Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

If you missed the strange party, the strange hand and the bangs that mysteriously grows in six days, you can review all of this here!

Are we starting Friday with some good news? Did Dora go back home?

It sure seems like it.

Travelling is great, right SISters, but coming home is even better!

You’re right about that! But slow down Intern, we don’t know for sure if she is actually back home. Let’s take it one slip at a time.

Dora posted on IG about the actions kids all over the world are taking to preserve the planet.

Without getting into the political merit of the post, we want to know what makes people comment only to express totally contrary opinions to the author of the post?

Well, for one, she’s asking for it, for sure.

And that was exactly what she got. Dora is back, ladies and gentlemen!

Ahh, she’s back, finally!!!

Go Dora! Go Dora! #TeamDora

Harry also gave a hint that he will be back shortly to the team! #TeamHarryDora

Would you please get working on S5, and while at it, listen to the fans and critics and bring Jamie and Claire magic back to us, as the leading characters they are!

Do you think we will be back to our good and old routine?

Please! Thanks! You’re welcome!

We woke up with a very strange video from Harry. Could have been the hangover, but no, it wasn’t.

I honestly couldn’t tell what was more strange, boss.

The beautiful hair ruined by Melissa,

The half forest, half urban scenario,

or the fact that this horrible video was to launch his new collection.

We found it deeply strange the way Barbour decided to launch Sam Heughan’s new spring-summer collection.

What was that about?

No production? No photoshoot?

What a change of pattern.

Why don’t they want to promote it with a photoshoot?? Or will they still do it? #HopeSo We want pictures of Harry surrounded by wilderness exploring Dora all around…

Instead they gave us…a weird video. #Thanks

Another video-selfie with Harry walking in an almost forest that only God knows where.

Was Harry that busy that he couldn’t fit a photoshoot into his 76 months of vacation?

What’s that about Harry? You only have time to fly LA – HW and back 12 times?

Finally this vacation has come to an end (as it seems) and even though we are tired of running around them and doing the hula hula dance, the sum was positive.

Harry didn’t get himself a fiancé and neither did Dora get married. #YesGodYes

This is a PJ Sunday. Since Harry and Dora are missing and are nowhere to be found, we are binging This is Us and crying our hearts out but secretly asking God for a HarryDora reveal.


Maybe they are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

What about Eddie? We miss Eddie. I bet she is rubbing against her mommy all day long.

Hey Dora, please post a pic of her…WAIT…


Dora did post a pic of Eddie, today, March 23rd, right before this edition of NetSIS went public.

Thanks Dora. Now could you post a pic of you and Harry too? #Appreciated

If yesterday we were in PJs, today we have our running shoes on. Both of them are very active online, liking, Rting and posting…

They have decided to do it all in one day. I really don’t know what’s worse, nothing or this! The work is the same.

Intern, don’t be mad, after all…

Travelling is great but coming home is even better!

It would be.

We were laughing and having fun with the comments on that state of grace when their attitude makes us believe in love even more, as Harry wished Happy St. Patrick’s day, responding to his wifey’s tweet.

Yes, we are THAT kind of foolish girls! Maybe for you this is nothing, but for us shippers is a lot. He could have just wished it on his own but he decided to RTed her post and we found that adorable. Excuse me.

Then he posted a very Monday kind of pic.

Great caption. #LazyMonday #Hangover?

Of course it had 29237644333 comments but one in particular caught everybody’s attention. #SamuelWho

OMG! She commented and he answered, could have been any other person but … wait, I’m going to get my popcorn and wait for Dora, she will soon come. No one can explore her territory. #DoraOnly

There she is. #WeLoveAJealousWifey

Then she posted a video of the new set of Outlander.

Dora, this video of your looks like it’s an old one…all that work, one wonders!


We close today with another RT from Harry. Guess which one? That’s right, Lynette’s article about Dora’s video!

Ah! We love all of this, but going back home is even better!

There isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t encounter Stranger Things about this couple!

Many believe that Harry’s laugh is on Dora’s video, and it is very much like his.

Could it be?

Could it not be?

Wow, I feel just like Hamlet here:

To or not to be, that is the question!

While we were having a Hamlet hangover, someone posted they were looking right at Harry.

Between many comments, some very dubious, like saying Harry was in a meeting with someone she didn’t know, talking about S5 Outlander matters.

