So my golden fishes, are you kissing a lot these days?

It may even be a technical kiss or even a real one. Oops! If you’re not, it’s okay too, do not worry !!!

Yes, because Valentine’s Day week has arrived and we are here for that!

OMG!!! SHUT.THE.DOOR honey…we’re still talking about kissing here!


Going back to kissing, the main secret to become a good kisser is to get into the mood and rehearse until the kiss is normal for both of you, right? I believe that must have been what Sam&Cait did to have this holy synchrony.

But, do not go crazy if you’re not yet professionals like our favorite couple. Don’t nervous just imagining the situation … keep reading so you leave here kissing like an expert!!!

SIS will save your life and give that extra help! (we said we didn’t have a SO, not that we are virgins)

First, BREATH!

Sit in your comfortable “whatever”, that you spend hours watching OUTLANDER, and get some snacks, because, first of all, we will talk about the history of the kiss! Here we go !!!

Once upon a time there was a habit, that if we stop to think about it seems a bit bizarre: tongues leaning against each other, saliva exchange, lips together and that strange feeling of the first kiss. However, it is something totally delightful that demonstrates affection and attraction. That’s why we have so many kissers scattered throughout this world.

But kissers, I need to tell you one thing: the kiss did not exist in prehistory and if it did, we have no records. There are no paintings, sculptures or any other records of this habit. Very sad! 🙁

Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, even recorded sexual relations, but never documented any evidence of kisses there either!

The oldest reference is from a Hindu book, from the east!!! The record happened in the Vedic Satapatha book in 1200 BC. In this book, which overflows with sensuality, says “I love to drink the vapor of your lips”. Years later, another work appeared even more explicitly saying: “He put his mouth in my mouth, made a noise and it produced in me a pleasure.”

Do you think “kissers” only exists nowadays? No no, the best kisses in life have been around for a long time. The 200 to 400 AC Kama Sutra book presented improved and detailed versions of a kiss for the first time. It was almost like a manual for beginners. In it were described three types of kiss that the women of that time could give:

▪ Nominal (current title): You could only touch your partner’s lips with yours.

▪ Palpitating (more for the current technical kiss): Which was allowed to move the lower lips.

▪ Touch (warm): Yes, the hottest of all, the girl could lick her tongue through the lips of her love.

Continuing to talk about the book that rocked the kissing world, the Kama Sutra, as well as informative, also brings various historical and geographical references. He states ancient civilizations, being the kiss something that came from previous traditions. We can conclude that it is more recent than prehistory and older than Hindu civilization.

Now that we understand the historical side of the kiss,  let’s look into the practical side, shall we? And for that, we’ll go to Outlander 10 pacitos…in fact 6 pacitos! Play some music DJ-SIS!!!


We did a research in our VIP group and, taking this opportunity, I will put the link here: SIS FB Group 
Just click on it, if you’re not already part of our super SISter group on Facebook.

We asked our SISters what were the best 6 Jaime and Claire kisses and that got the group all hyped up!!! After all, choosing just six kisses in a universe of S&C kissing is not easy, I agree!

In order, the most chosen kisses were:

Kiss 1 – “The Wedding”:

A ritualistic and magical moment, where all eyes are on the bride and groom. Who does not cry at weddings? Yes I cried.

You are blood of my blood, and bone of my bone.

The super cute Jamie and Claire kiss, soft and uncertain, and yet, there was a certain affection already.

A smile confirms all expectations.

Kiss 2 – “Wedding Night”:

Just the two, one waiting for the other’s initiative, both getting to know each other and falling in love. Usually the wedding night is a special moment … and so it was for Claire. 

Jamie enveloped her in the little details, making that moment a unique for both of them, letting the emotions flow naturally into the interlude … and the most anticipated kiss. 

Claire, was not waiting for that kiss to lift her, but it took her breath away.

Kiss 3 – “Print Shop”:

That kiss was wanted long before it happened. And when it did, the skies collided, just like when Jamie saw Claire, after 20 years apart. He wanted it unconsciously, he had dreamed so many times and at that moment he did not know how to kiss her, so he made the request …How not to grant it???

…the desire of so many years, in a new beginning, in a kiss.

Kiss 4 – “Tornado”:

In episode 313, In the Eye of the Tornado, we have a sexy attempt to…. shave.

The sensuality, tenderness and slow pace of this scene outweigh any turtle soup. The slow action of drying the towel … and then a kiss that starts in the mouth and ends on the neck. The name says it all. It is provocative and intimate.

Kiss 5: “The Reconciliation Kiss”:

No one knows how to give reconciliation kisses better than Jamie & Claire. On episode 109 Reckoning, we have a happy ending after a Jamie makes a promise never to beat Claire again.

The most provocative reconciliation kiss ever seen. For me, one of the sexiest and most well produced scenes of Outlander.

Jamie’s Promise: “I swear on the cross of my Lord Jesus and by the iron I assure you that I give you my fidelity and promise you my loyalty. If ever my hand is ever lifted up against you in rebellion, then I pray that this holy iron may pierce my heart.”

Kiss 6 – “Farewell Kiss”:

Nobody is prepared for a farewell. They are always intensely painful, deeply sentimental, bitter and infinite.

Jamie knew about Culloden’s impending war and the situation to come and as a promise of keeping her and his unborn child save, he made Claire come back to her time to the security of the 20th century.

And that was his kiss, a kiss that invites to another kiss, a cycle of kisses, asking for this moment never to end. Keeping in his heart all the love for Claire, being grateful for living this love.

