Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

If you want to read all about Sam and Jamie’s b-day, click here!

Today is King’s day!

But before the big event, Harry had some time to go on twitter to like this post:

Nothing has changed! The stars are still aligned, the look on the eyes, the affection, friendship, companionship and, of course, the same love! #TotesNormal

They never tagged him. How did he know about this post, even I get lost on this net. #HarryKnows

Royal Conservatoire here he goes, and how elegant!!! #OMG

We were waiting for the kilt to represent Scotland but he followed the protocol and went with a very elegant suit with a Scotland flag blue tie. Very handsome, Harry.

The Queen who couldn’t be there was certainly very proud of her King. That’s how it works, when the King has its duties, the Queen only observes.

We love how our Queen is, when the King is shining, she never steals his thunder! #QueenOfTheF*World

And Charles, the Prince, was charmed by the King, he was all smiles! #SurprisedZeroPeople

Yes Prince, we get you, totally, there is not a soul in this world who doesn’t fall for this special King!

Very honored and happy with his Majesty’s presence. #VeryJamieFraser

He was also happy to be back at the Conservatoire and encourage young actors to thrive in the artistic world.

And he even granted this short interview, talking about the Conservatoire and the movies in which he worked during recess from Outlander

The Queen continued to mark her presence, watching her King reign before Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay. #MarkMe

He closed the event full of grace and still tagged the Prince.

It was a joke but was there an ulterior motive? Harry and Jamie are in favor of the Independence of their Country as Bonnie Prince was too!

The most shipper media of this fandom was full of love to give!

And we go too, because tomorrow is a work day!

Very excited people, huh? The only workout I do is glass lifting!

How exciting!!!

Just imagine how exciting it must be for the Peakers to be so close to the coach.

And not only because the coach is Sam Harry Heughan, I’m sure of it! #YeahSure

​Carrot Cake’s idea is wonderful, helping people achieve a single goal, without the crazy competitiveness, and instead, simply being kind to one another. #Beautiful

I’m really excited about MPC!

And Harry woke up equally excited and that showed on Twitter.

And made a point to show everything!

After that he made sure to share everything with us:

We think he should share stuff like that more often. We wouldn’t complain. Would you? #YouDirtyMind

Afterwards, he thanked everybody for the amazing day, as he always does.

Coach Valbo was the boss of the day, asking them to put away their cameras and to sit down. Thanks, Coach!!

After all the hustle and bustle with the Peakers, Harry went to get his suit for the MPC gala.

The 21st Century Kilt store is highly rated, and works with prompt delivery only for the kilt itself, but his specialty is full suits.

Even if you order it online, it takes at least a month to deliver a kilt. Takes six to eight weeks to deliver the full suit and it’s only by order, for which you need to set an appointment.

Harry must have a differentiated service and the owner, knowing Harry so well, was able to make the complete kilt without any problem.

That’s right, Harry first wore the 21st Century Kilt after he became Jamie Fraser in 2014 in one of his first Red Carpet appearances.

Even the Outlander account has mentioned the owner.

One of the ways to recognize the 21st Century kilts is though their pins, they maintain a pattern. So if you look closely at Harry’s kilts pics you will notice he is almost always wearing them.

We also believe someone knew that he had the time and day to get the suit scheduled. I wish I had an auntie like that.

Boss, where are you? I need a raise to pay for my therapy!

My God, that man in a kilt… We might as well die right now!!!

Now it’s time for CAITlin to be the Queen!

God save the Queen! And her mom. Look at their faces, it’s pure happiness!

A wee observation about this photo: Harry only hugged the mom? Is that right, SISters?

He ain’t dumb at all, just thinking about Dora’s advice, outside to inside and no jokes. He knows the queen he has at home.

After the date, cause there is always an “after”, Harry had another engagement, or better yet, another meeting. #NoMoreEngagements

Do you remember The Spirit Group? If not, just click here.

So, we are always stalking looking!

They were in Glasgow, apparently since April 30th and worked with two distilleries: William Grant & Sons e Tomatin.

Today they were in Edinburgh…

At about 7pm local time, they posted this:

As almost nothing goes unnoticed, we went to look what was in that photo.

Surprise! In the same place where Harry took a picture with the Queen of the Day, CAITlin.

What exactly does that mean?

At first, as we suspected, Harry spent his birthday in Edinburgh.

The title of our last column was … Traveling on Birthday, at that time as just a “maybe”, now we are almost certain, because total and absolute certainty is not possible, for they do not give us this possibility. #ForeverUnknown

Let’s think, if they were in Glasgow and Harry too, couldn’t they have had the meeting there?

It makes no sense for them to go to Edinburgh for this meeting, theoretically having the possibility of doing this where they already were.

Oh! Don’t tell me you think it was one of the many coincidences that exists in Harry & Dora’s weird world.

There are no coincidences in their world, it’s one of the first things we learn when we come into this Fandom!

Even more strange was Monica and Dora at 1am local time, online together.

Yes, maybe just another coincidence. Or. Maybe not.

