Hello SISters!

Welcome to the second edition of the most perverted column of this site.

That’s right, I said P-E-R-V-E-R-T-E-D!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably haven’t read the first edition, better known as The SamCait Dictionary 069 01, check it out!

Now that you are properly updated, let’s talk about good stuff, let’s talk about porn.

Because Sam & Cait loves porn. And so do we!

A few weeks ago (as you already checked on NetSIS) Carrot Cake had many The Spy Who Dumped Me (we call affectionately of TSWDM) interview promotion and in a podcast with Josh Horowitz he gave us this pearl:

No need for translation, right?

And we also don’t need to say that we already saved this audio on our phones and we’re using as morning alarm.

Today we’re gonna talk about tweets and perversion, one of this couple’s many specialties.

It all started on October 4th, 2016 (It was still the 3rd for us, due to our timezone), better known às the International Day of Dora, or her 37th birthday.

Note that if it was 21h42 in Brazil, for them it was the beginning of dawn. Carrot cake didn’t wast anyone’s time!

The chat was the following:

He said happy fifteen times. FIFTEEN! We counted!

So far, so good, right?

Maybe she asked him to hire a mariachi band to play on her little private party…

As we are naturally curious, we turn to our best friend, Urban Dictionary and we find other meanings.

Pay attention. Hold your heart.

Did you imagine the scene?

Well, you don’t even have to make a lot of effort.

Of course that chat didn’t stop there, after all birthdays were meant to make a fool out of yourself!

Sam understood what kind of Mariachi band Dora was referring to and answered the pitch:

I bet Carrot Cake would love to learn more from you, Dora.

I think you’d be a good teacher!

Sam, who couldn’t miss the opportunity went right to the point:

WAIT! What?!

What the fuck is a grass skirt?

I bet it’s not, eh?

Well, again we use the powers of UD and finally we understand what he meant:

A little gross, isn’t it?

But I bet you’re imagining the scene.

We are too!

To close this edition, let’s talk about emojis! More specifically, about one emoji in particular!

Today, after the emojis’ update, it looks different on our cell phones, but Caitriona knew very well the meaning of this beauty when she tweeted that.

I’ll translate here for you, because knowledge is never too much, isn’t it?!

After this one, I’ll say goodbye.

I just need to say one thing: SamCait have no shame at all!

Neither do we!

See you!!



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Author: Queen Victoria
Images: Catarina Balfe e Queen Victoria
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Text formatting: Thaís Belluzzo
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Translator: Queen Victoria
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