At last, but not least, I’ll leave you with Jaime’s words … “I’ll find her. I promise. Even if I have to endure two hundred years of purgatory, two hundred years without you, this will be my punishment, which I deserved for my crimes. Because I lied, I killed and stole; I betrayed and broke my trust. But there is only one thing that should weigh in my favor. When I stand before God, I will have one thing to say to counterbalance the rest. My God, the Lord has given me a special woman, and God! I loved her so much. “

Whatever the Kiss, it does not exist without emotion. Outlander takes us to places among those love stories that constantly make us laugh, suffer, cry and fall in love with Jamie and Claire’s story.


Rafa: Mission “almost” impossible, but ok!
-First kiss, on the honeymoon (that pull that Jamie gives Claire, like “come here woman”; Ahh, I lost my breath)
-When she chooses to stay with Jaime and asks him to take her to Lallybroch (ahh, that moment feels like putting Jamie in a pot so cute that he is, all excited and surprised)
-When Claire says “I love you” for the first time, in the room in Lallybroch (after a big statement from Jamie and a slap on the wife’s rear of course!)
-When Jamie takes Claire to the rocks, in the episode Dragonfly on Ambar (one of the most beautiful and saddest kisses of all, wanting it never to end)
-When they meet again in the printshop, after 20 years separated (I will never overcome this and nor forgive Diana for this separation)
-When they meet on the beach after Claire spend a few moments with Mamacita (and the priest and the coconut and the snake …. finally, classic scene of crying liters)

Gizelda C – 1. Marriage, 2. Reconciliation, 3. Lallybrock when she says she loves him for the first time, 4. Honey pot, 5.La Dame Blanche after he went to the brothel and got the bites, 6. Reunion.

Cleusa P. C. – Their first kiss in the wedding episode, when Claire asks where he learned to kiss like that; The Kiss of Reconciliation, Episode 9; the kiss after Claire’s choice to stay with him, episode 11; in Season Two, The Kiss of Separation, Episode 13; in the third season, the kiss of the reunion in the printshop and the kiss when they lie on the boat’s bed, in the same episode 6, the kiss in the beach when the two meet again after Claire changes ship to take care of a ill crew.

Heydi F – 1st wedding kiss, when he gives the her the pearls; 2nd kiss – reconciliation at Castle Leoch; 3rd kiss when Claire chooses to stay with him and asks to take her to lallybroch; 4th kiss when Claire waxes on S2, 5th kiss reunion on A. Malcolm and 6th kiss on the boat when they are returning to Scotland episode in the eye of Hurricane S3

Adriana M: I love all kisses. The ones I liked the most were: 1) the reunion after 20 years of separation, beautiful, tender, wonderful. 2) from the reunion at the beach, it gave me relief and of course much love. 3) wedding 4) the renuion 5) inside the boat before the storm. 6) Inside the boat before Claire goes to the English boat.

Renata D: reunion with hair pull* Ep 9 when Cait says Sam* honey pot* Honeymoon, when he gave the necklace* before the wreck.This is it!!

Célia N: The first kiss for me is the kiss with “giggling aside” on the altar (wedding) that Jamie realized that she liked it; the second was the one that proved to Claire that Jamie “was a virgin, but not a monk”; third is that “super technical” gaping tongue kiss I’ve seen so many times that I even memorized; the fourth was the farewell on the stones, sad, desperate and with the JF touch of “do not forget me”; fifth is that of the reunion in the printing shop, shy, long but intense as if both had returned from the desert with much thirst but were afraid to choke; the sixth could be the kiss of lifetime, the one that saved Claire from drowning after the shipwreck, a kiss of love, heroism and total bestowal … beautiful …

Daniela G:n 1st the wedding night, 2nd after the spanking belt episode, 3rd kiss before going on a trip with Dougal, 4th the kiss on the boat before the storm, 5th the print shop kiss reunion and 6th kisses in the brothel after the reunion

Silvana A: 1.Beautiful wedding night. 2. Kiss when she is sitting on his lap during sex (wedding night) 3. Kiss when she talks about love in Lallybroch. 4. When he leaves her to go to the first battle of Culloden. 5. Honey Pot Kiss. 6. Before the shipwreck.

Ligia G: The kiss I love the most is this … ops … It was not part of the series, it’s because sometimes I confuse the reality with fiction. Sorry.

Cláudia O: The six kisses for me are: 1.Wedding – in the hostel’s room, 2.Shortly before being attacked by redcoats. 3.Reconciliation in Leoch (so real and wild that Claire or it would be Cait called Jamie, Sam), 4.The reunion – A. Malcolm, 5.In the eye of the hurricane (in the cabin before the hurricane) and 6.The first kiss, still on the altar, after all, the first we never forget.

Marisa B: Now that I saw you asked for SIX! Very difficult, but ok! 1.The first kiss was the wedding ceremony, in which Jamie gives a little smile after the kiss, 2.The various kisses of the honeymoon, 3.The kiss before the beginning of the Battle, I even love the bawl that Jamie does to Claire after the kiss, 4.The farewell kiss on Craig na Dunn, 5. The reunion kiss at the print shop. I love it! ans 6.The kiss on the beach. I love too!

Stela S: 1-.the first kiss, just after the wedding, the room after the wedding,3.reconciliation, when she calls him Sam, 4.When she decides to stay with Jamie, 5.In his father’s room, the first time in Lallybroch, ans 6.At the farewell, before the farewell …






Author: Cilla Makes
Proofreading: Manu
Translation: Bianca
Compiler: Cilla Makes

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