So, coupled with the fact that the kilt pick-up was scheduled and that the girls are in Edinburgh, can we assume Harry was actually in Edinburgh longer than he claimed to be? #SneakyHarry

He does have a very busy and full live, we get tired just stalking following him!

Can you believe people say that Royal life is an easy life?

BTW, did you see STARZ promo?

A cutie festival, can’t talk about those heart hands. #TooMuchForMyHeart

Oh when the Peakers, go marching in, when the Peakers go marching in…”

The King was happy and fullfiled, leading his army of Peakers.

Source: https://twitter.com/SamHeughan/status/1125002744140636160

He also posted on Instagram:

After 24 hours without a single like on Twitter, the Queen, despite her silence, kept firm in her role, but not so silent this time.

Some of you are not going to agree with us, but we admire Dora’s atitute.

The spotlight in on the King, the whole weekend is about him and she didn’t steal his thunder.

It’s not the first time she acts like this, please stop rantin about it, the focus is on him #KingAndQueenConected

Bloodwise, one of the charities, thanked Harry, everyone involved and all guests.

And posted these beautiful pics!!

May this donation help your research advance more and more, and we can finally eliminate this disease that devastates the lives of so many people.

Edimburgo Tour Guides was also present at the March on Holyrood Park

Oh God…Harry and this megaphone…

He said:

Harry, no one is able to stop you, hon! #SucessAlways

After the March, the King got ready for his Ball!

Very handsome indeed, Harry!!

His buddy and business partner also showed up:

Taking a look at all this spectacle, I believe they provided one of the best moments of the party!

After the party ended, Harry was still so excited. That’s what you call being happy, right?

A like here, a repost there… it was crazy to keep up! And between many likes and reposts, one made us so happy:

Congrats to the Fraser’s Ridge Brasil’s girls!

And you might be asking: where are the Spirit Group girls?

Last time we saw them was in this storie posted on Sunday:

Well, I don’t know about you but someone who post a party attire probably is  going to one, right?

Maybe it was another party?

Or was it another coincidences in Harry and Dora’s world

And today is a holiday in Scotland, Labor Day! We hope they rest and that we do too!

Oh sweet summer child, don’t you know Harry&Dora doesn’t let us rest?

We woke up with a buzzing cell phone on the mattress. Harry and his fast fingers on Twitter.

Okay, time to say his thanks, to read about the repercussion that the event caused. And there were many!!!

Marie Curie, one of the entities benefiting from the evening, tweeted about it:

Also Christina McKelvie, Minister of the Scottish Government. #SuperHarry

And he even granted an interview to the BBC, which will go on air today.

And there was even a speech by the prime minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon. How much prestige and success!

We are so proud of you, Harry!

After all the thanks were made and the lights of this weekend were diminishing, she, the Queen of that Royalty, came up to comment:

Dora, you are incredible! Let’s learn with the Queen, girls, there are days to manifest and days to be quiet. There are days of “shadows” and days of “shining.”

And boy, did he shone!

Another pic of Harry in 21st Century Kilt store popped up.

If there’s anything these peeps like is to spare pics. #PostItAlready

Well, I prefer to spare money. Maybe next year I’ll go on SIStour.

And as life goes on, they posted about season 5:

And he replied to her.

There is no one who doesn’t love these moments, this interactivity between them. We, plebs, were all with a smile plastered across our faces!

I know very well what lips Dora’s getting!

And today the talk is all about this pic:

After yesterday’s comments, the saga continues:

If not even the queen herself liked it, who are we to say otherwise?

Harry replied.

Boss, I doubt that that man does not have the best of aromas. I agree with Dora, he is always better without photoshop. How dare you to edit what is already perfect? Please! Let the S5 be better than this picture.

Maybe it was edited by an intern, like me. Hon, I can’t defend you like that! You could take a lesson or two with our friend here:

Yesterday was Met Gala day. Harry and Dora didn’t attend, but liked and commented on some pics. #ThankYouSweetbabyJesus

Dora, attentive to everything that refers to the world of fashion, liked many posts and left a comment on Harry’s post, the hairdresser.

For those of you who don’t know, Harry Josh was her hairdresser at some events, as well as Marcus Francis. #SoManyHarrys

Certainly Dora was busy but Harry, the hubby, was representing his wifey. #MarriedCouplesThings

Latter, Dora posted on twitter and even made an storie! #ApocalipseNow

And from what we’ve noticed most of the time, Dora’s stories are for people and special occasions. #NotForEveryone

Remember that Harry made a post and a storie too?

Maxine has not yet reached her goal and Harry, sensitive as he is, asked his co-star and “friend” to give Maxine a little push.

She has reached the half of the goal and she needs to complete the amount until June at the most. If you want to know more and wants to help Max, you can click here! #TeamMum

Later on at nightfall, Harry, the hubby, followed 21st Century Kilt’s account and posted a photo with Howie Nicholsby.

That’s what we call:

And so we end another week!

See you next time 😉





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