in the photo! Yes, we still are the crazy reflection ladies!

For those who can not see, our apologies but it seems that this is the only way, at least for now, to see the two of them together.

Unless you’re a brave person and not a “saint” you should go to Scotland and take a picture of them both! #BeBraveYo #CoffeeRun

After the great news about GGC, a bird decided to use Harry as bathroom. #dafuk

On the video, we can hear Dora letting him know his other side was also dirty.

She says its good luck.

And she’s right. The japanese superstition says that if a bird poops on you, that it will bring you good luck. #WheresMyBird

Boss, some people are born with the arse turned to the moon, and are so lucky that besides being crapped by a bird also sees the stars align! #LuckyHarry

We wake up with the news that our carrot cake will win another tribute, this time from the University of Stirling!

Boss, I’m just waiting for Harry to become Sir, with his Royal Highness the Queen’s grace!

Sir Sam Heughan.

Can you imagine?!

I do intern, he has been recognized as a true Scottish citizen!

A great artist he already is! We know that very well. Look at this fine piece he drew on the official Outlander postcards.

Always with Sassenach in the head and on the sword!


Don’t even, intern…

We are big fans of Harry’s drawings! Some are very special, like a certain lemon, right?

Harry has announced he will attend an event tomorrow at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He said he still could not reveal what it was but he was anxious.

We are very anxious too! After all, to see our Carrot Cake in an event is always good!

I am so excited! What is it going to be?!

And if you, like us, sat in front of your laptop and waited for some news from Carrot Cake at the Royal Conservatoire, I regret to inform you but nothing happened, at least not until this moment in which we are closing this edition.

Boss, I can’t wait any longer! I have to drink my whisky before it Go Goes!

Come on Harry, don’t leave us hanging!





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