Hello SISters and BROs, we are back with one more:

If you lost a ring or your Bloody Mary went dry, worry not! You can find it here.

And after all the buzz and fuzz of last weekend and a week of lots of night shoots, our favourite couple took the chance to rest a little.

Only if I could have a massage to relax…

These two are more in sync than ever. Their posts on Twitter show us that clearly.

This is a fine example, the same video. And they posted it almost at the same time.

Boss, more in sync than that? Impossible.

Yep, to go through a journey together takes sync, intern.

Wow, boss! That was deep. Are we romantic this week?

Maybe… it’s Valentine’s day week in Brazil.

Meanwhile, Harry took his time to let us know that the weekend would be of tireless night shoots and that he couldn’t wait to get a weekend of calmness.

Also, he logged off twitter rather angry with some pain in the arses out there…

Boss, Harry is like the Cure theses days! He only wants Friday to come!

And we want it too, right? We deserve it.

A weekend of calmness doesn’t sound too bad…

And that was this weekend. So peaceful.

On Sunday, for a change, Harry popped up on Glasgow streets with a fan.

Cutie pie! Must’ve taken the bike and went for some take out. And oh, this hair looks like it just got out of a helmet…

Intern, you can’t have a weekend off that you’re already writting your next fanfic?

It’s not fanfic, t’s facts! I keep an eye on everything. I’ve learnt that from you.

Okay! Since you’re so observant, you must have seen that there’s something missing in this pic.


No, the gray shirt!

They went online together after the fan posted the pic. Also, the whole weekend was just like that. Together and online! Just the way we like it.

With the week starting, things didn’t change much. Everything peaceful with Harry and Dora and their never-ending harmony.

Harmony is lacking in the Scottish weather. What a place to rain!

Hummm, this rain smells of warm blankets and never-ending conversations and…Calmness!

While fighting for a better planet, they’re doing everything to raise awareness and going against their main enemy: plastic.

Cait’s been talking about it for a while now. About the importance of minimizing the usage of plastic in our day-to-day lives.

You know, I think we should take advantage of the posts and think about our usage of plastic, if everyone does their part, it turns into something monstrously big. It seems little, but it’s not!

In a way, we are doing our part to contribute with the cause. You can do it too by substituting plastic bags for an eco bag! We created our own, wanna see? Click here!

Intern, we are talking plastics here. FOCUS!

And now, her partner in crime is also defending the cause. Beside her. #PartnerInCrimeAndInCauses

Together they’re stronger, yes?

I’d say together they’re unstoppable, boss. #TakeThatSTARZ

Sure thing, intern!

We will end here, in the certainty that the fandom will listen to the appeals of our couple and decrease the use of plastic. Who knows, maybe they will even relax a bit more and give us some more receipts, preferably non-polluting!

Tchau, tchau, folks!
Have a great week!





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Author: Catarina Balfe e Flávia Labruna

Collaborators: Bianca Portela

Investigators: Flavia Labruna, Catarina Balfe, Ghost Fresiliere.

SM online: Carolina Ramires, Catarina Balfe, Bianca Cuglovici, Flavia Ramos, Talita Brisola, Ghost Fresiliere

Images: Catarina Balfe

Arts & Memes: Catarina Balfe e Bianca Portela

Formatting (text): Thaís Belluzzo

Proofreader (Portuguese): Thaís Belluzzo

Translator: Bianca Cuglovici

Proofreader (English): Bianca Portela

Compiler and video caption: Carolina Ramires

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