Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

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There was a time when we celebrated you, dear Friday!

We were all about the expectations… would he call? Would he invite me on a date? It was all about a Fun-day!

Today, our expectations have changed.

What’s in store for us this week? Will Dora and Harry pop up somewhere? Will they interact on SM? Today is all about the stranger things!

Would they appear in a selfie with a fan around the world, perhaps?

A – set up – word out there maybe, to drive us crazy? (for good or for bad)

And now there’s silence! #OHGOD

Only rumors and opinions are heard. This fandom is a master at this. They put up a whole script, rehearse the scenes and even point out the reaction of the audience.

We have learned to wait. Wait and observe.

A LOT! All the time.

Even the intern, who hates waiting, has learned it’s the best strategy.

It is hard, aye boss? But I’m learning the path to patience!

The fact is that virtual appearances are very rare these days. There has been a brutal change in the routine and pattern.

Harry looks kinda sad, we’re not even seeing his fun and humored stories anymore.

He said in that MPC video that he wasn’t having a good week.

Whatever it is, Harry, and we take the liberty to speak in the name of all your fans, that this too shall pass! We hope to see your beautiful smile soon!

And speaking of Harry, he popped up in the middle of the night:

It was raining that night. But the real question is: when is it not raining in Scotland?

Then they posted a video on Instagram showing the rain but it was so dark that we heard the rain but never saw a soul. Did anyone see Harry in this video?

Boss, as I’ve been doubting everything even my own shadow, I found this tweet very strange, very strange!!!

They’re so sparse with the fandom that a “satisfaction” out of the blue just makes me more suspicious. And after that, it disappeared.

Ah! These two drive me in-freaking-sane!

And today, how did we sleep?

Oh but we haven’t, boss, Dora and her post just… This selfie is just…!!!

Dora you are amazing! STARZ’s promo was something else, right?

Boss, it was Grrrreat! Can you imagine going to SDCC to see an Outlander MUG and maybe, just maybe, if you’re really LUCKY, take it home? I mean, you definitely need your “Oh, look at that, I got a mug” face just like Ana Carolina says it on this video:

Yeah, intern, I don’t understand this kind of marketing. You’re launching your TV show on Netflix USA and what do you do to promote it?  

A MUG!!! 

You set up a stand, ask people to pass by to take a picture (with the mug?) and maybe you are the lucky one to win this wonderful gift! Isn’t it amazing?

And honestly speaking, boss, I prefer SIStore mugs.

Yeah, intern, they had to send the cast, the protagonists of the show!

I can’t even! People want to see the real stars of the show, not a mug, right?

And we miss SDCC too!

We love the show and the cast, but for the love of God, a little more creativity is required here! 

And since Harry didn’t attend it, he bumped into a fan.

Rumour has it Harry decided to stop using gray shirts for a while and adopted the black ones instead! Bless!

And you think: if he posted stories just now, he’s maybe going on twitter to reply Dora’s post!

And don’t even try to deny that you waited for it the whole day. That good old banther between them.

I confess, I’ve been waiting for his reply all day!

What? We didn’t even see it!

And when you’re almost giving up and calling it a night, the damn phone screams.

This is it! It’s Harry!

OH GOD, Harry! The 50 years again? OK, a small step for man and a huge leap for mankind and we know how much you like it!

Boss, in my little crazy world, Neil Armstrong’s epic quote would mean:

“A small step for the fandom, a huge leap towards happiness”

But then nothing came. Nor a step or even A LIKE.

If this man wasn’t a actor, he could be a very successful diplomat and turn Trump into Obama or vice versa, depends on which “side” you’re on.


Was it too much to ask for one single little like, huh? Would make us so happy!

Harry popped up today to spread the news about his podcast with Graham. It is about Scotland and its history!

Just looking at it, makes me suspicious! 

Who sent the photo to whom?

As if Harry didn’t know the first thing about using the regram… ok.. oK!

The project is called Clan Lands and it already has official social medias. Give it a follow!


Look boss, I dinnae ken if it’s just me but… the bio description speaks volumes about someone’s writing!

What if, intern? It does looks like it! Or maybe their day-to-day lives has made them write alike?

And is Harry in Edinburgh as Graham pointed out?

Nope, no! To me he wasn’t and besides, he’s getting prepped to run another marathon and he’s losing weight. In that pic with Graham he looks kinda chubbier.

