Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

If you’ve lost the stakes in Las Vegas, the waves in Hawaii and the PRD crises of SC’s friends, you can recall all this by clicking here.

If you think every Friday is going to have a celebratory post from Harry’s, think again, he’s a committed person … with Dora! #OfCourse

And if you are one of those people who thinks that cachaça is water and that he was the one who wrote this post, I agree, cachaça is water, especially when caipirinha is good, it’s priceless. Once I went to my boyfriend’s house and his cou…

FOCUS, intern! What do you mean you think he didn’t write it?

I don’t know, boss, I don’t know! It’s just that it didn’t seem him. I got the impression that he left out many of the women in the fandom, I think Harry is more “diplomatic” and would not distinguish between all women. He knows full well how to please everyone!

Sure, intern, sure!

Post and run!

And speaking of celebratory post, Ruby couldn’t stay out of it!

We love a provocation! Bring it on Ruby! High-Five! Come to SIS! Come and be happy!

But this comment had repercussions and some not so cool.

SISter, hon! If decided to comment on a joke between two friends, let me just say one thing, think again, I will say nothing, I pass this pleasure to the intern!

With pleasure boss! Hon, we love this fandom, but it’s embarrassing seeing you do this, it’s sad really.

If you don’t know how to play, don’t go down to the playground.

And guess what was the captain’s answer?

Wendy, Mamacita’s adopted mother won Harry happy birthday in the middle of the night! #HelloMamacita

Believe it or not, some people were already suspicious. They thought it was too much! Oh come on people! Really? Aren’t you able to look beyond words?

There was more than congratulations there, it was friendship, companionship, respect, and immense affection. There was gratitude! And Harry has already proved to be a person who gives a lot of value to whoever surrounds him. #ThankfulHarry #FriendHarry

We were touched by his beautiful post! #Crying

All our deepest wishes of happiness to you, Wendy!

Boss, I found the post beautiful! But I confess I want to be Wendy for one day! Can you imagine receiving all this affection from our Carrot Cake? #WhoDoesntWant

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday dear friend…

It’s Donal birthday!!!

For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow

For he’s a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny!

Intern, what’s all that noise? We’re trying to work here!

Sorry boss, I got carried away with Masha! I love her! By the way I want to send a kiss to my mother, my father,  Eddie, Wendy, my cousin Robert Jr Jr, Tobias, my neighbor Sarah Lee, Sophie, Cesar, Meu ex whats his name and of course, Donal! Happy birthday to all!

Fair enough Intern! For those of you who don’t know, Donal is a close friend of Dora. Longtime friend.

And for that alone, on his birthday, you would find Stranger Things, right?

Of course!

The gang reunited, the bar packed and Brian happy with the sound of…money!!! Of course there were photos and selfies, but the only one who posted a photo with Cait was Doctor Colbert, isn’t it strange?

The doctor is Dora’s official “photo poster”.

FACT N#1: Donal didn’t follow the Doctor till after his party.

Boss, do you think he was really?

If that was the only Stranger Things, it would have been perfect, but there is a guy there in the left corner that reminds us of someone we know well… who could that be….?

Strange party, strange photo, strange hand…

That’s right intern! There is the HAND!

The more you look at that hand, the more it looks like that of a certain highlander named Harry Roland Balfe-Heughan. #YouKnowHim?

Ahhh, these hands….who hasn’t wondered about what they can do

For god sake intern, don’t finish that sentence…

No need boss, I bet many of our SISters had already thought about that.

Don’t you think it’s strange that a part of one’s body always has to appear in the photo of the other? When it’s not a hand, it’s forehead, when it‘s not forehead, it’s an arm, a shirt, or the back …

Or bangs…

Intern, don’t jump a day…

Although we’re not following a chronological order as we like, we will talk about the bangs here, to stay within the context, okay?

On Friday the 12th, the Doctor’s brother decided to pay a simple “tribute” to his friend, and posted this photo. It is part of another Stranger Things, which involves our couple.

Strangely, Dora’s bangs seems to have grown suddenly. We thought that she decided to accompany her hubby in the “haircut”, and decided to attend the party with a new look.

But it seems that was not quite what happened, because in just six days, SIX days, those bangs seems to have doubled in length.

You, on the other side, may even try to say that your hair was a bit greasy!

Hey intern, respect Dora! She would not allow herself to be photographed with greasy hair.

