Hello SISters and BROs! How are you guys doing this holiday? Excited for another Christmas Eve with the fam?

We are here waiting for SAMta to come. Our list has been ready for a long time:

Harry was so happy with this article in the Washington Post about Outlander, and may I say, so were we!

The article is indeed very good and it has a kind look into the show that has been getting some nasty reviews from the fandom.

Beautiful and sensitive writing!

You can check it out here. https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/tv/sure-outlander-is-tvs-sexiest-show-but-its-also-a-great-lesson-in-how-to-listen/2018/12/13/fc7c9758-f8c7-11e8-8c9a-860ce2a8148f_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.a09f83d7c117

Harry was so proud he even made a Stories about it!

And look how interesting. Once again, we have an article about Jamie and Claire that fits perfectly into our favorite couple, maybe that’s what the Stories Teller felt too.

“Aye, but here’s the real beauty of “Outlander”: The exchange is mutual. She’s as much changed by him as he is by her. His masculinity is as instructive as her femininity. His wisdom complements hers. Even when their candlelit sex scenes are the main draw, the body parts that are most impressive are their ears.

Ask anyone who has traveled enough time with a significant other: Being heard as an equal partner is just as great — and sometimes better — than another roll in the hay.”

He also wanted to make very clear, and we swear we don’t know why, that he was in fact in Budapest…working!

Ok Harry, we believe you this time (but not because of your Stories and posts, that ship has sailed).

He likes to poke his friend.

We need to confess that we felt a little jealous when we read Queen in his Stories, after all, here in Lallybroch we only have one!

Ruby poked back.

We like to see how he is so good in making friends wherever he goes. When was the last time you made a new friend?

Besides, it’s fun to notice the difference between co-workers and Harry and Dora! They are another level, truly!

He posted this photo:

He must miss climbing a monroe or two…my God, what a strange man!

But Harry, dinna fash, soon many SISters and BROs will be travelling to Scotland and we might be climbing a Monroe or two ourselves!

If we should run into you, you can’t miss, we are the 40 SISters climbing in high heel boots! Look for the SIStour sign.

Scotland, here we come!

And talking about high heel boots, Dora is acting very strange these days, swept away in the RTLand.

By the way Dora, where or what have you been exploring?


While Dora is in hiding, Harry, the Cat Whisperer, seemed to have won another one on set.

Well, well, who doesn’t melt with this big fella, HUH?

And he named the cat Carlos. We think that very soon Eddie will have some company. A new brother or… dinner!

Sam, that could be a horrible idea. After all, Eddie seems to be like her mother. Very possessive of what’s hers and don’t like to share.

We don’t want to see Eddie become, Eddie the Blocker!

Can we use our fireworks already and celebrate new years early?

Oh, and drink 365 caipirinhas?

Finally he gave us crumbs and posted a pic of him blonde and beautiful on set…

So he wasn’t seeing SHARRRRKS much less visiting science museums.

Yes intern, you are right. We prefer shrimp anyway.

Ok Harry, we already understand that you were in Budapest this weekend, and look, this time we’re even believing!

And like every Saturday, our couple announced the new episode of Season 4 of Outlander both on Twitter and Instagram.

On Twitter, she only RTed the Cat Whisperer.

On Instagram, they were proud parents.


Come down intern, it’s Sophie. For now.

We love to see their interaction as proud parents.  


Today was Melissa’s birthday and Harry came through!

Happy birthday Melissa, TeamSIS wishes you all the best and that you keep taking care of our Cat Whisperer’s hair!

He also posted this:

If I could ask SAMta for a gift, it would be the access to his iCloud. Can you imagine how many pics of Eddie, Mamacita, Carlos, Dora…


Today we are very happy! Cait will be part of a Netflix show. You go, girl!

And what a cast!


She was quick to comment:

As always, we are cheering for you! You deserve this and much more!

Meanwhile, Harry was proud of the pampering he earned from his co-worker

Ohhh Harry… Whisky and Chocolate.

Alright, we know that you do not like to share your nuts, let alone your snack, but it’s a bad thing to make us wish for a snickers as SIS has walked miles to find the same chocolate, with no luck.

And since our couple don’t feel like posting and not at all willing to give us any news, the new costar posted this on Instagram:

So we assume that filming is nearing the end, and that by the end of the week, if all goes well, Budapest is over, even though unforeseen events always happen, but in this case, we hope not.

So, where will they go? Where will Harry go? Is Carlos going with him?


I’m thinking, you know, as Christmas time is coming, our beliefs and faiths are always on the rise, and we even believe in Christmas Miracle!

If you really do believe, it really HAPPENS!

And it seems that the miracle of Christmas came to us!

Dora appeared! That’s right, she APPEARED!

She thanked all who contributed to the WCC when purchasing her shirt.

You’re welcome, Dora! We will give ours away to a very lucky SISter on our next Outlander Live!



Sam, again, says that it’s almost like a marriage.

We think there’s a Carrot Cake very willing to say some words.

He also liked an article about his wifey’s new show.

This is a Hubby very proud of his Wifey!

And we end this NetSIS saying that on this holiday we can stuff ourselves with turkey and shrimp and caipirinha without restraint!

It’s Christmas!

A very happy Merry Christmas to all, may you be surrounded by LOVE and PEACE.




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