Hello SISters,

How you all doing?

Today I’m gonna write about a very special cupcake we all love!!!

But before, we’re gonna talk about the place this cupcake came from: France!!!

Uh la la, France, the home of the Eiffel Tower…and …what else is from there?


Come on SISters! I’ll guide you through this wonderful country.

France is the most visited country in the world. Their slogan is “Liberté, Egualité et Fraternité”, which means freedom, equality and fraternity. This slogan was born during the France Revolution in which ended the monarchy and aristocracy of the country. The king, Louis XVI and his queen, Mary Antoinette, did not care about the fiscal crisis France was going through and lived in luxury as the french starved to death. Louis XVI and Mary Antoinette were removed from the throne by the people and died in the guillotine, the nice little thing used today to cut paper.

A TIP FROM SIS:  Watch the movie “Mary Antoinette”, 2006, with Kirsten Dunst)

Besides that, France is the home of the French Cuisine, a world wide renowned gastronomy and also the home of our beloved croissant! But if you think they are all about buns and high end cuisine, think again. They were the ones who invented the canned food. They also prohibited, for the first time in history,  the destruction of products that were not sold, being obligatory their donation to food banks or charitable institutions.


France was also the home of the first movie exhibition. The Lumière BrothersAuguste Marie Louis Nicolas and Louis Jean, were the ones who invented the motion picture as we know today. In 1895 they invented the cinématographe (cinematograph). Their first screening on March 22, 1895 took place in Paris, at the “Society for the Development of the National Industry”, in front of an audience of 200 people. It was a short movie of a train in movement, which scared the hell of everybody as they thought it was coming out of the screen.

France never made it to the top movie industries. They are more the independent movie type although some were internacional success like:  Amélie (“Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain”) and Serial (Bad) Weddings (“Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu?”). 

Some famous Hollywood movies did take place in France: The Intouchables (“Intouchables”) and The Da Vinci Code, (“The Da Vici Code”)


Is it still not enough? Then you should know that France has the biggest museum in the world, considered a historical monument, The Louvre. You can find art from all over the world and The Mona Lisa’s home is there.


But, SIS, besides history, gastronomy, movies and museums, what else is there in the City of Lights?

There is the French cupcake, ya’ll!!

Here are the ingridients:

  • 2 very deep blue eyes
  • 1 baby face
  • 1 curled hair
  • 1 unique dressing style

Did you guess already ???

Hell YEAH! …our cupcake of the week is César Domboy !!!



He was born on March 10th, 1990 and tomorrow (or today, depending on when/where you are now) it’s his birthday!!!

César came to the Outlander world to play our very dear “adult” Fergus on S3. It was love at first sight for most fans, not only because he was going to play a so loved character but also because of his cuteness. Even though we miss the young Fergus, Romann Berrux, terribly, we know César is honoured to play this part and is doing it beautifully. They not only look a like but they seem to also like each other very much.


Hey, SIS, this cupcake looks so familiar? Have we seen him any where else? 

Most probably YES!!!

César started his career as a French actor in 2004, with only 14 years of age. He got cast into some very big movies in his country, “The Princess of Montpensier” (“La Princesse de Montpensier”), and “Na Partida” (“Sur le Départ”) and in the series “The Borgias” (“Borgia”).  Some of his most recent work would be in “The Walk”, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a romantic French comedy “Up for Love” (“Un Homme à la Hauteur”) and the movie “A Bag of Marbles” (“Un sac de billes”), based on the best seller with the same name.

But what César really likes to do it to show off ….. how can we put it….his very unique and exentric style.


Although we’re not very sure about his style we do know he loves to have fun and seems to be very loved in the Outlander set.


If you don’t think his cuteness is enough, he’s a puppy lover, as any good french man would be. (I have a puppy, just saying.)


We want to wish this cute, french, exentric, fun, loving cupcake a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!



We hope to see A LOT of you in S4 and hear you say “mi lady” and “mi lord” 383764 times!!!!

#Fersali is love!








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