As soon as I finished watching “Ford vs. Ferrari” I remembered a poem by Fernando Pessoa under the alias of Álvaro de Campos which speaks about the things we carry in our heart.

“I carry inside my heart,

Like a vault so full that it can’t be closed,

Everywhere I’ve been,

All the harbors I reached,

All the landscapes I saw through windows or lookouts,

Or poops, dreaming,

And all this, which is so much, is little for what I want.”

(Álvaro de Campos – Fernando Pessoa)

You’re wrong if you think this is a movie about speed, cars and racing. James Mangold’s film is intended to be so much more than that, because as the credits begin to go up on the screen you realize that all that time they meant to say one thing: you have to dedicate your heart in what you believe.

Carroll Shelby’s heart was in the world of motorsport, Ken Milles’ in cars, Mollie Milles’ with her family, Peter’s with his father, and Henry Ford’s II in business. It’s interesting to realize that the reenactment of the story is there; the Le Mans race is legendary (very well portrayed, by the way), but it’s just a backdrop.

Enough of the poetics and let’s talk about the production!

And what I have to say is: WHAT A FUN MOVIE! Really! There’s no mistake, you can pay for your ticket, sit in the armchair and get ready to watch a movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know your way around cars and races, I know you’re there mostly because of our Dora, but the experience ends up being awesome.

For those who don’t know it, “Ford vs. Ferrari” tells the story of  motor engineer Carroll Shelby and driver Ken Milles who fight against corporate interference, the laws of physics and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car to challenge Ferrari in the 24 hour race Le Mans in 1966.

Matt Damon’s and Christian Bale’s names may be on the posters, but we need to talk about Dora… What an actress! Caitriona Balfe revolutionizes female characters who are “wives of a great guy”. You’ve seen movies like this, where there is always a wife to support and motivate her husband to achieve something. However, she gives a new interpretation to this type of character. 

Caitriona Balfe rocking as Mollie Miles

Her Mollie is deep, her great motivation is love but she shows it in a rational and truthful way without being corny.  The car scenes are AMAZING! A roller coaster full of emotions. Mollie is there for Ken, for Peter, for the cars and for life. You can try, but you won’t find Claire Fraser there, they are completely different.

Bale and Damon are also amazing and very well directed by Mangold. While the first one has a nice, humorous type, the latter has much more intense personal dramas. It highlights their friendship, how much they respect and love their cars. Hopefully, both will compete for an Oscar nomination.

Also, hands down to the technical part of the film, after all, there was a whole lot of work in recreating the 60’s and the racing. The basis for everything is in the editing adding to the excitement always at high power. Art direction, costumes and photography also give the message with a lot of quality.

I doubt you will be able leave the movie theater and not fall in love with the soundtrack! Look around during the movie, people will be dancing in their armchairs. The songs prepare you to sit in the cockpit and step on the accelerator. Let’s stay tuned, because production is coming for you, Oscars! Real and official!

Want a tip for the weekend? Go watch “Ford vs. Ferrari ”, you won’t regret it! When you understand and know for sure what you love, that feeling will drive you to do unimaginable things. How much do you dedicate yourself to what makes you happy? It’s time for you to focus your life on what really has value.

Author: Juliana Leão

Images: Catarina Balfe

Proofreader (Portuguese): Bianca Cuglovici

Translator: Bianca Cuglovici

Proofreader (English): JPG

Compiler: Carolina Ramires

SM: Carolina Ramires

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