It’s not every day we hear these words with a smile like that!!!

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That’s why we are going to talk about this until 2089. We have done posts, memes, watched it 3726 times, read every single opinion and asked As Analistas to do a behavior analyses on this interview.

Well done Mr. Heughan, you managed to drive all of us crazy!!!!! Your lovely frase shook this whole fandom down.

Hi Sam!!!



But how is the fandom today?



The Anti-SIS are like:

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OMG…you guys are fucking annoying

Actually, we not annoying, we are unbearable…(this is worth a print!!!)

The shippers are like:

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There isn’t enough meme to express the shout I gave


The neutrals are like:

Guys, did you know Cait got engaged?


Data Lounge is like:

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The Shamzies are like:

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and SIS is like:

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We are fully aware of everything and we’ll keep going



Now it’s time for us to see how the SISters are like!!!

We asked them:

It’s been a few days now and the nerves have come down, so we would like to know what you all think about Sam’s frase. 

What was your first impression?

Did it change after these past days?

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Without any delay, let’s move on to their comments!!!



Hey PR…read this! It may help some.

Marissol : The first impression was, I can’t believe he’s saying this so naturally. And what was his smile while doing It? If was certain the both were together before, after this natural speech I’m sure.

Alexandra:“I’m not able to give an opinion”

Adriana: I keep thinking our carrot cake knew exactly what he wanted to say. He left his note in a subtle way. Ship more than alive.

Miriam: I think he got tired of so many lies e have to interpreter in real life. He wants to tell the whole world about their love, that for us is more than real.  

Cláudia: Morning!!! OMG! It’s not possible to have a new impression of something so clear as that statement. The truth is that froze, but then, nothing changed. They are happy together. What made it so true was Cait’s reaction. But you Cait? Usually so articulate with all the answers ready but you sounded lost trying to find words. Love it!

Sueli: Sam knew what he was saying, I think he’s upset in having to lie about his relationship and took advantage of this interview and just said it.

Biel: My ship is stronger. Eu observe his smile after saying “we are together”, and it seemed to me as: ops! I think they are together, yes. I just can not understand yet what mechanisms, what contract, what pressure is this that prohibits them from taking over and makes them create an entire circus with MMs, Tonys, disguises, denials … My opinion.

Manu: He said it. Life goes on. ?

Rita: He set it straight. No one can doubt the King of Men! ?

Talita: I watched the live interview and I was laughing with him at the jokes about the separate trailer, being put together on the scene by CGI, she stealing the snacks and the blanket. Then he says: “We are together … and we do work together. Things are pretty good!” Then I was like: Hello???? You said what I think you said? Now what? Then I watched again. And again. And again. Focusing only on speech. Focusing only on lip reading. With a headset, I think I did not get it right. Then looking into his eyes as he spoke. Caraca! And it does not have an I mean, nor anything, he just said it! Heart was beating a thousand beats per second. Sam, my captain! My Shipp is firm, strong and beautiful! ♥️

  • Ana Flávia : Did the same Talita,! I did lip reading, I observed the smile, I listened with a headset and without a headset and I looked into the eyes! The only part that I realized was a joke was the blanket that she takes! But the rest …. ah the rest …??? 
  • Regina: Talita, Thinking what you said, English is quite literal, is not it? So if it was to have another meaning he would speak I MEAN to correct but he laughed and then spoke we do worked together and did not correct the previous sentence. He did not correct it… and continued … we worked together and such
  • Heydi : my  English is bad, but I understood the same thing as you that is fluent in the language, so Sam certainly said the thing he wanted, with the meaning he wanted, and we’re not going crazy to think that.
  • Ana: It seems that it was “and” even, right? After seeing more times I had the impression of being “I mean …” But regardless of the tone he uses to affirm we are together is much more emphatic than we do work together lol

Cleide: Signed, sealed, delivered!(singing with Stevie Wonder)

Leticia: Dora and Carrot Cake are still the same, she is more lovely by the day e he is more handsome than yesterday.

Silvia: I do not know what to say, it was a big impact! Hahahahaha

Cecilia: 1??????3???4?

Luciana: “We are together and she steals my blanket”

Regina: And I think they are very happy after what happened. Life goes on, but the message was given?