Dora popped up on her sister’s ig pic. A girls weekend, it seems.

Hummm, girls day is a must once in a while!

And at home!

Our Investigation Department looked into it, and we suspect it’s indeed a private location.

Maybe as time passes by, things will be cleared out, as it happened before. It all comes down to… waiting! Yikes!

As if things could be any different, the little sister deleted the pic and made her account private. Typical. 

Sure she already knows how this fandom works. The pic of course had been exposed, printed and looked over and over.

Why delete it?

Ah! Maybe she just wanted to get the pic out there for the fandom to know and do what they like to do: speculate and make fanfics up!

But in the London airport Dora found yet another fan… and she’s brazilian! Yay! 

Ah! We are invading Dora and Harry’s world! #GoBrazil

Dora at the airport in London, it was soon ruled out that she had gone to Ireland. Why go through London?

I have doubts about this, as always!

Doubts are what permeate my trainee mind the most.

Boss, can I speculate too? I think Harry was at the Girls Weekend with Dora. #ThereSaidIt

They spent the weekend, directly or indirectly, telling us where they were and who they were with.

This is far from their reality.

First Dora’s stories on the 18th, to warn that she was returning to Glasgow. We are surprised by the stories and the fact that she says where she is, and her all all people?

Their disappearance matched exactly to a flight from Glasgow to London.

Harry’s “explanation” tweet would be normal in remotely normal times but these days we even doubt our own shadows.

And finally, because Graham’s pic was a latergram:

And there’s the fan in the clothing store, we didn’t forget him.

Boss, allow me to make some remarks here about this?

Think with me:

If Harry was in Berwick-Upon (it’s practically beside Edinburgh) until the weekend and Graham was already in Edinburgh (yes, he went to visit the exhibition that is taking place at the National Museum of Scotland, in Edinburgh, on the 19th, according to himself), why go to Glasgow (they say the fan picture is from there, but we haven’t found it yet and hope until the end of this edition to have found it) in such a short period of time?

Wouldn’t it be easier and more coherent to have had this meeting with Graham before returning home to Glasgow? #HarryTheTraveler

Okay! In all this mess, we are only left with speculations, doubts, and hoping that some wrong act will lead us to some conclusion.

It was all calm in our kingdom, until Harry decided to share in all his SM that he was gifted by Tennents Beer with a special and private tap of his own:

The Apoia-se girls soon called the pic “Harry’s Man Cave”: 

There is a little bit of everything there on those shelves. #SentimentalHarry

A trumpet, a limited edition of two bottles of Japanese whisky, probably when he was there, some books and glasses… glasses?

I will die without understanding, boss. If it’s a seemingly souvenir shelf, why should I put cups of my daily use on the shelf?

Intern, maybe he puts the bar along with his memories. Maybe it’s a special glass. Maybe he got it on a prior SDCC. Who knows?

Ah, okay… He lives in a small apartment and suffers with the lack of space and that’s because he lives A L O N E. 

You know what boss, that gives the impression that he arranged things in a hurry, for the picture only, like, let’s set up a scene you know? #ThingsImGuessing

So, backing up to Harry’s pic:

There are several reflections, but the most interesting of all is that it seems that a certain finger has been bumping into the editor’s brush and eventually scratching the photo.

Ah!!! He didn’t mean to, but he did, right, boss? I was dying to know what was hiding above that little mark.

Low blow, Harry!!!

And the boy is naughty.

Again, boss, allow me an addendum, please?

You noticed the whisky bottle, it looks like a round seal stuck to it, but in reality the original bottle has none, it is clear and only has the label.

We went to look at this “seal” and it seemed to us that this is an emoji, the one he loves to use, with the crazy face and tongue out.

Okay Harry, the message has been given and we understand, the crazy reflection ladies!

Let’s keep looking, because we love what you show us even unintentionally.

But tell us, what did you hide under this emoji?

Evidently he couldn’t receive such tap at the address that he has the key to, which he usually stay, lives, goes out to get coffee, that should be reserved to a more business/happy hour place.

When we talk about faulty acts, we also refer to things like that, which we love to see! 

Will somebody doubt these are his hands too?

The way they try to hide things seems surreal, but you can’t doubt those hands.

You see, intern, the truth appears for those who wait.

Okay boss! I got it! I know that with these two is all I have left! WAIT!

Tchau, folks!

Have a good week.





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