Feminine noun.

Science that studies the nature and properties of simple bodies, the action of these bodies or others, and the combinations associated with this action. 

Chemistry between two people

Chemistry between couples is not just physical attraction. There are other factors that contribute to good chemistry between two people. These include an open emotional stance (in the sense of not running away or dodging), the synchronization of interests, and the reciprocal intensity. All of this causes a sense of closeness and even security. 

And besides, chemistry has a scientific explanation: there is a flow of chemicals that are made in one’s body. These include adrenaline, noradrenaline, phenylethylamine, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. (LABRUNA, Beatriz.)

It’s been five years watching Outlander, divided into four seasons. We have been flooded with the deep and transcendental love of Jamie and Claire for so long that we daydream remembering moments of our couple. 

Look at these two people:

They just met, they are completely strangers to each other. They will play a couple on television, but here they are not yet a couple.

Can you see the chemistry? It’s a blast of adrenaline, phenylethylamine, dopamine and so on. They just can’t stop and we appreciate it.

Let’s see NINE times when Claire and Jamie were very Cait and Sam.

107 – To bed or to sleep?

I confess! Guilty as charged. I have seen the wedding episode on a never ending looping, I’ve lost count of the amount of times. Every time it becomes even more special. It was the first more physical and sexual contact between the characters, the building of an intimacy. However, there is something about Sam that we didn’t know until recently.

In the scene when Jamie and Claire will have to consummate the marriage and she calls her husband to bed. Nervously he asks a question: “To bed or to sleep?”.

In the final cut, Claire answers “Well”, but that’s not quite what Cait said. Anna Foerster, the episode’s director, said she asked Dora to say, “Come on, let’s go fuck.” Jamie’s surprised, embarrassed and wide-eyed reaction was all Sam.

109 – Cait says Sam instead of Jamie

One of the best sex scenes between Jamie and Claire in season one was their reconciliation at Castle Leoch after a long fight. That was the first most intimate scene recorded by Sam and Cait. 

We can say that Dona was very excited on the scene. Not only because they catch each other vigorously, but because in the middle of the act she says Sam instead of Jamie!!! 

Yes, that’s exactly what you read. Go back to the episode, pay attention to the scene and listen well. She said “YessssSam”.

This was something noticed by fans and a very popular topic in the fandom. What no one expected was for Cait, long after, to confess that this was true!

We understand you, Dora! When we look at that ”bod” we also lose sense of things.

111 – Sam’s smile while kissing Claire

Claire tells Jamie that she’s a time traveler and had come from the future. And then they start running away from all the confusion at Castle Leoch and Cranesmuir. Then, at night, Jamie wakes Claire with a kiss, an affection and something more. However, there’s a simple gesture, a genuine and true smile.

It wasn’t in the script, Sam wasn’t supposed to do that, but Jamie smiles as he kisses Claire. Sam’s affection was so beautiful and so interesting that Matt B. Roberts, producer of the show, decided to leave it in the final cut and even commented on how much he loved the scene. 

206 – Sam’s comment and Cait’s smile

Sam and Cait moments within Outlander are not just about sex, they are also just ordinary moments. This is what we can see in a simple farewell.

We’re in Paris and here we see Jamie and Fergus saying goodbye to Claire for another sabotage mission against Bonnie Prince Charles. When Jamie crouches over the horse to kiss Claire, Sam says something low to Cait, which the microphone doesn’t pick up. She gives the most beautiful of smiles.

We don’t know what he said, but it was enough to make our hearts melt with love.

306 –Claire and Jamie or Cait and Sam’s reunion?

After 20 years apart, Claire and Jamie had a lot to catch up! Lot’s of love to live. I imagine that Norma Bailey, the ep director, must have said to them, “now it’s up to you two!”

It’s amazing the amount of Sam and Cait in this episode! Several actions were not in the script. Let’s count them, shall we?

– Kiss on the nose. This is totally off character. Claire and Jamie do not do that.

