Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

Cait says she spent the Easter holiday in Ireland. Sam spent the holiday among friends in Glasgow and this script is all because of a photo. If you want to know more about this play click here.

Dora decides to start this week with this cutie pie. She’s been working in good company.

So, this ipad is really Eddie’s….#ThatMakesSense #LearningToShare

While she was sunbathing at her favorite spot, Mommy did some work or did some art. #WhoKnows

I think Dora is trying out her mother-in-law’s passion… #FamilyTies

This company is highly rated in the market and provides material for artists in general.

Boss, they say that every man looks for a woman like his mother, I don’t think Harry is the exception!

It looks like today we will have a very calm day, Harry and Dora are getting friends.

Boss, let’s see the good side of things, at least we won’t see Harry and Dora trying to create some new script! #Hallelujah

Like everything in their world, when something is not strange, it is at least curious.

Alex, Valbo, Harry and Dora spent the morning on social networks, not so active but they were liking stuff here and there and even posting stories.

As the hours go by our antennas grows taller. At some point all four of them went offline. They are certainly together, whether it is dealing with MPC affairs, GGC or touring Glasgow. #SIStour

Until BOOM, Harry appeared with a peaker fan.

They spent almost all day offline and just like Phoenix, they all come back from the ashes. Together. #VerySubtle

SIS can’t see glasses, mirror, windows or anything else that reflects, that we go looking for some reflection.

And that’s what we did! The scenery was auspicious, clear day, glasses, a perfect head turn and there it is, gleaming as it usually is, the unmistakable forehead of Harry!

Come on guys, with a little goodwill you too can see it and hopefully won’t go around saying we are crazy!!! #TeamSIS #PayMyTherapy

If you can’t see it, we’re sorry, maybe next time, but for those who have seen it, this has only one name…

Harry posted stories with the Peakers Family!

Come on, Dora thanking in Spanish and Harry posting the Mexican flag?

Indeed Intern, I hope they don’t come telling us that she has been learning Spanish, as we all know that it was he who had a little introduction to the Latin language. #Ontas

Did Dora get psyched with the Peakers family?

Maybe she’s thanking them for “silence”.

Were donuts involved?

They are so naughty, that they come online and offline together. They wait for time to go by, just so they don’t show that they are online together. #NiceTry

Harry went to a Rugby game. Go Warriors!!

Late Night with Maxine as she posted this stories.

That was a looong night!

If you don’t remember, she and her husband are two of The Garden Shed Drinks Co owners. They were the ones who hosted that event at The Gardener that Dora went with Tony (cof cof). The details you can read here.

Harry&Dora are so anxious to show that they have nothing in common, but their friends are the same.

Sunday is here! Even they decided to rest and let us enjoy a wee family moment. The day was of chilin’.

I don’t know if it was all chillin’, but they were very discreet and decided not to share anything with us. #Sad #EddieWhereIsYourIpad

Dora had a TBT moment:

We too had our #TBT moment, it was a day full of emotions. Harry, Eddie and we cheering and she was amazing!

To those who say they are so different, on this day Dora has shown us that the differences are not that big.

Ah! These people forget about physics and the mysteries of the heart:

Opposite poles attract!

Harry disappeared all afternoon and only appeared again late at night, and from his RT, we may have a slight idea of ​​his state of mind. #RomanticHarry.

We are all in love with this gif and we miss our Frasers very much!

Today is Harry’s day! Today is PARTY day!!!

And how did we wake up today?

I don’t know about you, but we were all looking forward to this day, all expecting Dora’s happy birthday.

I woke up longing for my boss, she went away to Scotland with SISTour and left me here with this responsibility, but she deserves it. So SISters and BROs I hope it won’t disappoint you!!!

And if Dora was playful last year, this year she was all sweet!

OMG for the man who smiles with his eyes!!! #Ownnnn

Dora, Harry doesn’t just smile with his eyes, they also communicate with you, we see and hear from miles away.