But she’s right, the bangs are so much longer, and we don’t remember Dora cutting her bangs, unless she trimmed it for the event in Savannah.

So, dear SISters, do you really think Dora was at Donal’s party, or was she enjoying an upgrade offered to her, with her hubby in Hawaii?

The facts are there, believe what you want!

Meanwhile at SIS Central … the intern is suffering trying to find a solution to the hand / bangs / head / head / bangs / hand dilemma …

Still waiting…

Chief, I am desperately holding on to this ship trying to find some logic, but Harry & Dora, don’t cooperate with us, the whole fandom is in search of a hand!

Dora, the explorer, went exploring!

She went to the theater to watch King Lear, and commented on Pedro Pascal’s performance, the actor who plays Edmund.

When your friend rocks on a play like this, you, who have access to the dressing room, shouldn’t think twice about going to greet him, correct?

Wrong! The actor didn’t see Dora and made that clear.

Think with me boss. If they follow each other on twitter, then they know each other before the play or they have just met. If they just met, can you tell me why she didn’t go to the dressing room?

Today was a sad day too. Very sad. I’d already taken measures for my bubble gum and blush pink dress with purple sangria on a gorgeous mullet model to go on my date with Sam Heughan, and he draws a Caitlin?

CAIT-lin? Really?

Hey SISter!! Stop the world cause I want out! Is this man in Hawaii again? MY GOD! Boss, excuse me, I need to go to my very clean and properly disinfected bathroom!!!

This “seem to be that this nice and innocent” man wants to drive us crazy? He could show up anywhere to announce the lucky winner, but he shows up in Hawaii? AGAIN?

I’m confused boss.

You’re not the only one intern, we’re all confused. At what point was this video recorded? Harry’s hair and beard gives a hint.

Harry cut his hair on the 24th, the day of the VF party. We can see that the video was made after the cut, because of the sides of the hair.

So, you’re saying he went back to Hawaii?

Seems like it!

But why?

That’s a million dollar question.

Do you want theories?

Yes please, because I don’t understand anything else. I don’t even know my name anymore. I just want those two back in Scotland. Is it too much to ask?

One of the two:

1. He returned to enjoy a stay at a certain resort. Do you remember that Dora advertised the Four Seasons?

What if she missed the stay for work reasons and made a deal with the hotel? They started following her the week she did the advertisement. They followed her and Sam. And now they are back to paradise to actually enjoy the hotel.

To follow her is understandable, but to follow him who theoretically is not her SO and was not there with her, is one more Stranger Things to our file!

2. Harry has business in Hawaii. Something we still don’t know what it is but it could be related do MPC.

Boss, elaborate this theory! I want the details!

Oh intern, there are too many details! For now it’s an ongoing investigation with everything from February 9th to now !!! But who knows, maybe a HiPS soon …

Since Uncle Mark decided to partially turn off some social networks from the air, thus precluding the flawless work of our stalking investigative journalism stalker, guess what the intern decided to do?

What are you reading there intern?

You know what it is, Saturday will start the Book Club and I want to participate! We’ll read book 5 together and I want to have information to compare with the show and debate with our SISters. But look how it starts…

“Go away, Frank”, I thought sternly.

[Frank? What is this ghost doing back in book 5?]

It was still dark outside, but the mist that rose from the damp earth was a pearly gray; dawn wasn’t far off. Nothing stirred, inside or out, but I had the distinct sense of an ironic amusement that lay on my skin like the lightest of touches.

Shouldn’t I come to see her married?


Go back to your book intern, go read, really, we need to stay inside this season to evaluate the work of our new producers!

We were already on our Harry Happy Hour when we came across this post:

Not to mention the exuberant beauty of this person, because this is public humiliation, let’s talk about two other points on this post!

First: THE RING!

Go back under your desk, intern, but this time cry for happiness! We really  missed this ring …

Second: Thank you very much for the message! Noted and understood Dora!

If it’s not a bother, could you also clarify a few other things, nothing much, just Costa Rica, Paris, Banofee pie, spider, umbrella emoji, shrimp and of course Hawaii because I need a promotion here. ..

I’m not going to fight this one intern, what if she does do that, right?

We will wrap this NetSIS with two beautiful receipts! #TBT!

Who doesn’t remember Paley and the Marathon? Both happened this week in 2015 !!!

Talking about rings huh?





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