Hello, dear sisters!

Ready for another:

And if you want to catch up on last week’s shenanigans even though there wasn’t any,here you go:


While cleaning and disinfecting our bathrooms we were wondering…

Are we really going to have another week of boredom…

…where nothing happens, and these two MIA and so quiet?

Well, at least we got to organize our receipt vault…

watch the wedding episode for the 112115th time…

and read all DG’s books once again.

And then…out of the blue,  suddenly, without notice…there he comes… Harry!!! He popped up online to calm our hearts. He is alive SISters!

And on a SAFARI.

What a beautiful place! Is this why he was missing all through Sunday? Okay, Carrot Cake, you’re forgiven.

We can only imagine all the pics he sent to his wifey.

And speaking of her, Caitriona Mary Balfe, AKA Queen of Everything, came out of nowhere and tweeted this:

Here in Brazil and in the brazilian fandom we felt the ground tremble. All SMs went into meltdown.

Many cheering and many were, well, not so happy at all.

Obviously we will not get into the political issue here.

Caitriona has always been a woman of her own opinions and we’re not surprised at all about her speaking her mind about politics anywhere in the world.

And as for those who think that “she is not Brazilian, she has no right to an opinion“, well, we live in a globalized world. She is an informed person, she reads the news and is concerned about the issues of the world.

Imagine if you, an equally informed citizen, could not give your opinion outside of your geographical barriers? So yes, like you, she can give her opinion. And she will keep doing it. It does not matter what you say.


Seems like that Harry remembered he has a SM called twitter. He showed up celebrating the Outlander and Spy nominations for the People’s Choice Awards.

And if you haven’t voted yet, please do so here:

To vote for TSWDM:


To vote for Outlander:


And then the hair…

Okay Harry, we’re not over this matter. Don’t go there.

Can we have those red curls back, please?

No hair is better than Jamie Fraser’s. #PayMyTherapy #BringBackOurCurls



So Harry decided to take a chance on his future…

He took this card and a panther was on it…

Our #SISWho system went looking for the meaning of it and look how cool:

“The winding road of your life, with all its twist and turns, expected and unexpected, has brought you to this point. Your faring quite well, yet there’s an urgent need that you’re feeling in your bones and your soul – the need to express more and more fluently your true self, your inner core. It’s so much safer and in some ways easier to deny yourself the fruits of following your true passion. Questions of safety and survival abound by stepping into this total expression of who you truly are. Let them remain as questions, cast them aside, and embrace what turns you on.Once you’ve discovered what your true passion is – and you probably already know what it is – by honouring it and living it, all else will be taken care of. Does that surprise you? Challenge you? Trust that your inner yearning is real, and express it, if not all at once, then gradually – but express it. Don’t worry about how it will look to others or whether or not anyone at all would approve. When it comes to the end of your days, you will be able to say with all sincerity and without reservation that you lived your life passionately and in truth!”

Sam, we know where your true passion is, we bet you know it too…

9 hours of time zone difference and a few miles are nothing, just an ocean away.

He cheered on the fact that NY Comi Con is coming!

I think that someone is excited and anxious to see a certain my amigo again…

And when the media keeps affirming the evidence, who are we to deny it?

Cait then showed up on twitter:

Caitriona Balfe is our animal spirit. Sometimes we just wish we could go around slapping people with octopuses as well.


Sam and his Orbit chewing gum habit popped up on once again. This time who posted it was actress…. Eiza Gonzalez, who’s also on Bloodshot.

Harry doesn’t feel like sharing it with anybody. It’s his favorite.

He must have a box of those everywhere: on the plane, at the airport, in his trailer… we bet he’s got one on his car, too!


Cait is very active on twitter. She keeps exercising her right to speak her mind about things.

What a brave woman!

She was very happy about the decision.

And also spoke about lighter subjects:

That made us recall that a certain Whole Wheat Carrot Cake loves lots of ketchup too.

Is this what “missing you” means?

Later on, she posted on IG stories.


That’s right, she did. Can we celebrate or is she the one doing that?

Congrats Dora! You look as beautiful as those flowers, time doesn’t pass for you.

Nice seeing you even though it’s on a reflection, no problem here because we’re used to seeing you on reflections…

Some people were in doubt about the ring that Creamy Dora was using in the reflection. It seems like it’s a thicker ring. Remember, the Lady of the Rings, knows very well which ring to use and especially when to use it!

It’s not the first time she appears wearing a ring like that.

That’s all folks. We are waiting for what Sam&Cait have in store for us next week.

We have Dora’s bday, Paley, NYCC and the best thing of all things: we get to see our couple together again, promoting our beloved TV show.

Let’s hope for great things and expect amazing receipts.

Tchau, tchau!




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