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Harry is still excited about the IG stories and keeps posting one after another.

On Sunday, he made stories about the gym, a bike race through the streets of Glasgow near his home, nature … this one he learned from his my amigo.

And speaking of my amigo, she decided to show her face again! She came back to us!

Oh Dora, we’ve missed you!

She was leaving a party in LA, where she’s filming her new movie.

The shooting has already started and we are still waiting for something about Cait’s character to come out. Come on!!! A wee hint, please…

For now we only have this picture of Christian Bale.

Dora looked beautiful, was smiling as always and came out full of bags…we know she loves to buy.

Harry has already informed us about this before.

It seems that the shopping craze is not just online.

She was alone this time, no one was around to help her carry the bags. Strange, she usually has someone else to do that.

The rings were there though! ALL of them!

Totes normal!


Monday was quiet. Thank God!

All we needed after a weekend of many caipirinhas is a quiet Monday to enjoy the hangover.

Sam posted on his IG stories, for a change, that he had traveled a few hours by car to get to a secret location for a secret project which he can not tell us yet.

I guess it was not that secret as he posted about it. He is out of control with this stories stuff. Reminded us of a certain story-teller…

Military Clothes + A weapon


What could this movie be about?


Catarina appeared to answer actor Lamorne Morris.

He’ll be shooting Bloodshot with Sam and was also in New Girl, a TV show that Hannah Simone, Cait’s friend, was in.

She not only needed to talk about Harry, but also tagged him and gave him some errands.

A married couple that acts as a married couple all the time, even when they are on different continents and on vacation.

How many times have you, SISter, reminded your husband of things, right?

Everyday stuff like being polite, congratulating someone, or buying a gift …

Totes normal!

Harry got the message alright as he went to Lamorne’s twitter, liked it, congratulated and followed him (since he hadn’t yet).

Surely the last word in their relationship must be his: Yes ma’am!

Then he decided to post this on IG:.

Still trying to figure out what will be his new character.


Harry decided to be nice and gave us a wee hint:

Of course SIS investigated. And everything that we look for, we find out.

This is a temporary tattoo as we can see on this website here.

Holly Russia and is very much like a Russian prisoner tattoo.

Will Harry portray a Russian prisoner? Interesting!


Dora was online, soon or late, depends on what part of the world you are, and RTed her favorite poet. The one Sam also refers to. A lot.

Is she missing something or maybe someone? Is she longing for a certain Scottish Whole Wheat Carrot Cake with chocolate topping?

Look at the bright side, Dora, now you don’t have to miss him too much as for now you have his IG Stories too.

Cait had to cancel her Con in New Jersey because of her new movie schedule.

Details here.

Just before the news came out, Sam, probably predicting what would happen, went on Twitter:

He had canceled two weeks earlier and had already apologized but decided to do so again.


After the Con’s cancellations, fans were disappointed and angry, which is completely understandable.

There were lots of complaints on twitter so Harry showed up again.

He also liked some fan’s comments saying they understood that it was not their fault.

We fully understand the anger of those who were directly affected, the loss and disappointment of those who invested time and money and had their expectations frustrated.

We’re so sorry.

We hope there are other opportunities to get to know them, and that your Con’s experience with the rest of the cast is cool and fun.

To the other people who are taking advantage of this to denigrate them in the SM: please, just stop, ok?


Dora explained her reasons:

Everyone got it?

On the Con, she and Sam showed up via Skype and chatted with fans.

Dora talked a lot about Harry. Obviously.

Why the hell couldn’t he wait half an hour?

Is it the receipt you wanted, @s?

See you next week!

Bye Bye!




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Author: Flávia Labruna
Colaborators: Bianca, Catarina Balfe, Lotti
Investigators: Flávia, Lotti, Capitu
Images: Catarina Balfe
Arts: Catarina Balfe, Bianca.
Memes: Catarina Balfe, Bianca, Talita, Marquesa de Sade.
Compiler (text): Thais Beluzzo
Proofreader (Portuguese): Thais Belluzzo
Translation: Bianca Portela
Proofreader (English): Queen Victoria
Compiler: Alexandra
SM: Alexandra

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