Boss, I would have turned the cell phone mic on because if she heard what they were talking about, she must have been “almost” having lunch with them, or they were screaming!

Imagine if I was going to miss the opportunity to finally be effective and report everything I was witnessing? #NeedAPromotion

These people are like that intern, they love donuts!

I don’t get it, she says he’s staying at her hotel, but at the same time she’s going crazy? Calm down hon, and do your shipper stalking job!

After so much pressure for a photo, she claimed that, for security reasons, she would not publish anything now, but later, when everything was safer, she would show the photo. Some people say they saw it. We believe, then.

And when everything seemed to have calmed down, another tweet came from a fan who met Harry at the Los Angeles airport.

No photos. But we think that this one preferred a shot of whiskey instead! She’s one of ours!

Still no photos.

Could all of this been possible? Of course it can. We have been there. But we can’t help to think that it’s been almost two months going around American territory e almost one whole month in LA e nobody ran into them.

When she posts something doesn’t mean it’s true either. A video (that could be old) saying she was on the Outlander set miles away from him exactly the same day he was spotted by two “fans”?

Do you know that is?

Just needed Dora away from him so he could let himself be seen.  

Ok, I got it! You mean that if he’s gone and no one sees him, is possible he’s with her!

Exactly, intern!

I understand boss. Let’s look at the bright side here, if this is all true, he could be heading back home, right?

Travelling is great but coming home is even better! Please!

Today is Spring Dance day!

Is everybody dancing to the music without knowing exactly the rhythm?

I wanna dance too!! I wanna dance with somebody, somebody who knows me…

Intern, you’ve been dancing for a long time and you don’t even know it.

We all have been. They have made us dance around the ball room for quite some time now but only they know the beat! #WhosBad

After a long night of Spring dancing, I wake up with my cellphone dancing on my nightstand!

Intern wake up! Harry’s in NY!

Calm down boss, let’s go by logic?

Harry was in Hawaii, then “theoretically” Cait goes to Hawaii.

Dora was in Los Angeles, then Harry arrives in Los Angeles.

Dora was in New York, then “theoretically” Harry arrives in New York.

So, can I say with certainty that Dora is in Las Vegas?

Intern, FOCUS there is not the time for jokes now!

Harry looked right at the camera.

Oh God! So now Harry wants to be seen? Why?

He went to see Burn This on Broadway.

The play opens officially in April. Those are previews, that is, practically general rehearsals, where the director can still make changes, until the play is officially open. These previews started on March 15th , and will be shown daily, until the official premiere on April 16th .

Wait boss, that’s really strange.

Yes, intern, in addition to strange facts also happens strange coincidences.

It was on March 15th  that Mark Colbert made a post on his IG saying goodbye to Cait, as she was leaving New York.

As everyone here knows, we don’t always see real time actions, plus this fandom is full of donuts fanatics who do everything for them.

And now, also, for a shot of whiskey.

Speaking of whiskey, intern, the hotel girl released the photo.

Good job stalker fan girl!

Yes, she deserves but Harry doesn’t. Don’t you know it’s rude to sit on the table with your cap on? Is that fear of being recognized or you want to hide that fantastic hair cut?

Same shirt Harry? #BuyTwoForThePriceOfOneSale

FOCUS… Intern. His cap is his life now.

And so is that shirt, apparently!

Sorry but sometimes is hard to control her big mouth.

Back to the moments matter.

After so many facts already seen and proven, who guarantees that this trip to the theater was not on the 15th?

Let’s do a flash back here.

Do you guys remember when Harry visited the studios in Glasgow before these strange vacations? He made a stories on Jan 21st 2019.

We have said that several people noticed that a laughter in the background was similar to Sam’s, we also think so. And yes, this video could very well have been done on that day.

After all, what would she be doing in the studio, when most cast is still all over the world?

Another fact, which some may not have realized, is the time zone issue, and how Harry has been ending his activities much earlier than usual.

Incomprehensible if he is theoretically in a negative time zone, isn’t it?

Patterns so different, they make us almost believe that they are not where they say they are, which would not be nothing new.

Boss, I must have missed something! My head is exploding!!!

I’m freaking out.

I want vacation!


Maybe If you hire me, I can go next time, since it’s practically sold out.

I also wanted to have this feeling that traveling is good but that coming home would be even better.

Some day intern, some day!





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