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SIS had some other things in line but because of so many requests (some ours too) we skipped this one up!!!

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As Analistas watched the full interview, both, but only analyzed the parts they found intriguing and meaningful that’s why some parts were analyzed more than once and others only once or not at all. They were free to choose.


Again, SIS thanks these fine ladies for their time, effort and expertise!

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What they analyzed here:

  • “We are together” – Sam
  • “He needs a lesson or two” – Cait 



Sam begins the interview very lightly and relaxed, clearly joking when he says he does not talk his co-star anymore, that they have separate trailers and a different shooting schedule.

What strikes me the most during his speech are the gestures of rubbing and entwining hands that, according to body language experts (like the Canadian Nicolas Fradet), can indicate anticipation, planning, and strategy.

As if he was overly excited and/or anxious for something to come. When asked about the reason for their disagreement he is apparently making up something when he says that she steals all of his snacks and his blanket. Sam indicates that he is thinking of what to answer by trying to find words before the answer. When he scratches the back of his neck, turns his head, seems to want to laugh and ends up talking a little lower than when he started,  gives the impression that his jokes has some truth in it.

Soon afterward he seems to leave the joke aside and speaks clearly that they are together in a separate sentence from when he says they work together. By saying “we’re together And we work together” he seems to be completely relaxed, content and radiant.

In my opinion, this was the speech he was anticipating at first by rubbing and entwining his hands. Sam laughs as he talks about working together, which may be an expression of relief after the previous speech. And he seems very pleased to say “things are going very well”.



Caitriona also seems to be very relaxed and humorous in the interview. When talking about Sam there seems to be some truth when she says phrases like “you should ask him what he did”, “he knows what he did” and “he needs a lesson or two” because she nods well-emphasized and looks directly at the interviewer, but at the same time she gives the impression of no real tension between the two of them because of how relaxed and light she seems to be.

Caitriona was trying very hard to find a reason to explain why he needs lessons. When she mentioned it before seemed she already had something in mind as if what she was thinking could not be said in the interview.

B.L (Psychologist/ Behavior Analyst)


Apparently the fact that they were separated in this interview was something new. In this video, when Sam says that “fame did it with them”, caught my attention.

At certain times he did not look into the interviewer’s eyes, for example when he justifies the reason why Caitriona wasn’t close, saying that it would be because she was eating his snacks and taking his blanket.

Notice that, at this moment he speaks with his hand on his face turned to the other side, speaking in a rather low key as if he did not want to hear the last part. But always using a humor. As he continues to speak, he says “WE ARE TOGETHER” and we work together, and we are well! That is the question.

He could have said that they only work together, but he made a point in his first line. At that moment he does not even look into the interviewer’s eyes and speaks in a somewhat rushed manner.


When is Caitriona’s turn, she is joking at first, but seems to be outraged at his behavior by saying that he knows what he did and that the interviewer should ask him.

The interviewer even asks if she will put him on the line and she replies that he does need a lesson or two. It’s a normal behavior for a couple in a moment of conflict. She does not explain it as she is not clear about what he did, and says half sentences like, “When he did”, “Taking all mine”, MY WHAT ?! She rambles on about what he’s done. It’s a little unclear.

K.A (Psychologist/ Behavior Analyst)



What they analyzed here:

  • The moment she asked Sam about his girlfriend


Sam seems amused by the question about how interpreting this romance affects his love life and jokes about how he should be put on a pedestal. He looked a bit embarrassed when compared to the character and responds that he does not know and he flees a little when speaking of the fans.

When the interviewer quotes her girlfriend, Sam, who was smiling, suddenly looks serious and just comments “that’s true” by changing the subject as soon as he gets the chance. Besides not talking about his girlfriend he still completely changes his focus when talking about his mother, she is the one who worries him the most.

In my understanding, the interviewer’s wanted to know if playing a romantic character puts some kind of expectation on his girlfriend when she compares his character to their relationship (as if he had to always act as the character of the show).

But the interpretation he gave was the opposite, as if the question were that the girlfriend shouldn’t watch for not having ideas of how he should act. Which does not really make much sense in the context of the interview, so I saw no reason for him to put his mother in the middle of the answer and get away from the question. Which, by the way, is a fairly common question for actors who interpret romance in fiction, so why not simply answer the question? Why run away like that?

The interviewer even seemed a bit surprised when he brings up his mother.
* In this case the word act used by the interviewer can be interpreted in two ways: taking action or acting. Sam was smart and picked the interpretation that was more convenient at the moment.

B.L (Psychologist/ Behavior Analyst).


When Sam was asked about comparisons between him and his character Jamie, he responded as if he had answered another question … talking about the fans, saying that some even know that he is not Jamie.

The interviewer comes back and says “but I think you should tell your girlfriend not to watch the show”! He agrees although, he actually says he’s more worried about his MOTHER watching it?!

She put Jamie’s character on a very high standard, and he didn’t want to crush her expectations, so he chose not to answer the question that was asked. At that moment he was a little uncomfortable, blinking many times, his fingers on his mouth … looking like he did not want to be there answering that question.

K.A (Psychologist/ Behavior Analyst)


What they analyzed here:

  • Cait answering about Jamie and Claire’s stable relationship



The first thing that caught my attention in this particular part was that as soon as the interviewer speaks of “married life,” Caitriona begins to fiddle with the ring on her right hand, which is a completely INVOLUNTARY act.

So why is it that when it comes to marriage and married life she immediately focus on this ring? Something to think about.

Again, she seems very relaxed speaking about the characters and the series. Her speech comes naturally. She gestures a lot with her hands, as if she wants to demonstrate everything she’s talking about, indicating that she is well-invested in the subject. Another curiosity was to bring something from “real life” like, taking out the garbage, for an answer that was totally directed to the show. I found it interesting and quite curious.

B.L (Psychologist/ Behavior Analyst).

When Caitriona was asked about Claire and Jamie’s stable relationship, she seemed very calm and comfortable talking about the show, not getting lost in her answers. However, at the beginning she has both hands on her lap, and on both hands she has a ring?

On the question about couples’s stability, she begins to turn the ring in her right hand in a calm gesture, a gesture of affection, as if that gesture meant “something else within that question”. A completely spontaneous and involuntary movement. This was intriguing for me.

What does that symbol represent? What went through her head at the time?

K.A (Psychologist/ Behavior Analyst)









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