We are going to discuss, debate and talk about a very curious and old subject, but also very modern and up to date!


We’re gonna talk …  KILT!





Looking under this kilt in a very respectful and fancy way,  but I can see that this fella knows his move! MOVE WITH ME hon!!! We are waiting for you next carnaval on our block: #PayMyTherapy


Kilt’s history is beautiful and full of meaning and tradition. It’s not just a really sexy man skirt that makes them so irresistible.

“When we talk about the tartan kilt there’s no doubt that it’s one of the most distinctive and recognisable national dress in the western world. Worldwide there are women, and men, swooning at the sight of a man in a kilt. C’mon readers I know you’re all thinking about it. We’re now in a time when most national dress is either mocked and or dying out, but us, the Scots, are proudly embracing ours, just as our ancestors did throughout the centuries, and we are still to this day allowing it to evolve with us.

The kilt is often seen around the world as romantic visions of a highlanders, this is a lot to do with Sir Walter Scott and his obsession with re writing Scottish cultural history with rose tinted glasses.

The truth is that it started out more as a functional item long before industrialisation. However, we find that most cultures around the world would have had a similar garments when working the land. We also seem to think that ours was more unique because of the criss cross weave of the pattern in the cloth, but again I’m sure other cultures would have had something similar. What does make our cloth unique is that we have embraced the weave of the patterns, just as we have with the kilt, and given different meanings to them through the years which give us the beautiful garments we see today.

Some of the first written evidence of a kilt like garment that we see is a publication from 1582 of a 25 volume called ‘The History Of Scotland’. The author George Buchanan describes the kilt as consisting of a tightly woven cross striped woollen length of cloth worn as a garment by day and blanket by night. This is a description of what we would call a belted plaid or a great kilt. It was a large piece of woollen cloth that may have had the criss cross weave or just a plain one, depending on how adventurous the local weaver was, and was around 2 yards wide and 4 – 5 yards in length.” keep reading at: THIS LINK



What the hell do you think are under those Kilts?

kids Kilt


Jokes about kilts are all over, even in posts cards from Scotland.



And YES!!! Even Diana, HERSELF, gave an interview to BBC News telling a bit on how everything began and she said:


“I didn’t know anything about Scotland, but the image of a man with kilt never left my mind.”



Kilt huh? 

Link da Entrevista de Diana

Ok Diana, we already know you like a man in a kilt!!!!

Doug Watkins, Diana’s husband!!


So do we.



So does Claire.



But NO kilt is even better!!!



SIS Suggestion: Go fetch your sister, your mama, your cousin who has never seen Outlander…your next door neighbor that needs an extra attention, even fetch your mother-in-law!!!!

Because they are gonna love this!!!

Let’s go discover what are under those kilts!!!!


Through a very detailed research on our “SIS – Advanced Resources” , we found out that the Scottish athletes did admit they use underwear under the kilt, in fact, highlanders dancers and athletes have to wear them as written on their general rules for the anual competition.

I think we need to revaluate theses rules.

tenor (5)


Let’s drink to that!


Time for Craig Na Dunn’s dance ritual…



The Scottish Government finally asked the most important question there is, to all the Carrot Cakes and Doras around and, in 2016, they revealed ALL that are under those KILTS!

And here are the numbers:

  • 67% of all adult males said they have used a kilt
  • 74% of them were born in Scotland

From those who do wear them, more than half (55%) say the usually wear underwear with it. Meanwhile, 38% use NOTHING. The other 75% use boxers, pants and shorts.

OH….38% use NOTHING under the kilt…taking notes


….find those 38…per cent…GOT IT!




They went deep on the research and asked:

Who are those who don’t wear anything?


GREAT! Just a second…writting this down

According to this research, the Scottish men who are very active on political issues and stands by the Scottish Independence, are those who usually wears NOTHING under, and goes all dancing freely!!!


OK!! Who are these Scottish? Where do they live?  Do they have facebook?


This research also revealed that Scottish between the ages of 25 to 64, are the ones who don’t wear anything under the kilt.

Let’s see what our Divas and Doras think about all that?

*91% of Scottish women find men who wear kilt, very attractive
*67% of the man agree. I’M SHOCKED!!!


They also agree on something else: What should men wear under their kilt?

  • 40% of the women say: NOTHING
  • 40% of the women say underwear
  • 20% don’t know, don’t care



“20% don’t know, don’t care”, your NOT KNOWING has come to end…we SISter KNOW.


And we are going to convince you that YOU DO CARE!!!


Bianca Portela: The receipt from the stove
Bianca Portela: Eddie and Mamacita’s selfie on the fireplace

Regina Palma: That big huge ginger shrimp

Taína Paixão: Um rolão de massas! ??????

Nailde Souza: A very sexy underwear kkkkkk

Adriana Malaquias: O caminha da felicidade da Claire é quiçá a nossa também

Heydi Fernanda: Dora’ s private playground

Renata Dourado: A bite from a certain Diva we love hahahaha

Claudia Cristina Juanto: El camino al paraíso! !!

Rosana Alcântara: A COMPLETE amusement park!!! Where can I get my free pass??? ??

Maria Jose Abreu: O mais provável é que tenha aquele presentinho de lã vermelhinha que aquece nos dias frios?

Priscilla Marino: A Mamacita!!! Risos

Ana Paula Souza de Oliveira: A pearl necklace (the one from his TT)? ??

Rossana Alcantara: Um parque de diversões COMPLETO!!! Onde consigo um passe-livre??? ??

Shirley De Fátima Jacques Harbs: My ?.?????

Lígia Garbinato: Cait’s favorite shrimp pancake… kkk

Ana Paula Souza de Oliveira: Tipo Camarão gigante guarnecido com batata palha?… já gostei! ? Deu fome aqui.

Kennia Leviski: O q a doida da Cait dispensou por aquele feio ridiculo… E, o caminho para o paraíso e felicidade.
Fran Loureiro: Carrot Cake Junior ???
Bianca Portela: The Honey Pot’s spoon

iamanunusuallady: Pancakes???

ultranoseybbworld: The Loch Ness Monster… Truly..

mypiegirl: ????

itsraspberryjam: Banoffee Pie???

omg-ree: his boots

bonnielassie: The REAL Caitriona Balfe?

t4two2: Didn’t Cait say that he keeps a sack in there with warm nuts?


[LEG 2/4] An Outlander Evening

[LEG 2/4] Painel incrível que foi realizado após a apresentação do episódio 1×01 "Sassenach" para um grupo de fãs em 2014, com Tobias Menzies, Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Diana Gabaldon e Ronald D. Moore apresentado por Leslie Yazel.Perdeu algum? clique nos links abaixo:Parte 1: 3: 4: #ApaixonadosporOutlander

Posted by Outlander Livros e Série Brasil on Thursday, January 26, 2017








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