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Already suffering from anxiety? Calm down, you don’t have to open a new Zanax box, because we are already here with another:
















And to catch up on last week’s shenanigans:

And speaking of Zanax, someone barely let the week finish to start getting things right on twitter. #ZanaxNotWorking?








What? Carrot cake fighting on twitter? #AngryHarry

To understand what made our Sam look so serious in his answers, let’s explain the context. The president of the United States visited the United Kingdom last week and it caused a wave of protests.

That was just enough for some people to complain about his positioning and say that he was being disrespectful to the President of the USA. They also said that he as an actor should not expose his political thoughts and when they mentioned Cait, that’s when Sam started to reply.

It’s unusual to see Harry like that. He’s usually pretty quiet, but lately he’s been more emphatic about some things. We think he may be influenced by a certain my amigo.

He has always been more subtle in demonstrating political stances, but has shown discontent with Trump since his election.

And of course, my amigo showed up and hit the like bottom.

So let me see if I understand: two people who work together, are together, act like a couple all the time, are online at the same time, like the same things, are ALSO influenced by each other? OKAYYY.









Totes normal! We get you!

Dora popped up on twitter to let us know she got home from Vegas.

Since saying “thank you” wasn’t enough, she had to say she was home. But “home” is very tricky, isn’t it? We can feel at home in many places. And even when we are in the presence of certain people… After all, “home is where your heart is!”














SIS did some math.

Is Cait, actually, Claire?

Did she traveled through time? Because counting from the actual moment she was online, it wouldn’t give her enough time to get to Scotland… even if the plane had wifi, it doesn’t fit her profile. Did she travel through the stones?

Outlander S01E01 Sassenach – em 09.08.2014

Where is that ’’home’’ she refers to?


Since that day seemed like Harry and Dora took some time off and vanished from their SMs (interesting how they decide to do that on the same day, right).

We are going to talk about something very curious this Tuesday. This video from Vegas Con came out this weekend and in it Cait talks about the process of preparing the scenes with both Sam and Tobias. She said:

“The work with sam and I… I guess because early on we sort of found that chemistry, it’s easy for us to go and find that again […] We sort of have such a short-hand with each that it doesn’t take an awful lot of rehearsal necessarily.”

And that was another:

Dora’s been doing an awesome job giving us so many receipts!

Our receipt files keeps getting bigger and bigger. Also, it’s all organized in a very clean and disinfected file for the day when we finally meet them. And OH GOD YES, this day will come!







We’re going to have a quick talk about all the 789 things on our list and we’ll start here:

  • Phrases to say when we (finally) meet Harry and Dora! We can start with this one:








Sam reinforced the fact that he was training for his movie with Vin Diesel.

OK! We were a bit scared with that vein over there… looks like it’s about to have a life of it’s own.

He said that he worked out so hard that he couldn’t lift his cell phone anymore, glad that a certain someone has his password and is already acquaintance with his SM to keep us posted, right?

We saw that the gym is in LA, so a little later, his picture arriving at LAX appeared with one of the members of TMZ.

Obviously TMZ’s video with Harry arriving at the airport and answering some questions was as expected.

There was also new interviews from TSWDM promo:

Did you notice that the two interviews gave great emphasis on Sam’s body shape and appearance and focused very little on the character and the movie? We did not find that pleasant at all.

We hope this kind of thing is not the only promotion we’ll see about the movie. Please guys, you can do better!

We’ve seen people from all social media commenting on how shy he is and seem to be a bit out of place with his castmates.

Quite different from the Sam we’re used to see when my amigo is around.

2014 – Cubicle Confessions (TV Guide)
2015 – Outlander at SDCC (IGN Live) – em 10.07.2015


And in addition to the TSWDPM promo interviews, these two came out about the S4 of Outlander.

We’re all like:

So beautiful the way Cait talks about Claire. She really loves this character. And the way she talks about Jamie and Claire…

Gifs credits to: mssassenach

We could watch and hear her talk like this forever! And when she describes what Claire loves most about Jamie…

“What I think Claire loves about Jamie so much and when she first meets him is that emotional intelligence he has, and you know he’s so kind and he’s a man of his word and he’s thoughtful.“

Ahh, we’re so… HOLD ON! We’ve already heard her talking about a person in a very similar way, haven’t we? And it was not just us, we received this DM on Tumblr:

Flare interview from 2016.



Our receipt files is growing by the second and you may add this one to it.

Carrot cake gave us something to add to the things we want to say when we meet Harry and Dora!

Thank you, Carrot cake! Duly noted!

That’s all, folks!




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