And he soon replied.

So, when a friend/co-star wishes you Happy Birthday instead of thanking them, you just respond with a Love you!

Not one, but three…

He repeated it three times!

It may have been an Instagram bug, but he didn’t delete it.

Sam is so mystical and superstitious, a true Scot! I don’t doubt that this three had a purpose, in numerology it means pure LIGHT, it is the basis of life.

The man (1) united with his companion (2) and together they generated the newborn – thus the number 3, the triad, the trinity appears. #Eddie

Boss’ in Europe and I’m talking about Trinity. May she forgive me!!!

He even deserved a stories, something rare for her to do.

He posted some stories in which he was mentioned, of course that hers couldn’t be left out.

On Twitter was no different, several posts greeting Harry, one of them caught our attention, from BAFTA Scotland.

But what is the difficulty in finding a picture of Sam alone?

Did they have to put Dora in the picture right on his day?

The BAFTA is also shipper! We love BAFTA. Thank you, you’re welcome!

Mr. Steven commented too.

Ownn! This Chocolate Covered Carrot Cake makes everyone sensitive. Even you, Mr. Cree?

I love his right side and you will agree with me, Harry is everything, but she next to him, whether on the right or the left side, is much better.

In the early afternoon, these lucky fans ran into him

They were in Tesco Superstore, a store in Cumbernauld.

Girls, did you notice what’s in the corner in blue? Pet food.

What was Harry doing in this sector of the supermarket since he theoretically has no pets?

Ah! They will say that’s the entrance and it may be because of that, but it might be for Eddie too!

Let’s create a theory here:

Harry left early from work, halfway the phone rings, Dora desperate, Eddie, the tip of their triangle, number three, is without food. My friend said that cats get very agitated without food. She says she may even scratch her mother.

If Eddie is anything like her momma, imagine this cat mad? She can block your own mother, don’t you doubt it!

Harry is already in panic, just to imagine that body all scratched, plus, a real father participates. Cute as he is, he stopped to buy Eddie’s food! What a man!

This is just a theory but nothing is impossible with these two.

Sorry, boss.

There must have been a party because all of a sudden everyone went silent.

Where have these people gotten themselves?

Yesterday was Harry’s birthday and today is JAMMF’s!

That man who lives in all women’s heads.

If only I were that lucky to devour this man for 200 years! #ClaireLuckyBiatchhh

And the lucky one couldn’t miss the chance:

You are the only one who knows how good this man becomes over time, Dora! In fiction or in real life!

And almost 24h off SM, Harry finally pops up, but only after the lady boss called.

Harry you represent me… some gives orders, others obey them!

He reposted STARZ’s stories.

And made a post.

What a beautiful scenery! Almost nobody noticed JAMMF! #ButNO

Ruby Rose, his co-star in SAS: Red Notice, sent him, Harry (not Jamie), greetings for his birthday.

Harry reposted on stories the pics, but he was kinda shy.  What a prudish boy. #Please

Ruby replied with a repost.

What?! Harry with cramps?

So funny! Always good to see how much Harry is loved by others. He’s such a sweetheart and so easygoing!

The “troupe’’ that was missing since last night, came back almost at the same time.

Collective hungover or lots of work?

We don’t know…. yet. We have eyes on everything.

We couldn’t end this day without wishing JAMMF happy birthday and many centuries of life!

Happy bday to mine, your and ours #mandream!

Dora woke up feeling like giving some advice to Harry.

Ok Dora, work on the outside to the inside… got it.

This seems rather dubious to us, but ok.

Harry replied:

Between insinuations and endings, surely it must have a lot of ellipsis, but that we’ll leave it to your imagination.

One thing seems to have been clear, limit yourself to eating only with the cutlery and behave yourself, no jokes! #JealousDora

And so we wonder, between dots and commas…. between reality and imagination. The mind has wings and it will continue flying and waiting until the next landing.

See you!

Tchau, tchau!




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