  • Talita: That’s it! What surprised me the most was that no one  even tried to talk about it. It’s on Marie Claire, on the L.A. Times page, on their YouTube channel, everywhere. No one corrected it.
  • Regina: Did I see in another group that Lionsgate has a stake in Marie Claire, is it true? If so, it’s always explained why they try to deny SAMCAIT !!!
  • Heydi: But how will they correct it? Sam spoke in a way that left no gaps to be corrected, thank goodness Cait did not try to correct as she did with the guinness crap as I think it would be worse.
  • Talita: Girls, but look, I went to read Marie Claire’s article again after the your comments because you understood it differently. I did not think they denied anything rs
  • Heydi: I understood that they tried to mend not deny saying that he has a relationship bla bla bla and that his words gave the shipper grounds to “find” that there is something, In my opinion was poorly made
  • Alexandra: But Regina, isn’t that quite the opposite that LG wants? They not appear as a couple? How would a subject in the MC speak about his lapse? Um, I do not think so … 

Marli: He had made a joke about recording separately and then put together the pictures … When he said ‘we are together’, I was expecting a ‘we are shooting together’ … but … So … things are pretty good … Incidentally, he looked to the side when he said these things and she turned to the same side, probably Cait was watching his interview from there and he was also watching hers.

Julyana: Good morning … At first my heart stopped, when it came back the beat was happy … At the moment I only think it’s beautiful? but always with one foot behind, unfortunately … I see love, but after “engaged” … I’m afraid of not being what I wanted it to be.

Julia: Of course, this “we are together” came out in the sense of “we are not separated / fighting, as we have been talking about” and not in the sense of “we are romantically together”, but of course Sam is ambiguous to everything, which has been said in the fandom since forever. So this just shows that Sam really wants to cause! He wants to confuse and want us to talk about them … Why? Is he diverting other subjects? Does he want us to not give up on both? We do not know, but everything they show us is articulated, ah, that’s it! (Not necessarily by PRs, but by themselves too!)

  • Rita: An interesting point of view Julia, but I am shipper level hard and I consider that they are together yes, and he said exactly what he intended: “we are together and we work together and everything is fine”?????
  • Edna: I’m more and more sure that they are together. What he said may even be interpreted under the optics that you saw Julia (although I do not see it like this), but the other indications (photo of the two arriving disguised in a hotel after the recordings, the question of the car in the door of her house, the always blurred or distant photos of a woman “equal” to Cait in the bottom of their photos), are signs that to me are clear that they are a couple! And my shipp lives! As Kristin said ” believe what you want”. ???
  • Julia: But girls, I’m sure they are a couple! Haha all the indications they give, there is no denying it! But what I mean is that this his talk was not a “revelation,” but it was not by chance either, otherwise he would have said otherwise. Everything they say is articulated, everything has a motive. And we’ll know someday .. or not haha

Thaina: I do not think he’s taken on anything, mostly because he appeared with MM this year and Cait is BRIDE. But, he spoke and laughed, which shows that he knew exactly how it would sound, and that he did not care much. It may not mean that they’re together, but it also shows that he’s still intimate enough to say such a thing without thinking too much about how it’s going to fall in Tony’s ear or the call he’s going to take from the boss or Cait , by the way). Much less, as it will be explained to his own girlfriend. I’m not going to upgrade my ship or anything, not to keep my heart in my hand, but we know Sam is not willing to sacrifice anything of his “friendship” for his relationship or hers. Cait does not … it just does not show in public anymore.

Priscila: Still can’t feel my legs…

Edna: I don’t believe in it as you do Anna!  He didn’t mean what he said, and if they would announce their relationship, Cait would have to formally end the engagement … and today, 3 days after the interview, everything goes on as before … clues, clues, jokes, but nothing to touch on the specific subject of we are together?

  • Rita: Edna, Engagements are announced in the begining but when it ends is another story. I talked to some americans who “bought” the story and even they are finding everything very strange. 1o her posture in not materializing a date (which should be a few months after the announcement) and 2o because the ring comes and go, appears and disappears, for them engagement ring does not come off.
  • Edna: Rita, I also think this engagement is fake! It’s just that she announced it publicly and Tony has been friends with her for years and I think she will not let his image be confirmed in the media like that…
    To take on Sam she would have to “officially” end this engagement and that’s something that has not yet done … And besides, the thing or person, or contract that forces them not to take over, So I do not think they will take it for now.?

Cat: Reviewing this passage of the interview, what catches my attention of these phrases, is the intonation of his voice when he says ‘we are together and we do work together,’ the two sentences have different intonations, especially the first one, it seems that they want to scream that they are together, especially when he speaks the word “ARE”, in the middle of the sentence, is the word with the greatest possible intonation, smile and laughter in the middle of the second sentence delivers that he was aware of what he was talking about, it is possible that he he spoke purposefully.

Biel: And another thing, he could have said: we are friends, we work together …

  • Alexandra: Biel, yes, the word friend could have been said here, for sure, especially after he posted that business of my amigo. But that was not what came out at the time. Not even..😀

Leticia: The phrase seems like a couple phrase, we are together, work together and everything is great in our relationship! Now let’s agree, if he’s really MM’s boyfriend, they have a bad drought, they have sex at most two, or three times a year! So I do not believe in this relationship at a distance, be serious, they are in different continents, and even when he has time off he doesn’t go see her or take a plane “to happiness, happiness to me is you”, as the music already said








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