It’s Saturday and we’re back with your favourite post:


And you don’t want to get lost around here, right?



Harry and Dora were giving interviews all day long, but we’ll only see them throughout the week.

Dora was too bored between interviews and decided she’d do stories of her costar.

Little hearts coming out of his pockets and fries on top of his… lap.

Harry with that sassy little face…


One of our SIS’s told us if she did that with a co-worker, her fiancé would dump her.

But Catarina likes to live dangerously.


Later Sam posted a pic with her.

Full of mystery! And also so beautiful.

Saturday, the day before season 4 premiere, we woke up with 0.1% disapproval rate, according to the Balfe-Heughan NGO, a non-profit, but of doubtful word, institution!


One more interview from March this year in which the engagement became a relevant subject for the Outlander promo.


We already knew we were small and vocal, but only 0,1%, Dora? R E A L L Y.



And the big day had arrived! Outlander season 4 premiere!


Grab your tartan and come dance with us “sing me a song of a lad that is gooneee.”

Outlander is back! The freaking Droughlander is over!

Sam popped up on twitter to “watch” it alongside the fans. Dora was MIA. Seems like everyone we understood she was going to live tweet too.


Our fortune teller told us she wasn’t coming, but she doesn’t know why.


And we woke up to a present from Marie Claire!

Yep, you read right. Marie Claire AGAIN!

For starters, the chief editor tweets and sets the interview’s mood.


Marriage on the title.


Oh well, Cait talking about her engagement.

And what a way to make it more ridiculous?


Sam talking about that as well!



This one will be difficult.


The interview started saying that Harry was teaching Dora how to use IG stories when she CALLED them.


Two things there that catch our attention. An excuse about that inappropriate picture she posted on her stories and that the interview was conducted over the phone.


So much easier to say some things over the phone, right?


They talked about Outlander, Cait said again that she feels like a gypsy about not having a home but that she is happy because she has a very special person… And Sam loves Scotland.


At the end, the highlight of the interview.


And Caitriona, you’re getting married soon, is that correct?

CB: Well as soon as I plan it, yeah.

SH: I’ve also offered my services to organize her wedding but I’m still to be taken up on that.

CB: You know Sam, hitched up in a bar sounds great but I think my parents might expect something slightly more elevated than that.

I: You can be the officiant, Sam. You can be the wedding planner and officiant.

CB: But you need to get your officiators license now.

SH: Oh I do? All right!

Really if it’s not a freaking joke, I don’t know what else it could be! She does not have the least bit of interest in planning this wedding, so what a great idea to have Sam to plan it and even to officiate it!




We thought it would be too much for him.


He’ll be the planner, the officiant, the fiance, he’ll be marrying her, he’ll be going to the honeymoon…

That’s the only way to solve this.




Harry keeps giving soles interviews.


And went to Jimmy Fallon.


He was so excited! Posted all over his SM.


And said goodbye to the USA as he flew to Budapest for his secret project.

Dora showed up to say she would watch hubby on Fallon.


But wait a second Catarina, didn’t you say that you would be traveling and for that reason you weren’t on Twitter on Outlander premiere day?


And we got that right! We said she would say that, and she did.


SIS now is fortune teller, read your future and bring back the loved one in 3 days.



And many interviews started to be released, all on Friday.


And amongst them, one in particular started with a question that almost gave Samcait a heart attack!



Harry could’ve died right then and there. Dora’s soul walked out of her body and came back.


And there, ladies, we have a confession.


If you think there’s another way to interpret this fright, please contact us.


Thank you dear interviewer for this verra good moment!



Carrot cake made his first appearance in Budapest and it is, of course, at the gym.


It looks like we know what the secret project is… a movie!


And it is called SAS: Red Notice. You can read the synopsis here.


You go, Sam! We’re so proud! Wonder if he’s going to be the protagonist… Let’s wait and see.


Dora’s in LA and she did a new photoshoot! The make up artist posted this gorgeous pic of her.


Amazing, Dora! So beautiful! And in LA, where she was already.


Is that it?

We think it could’ve been a trip from NY to LA, but leave it with us, Dora, we promised we won’t tell anyone.



Cait was out and about in LA!

She attended a Michael Kors event hosted in celebration of Kate Hudson’s nomination for  The World Food Programme.


Carrot cake showed up on twitter to make sure that no one is getting his sassenach’s place.


Show ‘em, Harry! Making things clear.


Until next week, people!


Tchau, tchau.






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