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Guess what day is today?


If you say Monday, you are so right and so not drunk!

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But this Monday is not an ordinary Monday, it’s our Carrot cake’s birthday!

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3.8 years OF CHARM


3.8 years OF STYLE

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3.8 years OF…


Sorry, got a little lost here…

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Since today is Harry’s day, nothing’s more fair than a light wee post about him, right?

I was thinking to myself how to write something new about him (or not, because it all depends on your level of knowledge about this amazing guy ) and that it’s not old school or the same old, same old.


From a fan’s perspective, we often mirror our actions towards the ones we admire as a role model, so why not apply what we know about Sam into our own lives?

Since today is his day, we should take this opportunity to learn and reflect on how he dealt with the adversities in life and maybe that can help us deal better with our own problems and dilemmas.

Be proud of your background

That means to understand and accept your origins. To respect your culture and love the place where you came from and feel proud of your history.

Our dear Carrot Cake is a legit Scotsman and is damn proud of it. He was brought up in the countryside and passed most of his childhood playing within nature and for that, he also learned to love and admire it. Scotland is and will always be one of his passion!


Don’t ever be afraid of not knowing what you want in life

Are you still young? Do you feel that nonstop sensation of not knowing your place in the world? Don’t know what to do, where to go and how to get there? Do you feel lost sometimes or most of the time?

CALM DOWN! Sam also didn’t know what path to take and that’s why it took him a while between graduating and enrolling into the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Believe me, not everybody is born knowing what they want to be in life and going through doubts is part of growing up.

I know, not knowing is sometimes a scary thing, but having doubts is what really drives the world as they make us go from status quo to look for answers. If you don’t find it, just move along to the next challenge and be patient, the answer will come along some day.

It’s no depreciation to realize that you are in fact going through a path you didn’t want for yourself and that “the rest of your life” is a long time for feeling sorry.

While we’re talking about choices….

Everything is NOT always gonna be all right

Frustrations do exist, they are part of life. Sometimes you want something so much and the world will say “Give up, you’re not good enough!”. Well, I will say: PERSIST! If this is something you really want.

Know your value, understand your motives, know yourself e for Roland’s sake, NEVER GIVE UP!

Yes, there was a time when our dear Harry Heughan was discredited. Everything any professional really want is feel appreciated for their work and that was not happening.

He always dreamed of getting big roles and fair recognition for them, as any normal person who fights for what they believe do. He auditioned 7 times, SEVEN TIMES, to get a role in Games of Thrones and he never got it.

It’s painful to be labeled but sometimes it’s not because you’re chasing the wrong dream but it’s just that you don’t belong to that specific place. Imagine if he had got the part of Loras? What would be the chances of him being so loved as he is today as James Fraser?

Bad weather is a big part of life but it eventually goes away. When you get very frustrated, adjust your sails, do what you have to do and wait for good winds. They will come.

 If you can’t avoid conflict, be resilient

Maybe you already know that Sam was named after Samwise from Lord of the Rings – and so was his brother, Cirdan, but what you may not know is that his dad was not always around and did not participate actively in their upbringing.  

How often do we find ourselves in conflicts with each other or we’re not in the relationship we would like to be in with the people we love?

It can be your mother, father, uncle, aunt, daughter, son, grandchildren or anyone else in your life.

Sometimes those we consider our pillars, are exactly the ones we can’t connect as we would like to and vice versa. It hurts bad but if it’s not all up to you to make things better, do not feel guilty.

People are complicated creatures and most of the time when problems are within family, they become our own Achilles’ heel.

Sam had the right to be a rebel, as many did, and chosen self-preservation but when his dad got sick – he had cancer – he chose to be next to him, in his cabin, in Canada, where they lived his father’s last days.

Even though this must be a delicate matter for him, he feels proud of it because he was able – together with his brother – declare his love for his dad. He said in one interview that the most sentimental piece of clothing he has is his dad’s kilt.

So, if you have the chance to forgive, do it. If by any chance you can’t, it’s ok too, just move on. Some wounds are way too deep to be overlooked.

Take care of your wounds, they are a part of you. Deal with them and learn to live the best way you can. It’s not ideal but sometimes it is the only way so that it doesn’t hurt much.

If you can make the world a better place, please do

Sam is a big supporter of social institutions, such as Bloodwise, Cahonas. He always RTs the WCC (institution of which Caitriona is patron) and is the creator of the MPC program.

If you are not able to help with big charities, you can always spread love and respect to others. You can help the elderly walk across the street, donate organs, do a good deed, be gentle and kind with those you don’t know.

Don’t wait for the next generation to make things right, because no matter how old you are, you are the future and if you can be a changing agent for the better, please be so!

I think that’s all folks. 5 topics. Normal everyday light post, right?

I hope this was a good post for a very special day!

May we look beyond the outer beauty and see each other by their souls. Learn from others, and not only from their conquests but also their pain. Let’s do an inner reflection, keep what’s good and take Sam’s example and know that we are full of flaws but we can be a better person each new day.

So, thank you Sam, for the wonderful person you are and may your 38 years of life bring you wisdom, good times, growth, health and prosperity.






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