Who here is kinda disoriented this first week of the year?



What do you mean ‘first week of the year’ ?” It’s february girl!



That’s right!

Here in Brazil, the year only begins when it ends.


“The year only begins after Carnaval”!

But we think ahead.

SIS already has plans.

We are thinking about the New Years!!

One of the options is to go to Europe and once travelling around, why not visit a certain highland place that makes the most delicious Scones…OPS…Scottish. MEN.


Let’s talk a little about a very special Scone from Glasgow, the biggest city in Scotland (sorry Edimburgh), that holds titles such as European City of Culture and European City of Architecture and Design.

Glasgow used to be considered, The City of Music by UNESCO and it’s Scottish people’s favourite place to shop.

SIS is gonna bake some scones today.


We’ll start with the ingredients, let’s see if you guess who it is:

  • 1 actor
  • 1 gamer
  • 1/2 músician
  • 1/2 IT guy
  • 1 beard
  • 2 beautiful blue eyes
  • 1 very sexy accent in which SIS does not understand much


That’s right SISters!!!!! We’re talking about Richard Rankin, our loved Roger Wakefiled in Outlander!







Scottish (thank you Scotland), 35 years of age (looks 20 to me), 1,83m of height, born Richard Harris in Glasgow on january 4th 1983, son of a hotel manager and a cop.

Richard started his university life in Caledonian University Glasgow, where he studied IT. To this day our scone still loves the tech world and he is a super gamer!!!

He, himself, tweets about Zelda and how he plays A LOT!

Hey RIK! We play ZELDA too…let’s do a play date, what do you say?

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 7.15.41 PM.png

On a nice beautiful day, our Scone was spending a holiday in Los Angeles and a executive producer, from a series like The O.C,. told him he had a great face to be an actor and asked if he would consider that career (thank you executive producer, whoever you are).

This little chit-chat was enough for Rik to go back to Glasgow and start drama school in Langside College.


Besides being an actor and an IT (he built a computer for his dad at the age of 15 or 16), Richard is also a very funny guy, just like SIS (See, WE MATCH)!!

He started his show business career in a comedy show, Legit e Burnistoun, but his real humor, you can find in TWITTER!!!





But this sweet smart Scone only started to show in 2014, when he was cast in The Crimson Field, as the brilliant army’s surgeon, Captain Thomas Gillan.



After that Richard was in The Replacement , The Last Kingdom and Burnt (with that hunk Bradley Cooper) with a role so so small, that if you blink, you loose him.

SIS can’t wait to see Roger in S4

We hope to see A LOT of him, right Rik, hon?

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 7.20.08 PM.png


Speaking of seeing A LOT of him…you NEED to hear this sweet scone singing Autumn.



Can you imagine Roger playing Bodhram and singing in Gaelic?


SIS is not READY for that!!!











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