– Slap in the butt. Do you want something more intimate than that? Sam slaped Cait’s butt and she tried to slap his back. Was it scripted? Of course not!

– There are lots of little kisses on Sam’s chest and abdomen given by Cait. After all, she knows the path that leads to… happiness!

311 – The best turtle soup.

Creamy said more than once her favourite scene from season 3 of Outlander is the Turtle Soup. A scene full of fun, provocations and sex with a very much drunk Claire.

Us fans were anxiously waiting for that and nobody was let down. They’ve given it a spectacular show. And what’s more true in that scene?

You know that beautiful eskimo kiss, that one where we touch the other person’s nose? That also was not in the script. Book Claire and book Jamie do not kiss like that! But Sam and Cait? Oh, yes ma’am.

When they were having vigorous sex, Mr Willoughby  calls them through the door. Claire is wasted and making a lot of noise. Jamie should put a hand over her mouth to keep her from making sounds. So far so good, but wait for it. The hand bite was all Dora’s! That cheeky girl.

At the time, Sam joked a lot with her by saying several times that everything in that scene seemed very familiar to him. Which makes us think he has seen Cait drunk and shameless many times.

Thanks Sam, now this won’t get out of my mind.

401 – Smile as wedding gift

Claire is a challenging woman and here was she, guiding the boat which would led them to River Run. Then Jamie helps her get the the lowest part of the boat because he wanted to give her a gift.

When she comes down in his arms, two things happen: a genuine, unmistakable laugh from Cait and another pat she gives Sam. No, we never imagined Claire doing this to Jamie, this is HarryDora’s thing.

406 – Losing the count in a bathtub

If there’s a scene we love on season 4, it was the bathtub. There Jamie once again declares his love for Claire and presents her with a new wedding ring. What was out of script was the amount of kisses and affection exchanged by the two.

Okay, I know it was a romantic scene and it’s normal to have contact, but they couldn’t take their hands off each other. Harry clung to her. Know when we talk about chemistry? There are tons of it here!

The scene ends with a kiss count that was not in the script, much less in the books. Where do Sam and Cait come up with these ideas? From real life, of course!

O melhor momento é quando Cremosa fica surpresa com o improviso de Sam e depois quando eles se perdem na contagem. O sorriso aberto e cheio de amor é totalmente Caitriona Balfe. É simplesmente lindo!!

The best part is Dora getting surprised over Sam’s impromptu and then after when they get lost over the counting. The huge smile and full of love is all Caitriona Balfe. This is aesthetic.

409 – Banter and affection

This episode has reserved us great emotions, mainly because it marks Jamie’s meeting with his daughter Brianna. When everyone is at the table in Fraser’s Ridge, talking and enjoying a good drink, Sam comes with a surprise.

Yeah, he did a lot more than kiss the cheek and that wasn’t in the script. HE LICKED CAIT !! Totally unprepared, she is surprised and cleans the lick that Carrot cake gave there.

Ah, that tongue… We love it…

This episode has one more moment, now a cute one. Jamie and Claire talk in bed about Bree’s future with them. That exchange of affection is the most homely and couple thing Outlander has ever provided.

Want to know the best of everything? None of this was expected to happen! It’s all HarryDora trademark. 

We could list others and we know you know many more. There are conversations, looks, teasing, kisses and sounds. The mixture of this chemistry is really overflowing. It created it’s personal life and that shows onto the screens. We notice it immediately!

Would Jamie and Claire work so well if played by other actors? Would Sam and Cait be so loving without each other? The answer is no! Everything is perfect because there is chemistry.

May the 5th and 6th seasons come to make us search for more of these magical moments! May it come with much more Jamie and Claire love but also some Sam and Cait love too!

A special thank you to the Apoia-se girls, who helped us by suggesting the scenes. You guys are amazing and so funny! And to SIS Beatriz Labruna, for the perfect definition of chemistry according to Psychology.





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