Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

If you missed the Spring Dance, you can catch up to the beat clicking here.

So, SISters and BROs, how was your weekend? Did you watch the reunion ep again? We, on the other hand have been trying to find the beat to their weird vacation dance!

Boss, while they live their lives, I’m trying to survive mine!

It’s passed the time these two stop dancing around and return safely home, especially a certain @!

Intern, the week barely started and you are already stressed?

Keep calm because for all we know, she wants to show, she is home and safe!

See? Happy with Eddie who, we are sure is happy that she survived without her mother for 54 months of vacation.

I guess that cat survived, but I am barely making it. (This is a joke in case you don’t get it).

While Dora spends her Friday night drinking gin with Eddie (ahem) we wonder where her daddy is?

Don’t even get me started with the Mr.! He is jerking around with Dora, ops, US!!!I think it was ME, drinking that gin with Eddie…

You’re just mad because he posted stories from the sky?

I am so traumatized with Harry’s vacation, that I automatically thought of Hawaii … fish, boats, fishing, breweries, climbing, military bases … not again, please Harry!

He loved that place, but I’m still surviving it!

And he made a joke…please, spare me Harry, spare us!

I don’t even want to know where you are anymore, I want to know when you’re going back to Glasgow. Go home Man! Get some fresh clothes…go shopping! We might know somebody who can help you…

He really doesn’t stop! Geez…

On the 21st Sam went to watch José González’s show at the Apollo Theater with Minka Kelly but the photos came out today.

Minka Kelly is an actress on one of HarryDora’s favorite shows , Friday Night Lights.

Wait boss, did you say Friday night lights? Is that right?

That’s the caption Dora used on the post with Eddie.


Maybe it’s because Dora was at the show, or she knew that Harry would go with Minka, or better yet, she went too…we just didn’t see her…yet.

Either way you have to be cold blooded to endure all of this.

Harry, hon, careful or your delicious chocolate topping will go bad…

Oh GOD! Calm down Intern, no need for drama!

No drama boss, sorry…I will survive. #heyhey

Meanwhile, seemingly oblivious to the world of Harry, Dora is attentive to the state of the world and all the problems that plague it right now.

Later, appearing out of nowhere, Harry, the King of Frequent Flyer miles (Clooney is jealous) shows up in Memphis, Tennessee.

He went to visit Graceland, Elvis’s house.  The second most visited house behind the White House. #MyHouseIsNiceToo #OpenForVisitation #ComeByHarry #ItsNotLikeYouDontHaveMilesToTravel

The King of men visiting the King of Rock n’ Roll…that’s too much for my little kingdom!

We think Harry could do a wee performance for us…a little Elvis shake…come on, we deserve it!

Let’s wait and see where Harry pops up next. #IKnow #MyHouse

Inevitably, he went to Nashville to watch another UFC event.

I find that so primitive, although Gladiator Harry would be hot. Not even the Colosseum would survive to that!

Would Harry like to invest in all things UFC??Or is it research for GGC?

I’m very much in need of an investment in my market. #PickMe #InvestInMe

A curious fact caught our attention today. Dora in a moment of nostalgia, liked a post from an account that she doesn’t even follow

Kyle Ress who is also an Outlander actor, recorded a cover version of this same song and offered to HarryDora. If you don’t remember him, he was the one who got beaten up by the bear.

And this SISters and BROs was last year, yep, last year.

Boss, Dora is longing for a certain Carrot Cake, covered in half-bitter chocolate topping, she can’t stand even a week away from him. #WontJudge #WeHaveSeenTheGuy

In the middle of the night, Harry, posts this

My God Harry, do you know today is Sunday?

I am tired just watching how much they work…take a look at Alex

Three States in 48 hours and only 5 hours asleep? #WorkaholicHarry #InvestorHarry

I didn’t know if he will keep up with Harry, I barely survive and I’m sitting here just stalking! #ItsAHardJob

I think we are witnessing a star being born and it’s not Lady Gaga!

GGC is coming, get your pocketbooks ready!!

Sure will Intern!

Some curious facts about this photo posted by Harry and Alex:

It is very clear that there was a third person with those “sweet boys”. Probably one is sitting in front of the other, as you can see, before them is a bowl with almonds, which is served to refresh the palate before another tasting and a mug of water, which serves to wash the mouth out before the next sip.

But in Harry’s photo, we found what would be the beginning of a new row of glasses and another mug of water, plus the white cell, positioned next to Harry in Alex’s photo.

Ah! Boss, we know who goes exploring America with a white cell phone and it’s not Alex, but if it was Alex’s, wouldn’t it be beside him and not next to Harry? And who else would Harry look at so “sweetly”?

After analysing this we came across more findings.

On the glass it is branded,The Spirits Group, a company located in Louisville, Kentucky specialized and focused on the strategy and development of distilleries.

Boss, you know what I loved? This company is female based,it seems like a Dora kind of choice. She must be very proud of her carrot cake!

And going from here to there, we found a video on IG of one of them with a board and some notes, that caught our attention.

“Find place to take Sam H. in Nashville, Good whiskey bar”

Below this message, a single word, Airbnb.

Of course it might not have been Sam Balfe Heughan, but we went for it anyway.

With the help of one of our supporters, with an incredible investigative brain , we hunted for possible places.

and voilà…found it!

When people come together in single goal, we achieve more. We found the house that Ashley and Monica rented in Nashville !!!#TeamSIS #TogetherWeAreMore

And to end this Sunday so full of activities, we have to say that we loved Dora’s like on Twitter.

Love Dora liking Dora! #DoraTheExplorer

Even though the Explorer is Dora, Harry seems to like it too and the King of Miles increased his mileage, every day in a different  state, every hour in one place.

Now, in addition to his photo gallery, I want access to Harry’s mileage too. #JustMeAndMyFriends

Are you in NYC again Harry?

Interestingly, he was at the Whitney Museum of American Art, at Andy Warhol’s exhibition, we just don’t know for sure when. If he was ever there, since Dora, the Colbert BROs and Sara were at this same exhibition on Jan 12th this year. Knowing his “passion” for Elvis, she may well have sent him the picture. #ByBlueTooth

Married couple who loves art, usually do art together and nothing of abstractionism!

Intern, mind your manners!

On this occasion Harry was in Paris, finishing SAS: Red Notice.

And on this one he is very happy with his prior adventures:

I know, besides his adventures, he had fun playing hide and seek with us! Shame on you Harry! I didn’t find it funny…

And neither did Dora, although it was for totally different reasons!

That’s right, Dora, you go girl. We need S5 to heal from S4…please get to it!

There is a saying that goes “smart are the ones who obey Dora”.

So Harry did, so Harry does.

Habemus Outlander!

After his workout, he went to the studios with a face looking like he’s done something wrong and needs a lesson, immediately.

But wait, something is strange. Again! Harry has not worn this Patagonian cap for a long time …

That is true! We asked #SISWHO to find out when it was the last time he and his Patagonian cap were together, and look, intern, it was last year.

Doing an even broader search, we saw that Harry hasn’t worn this cap on his 72 months of vacation.

Our supporters helped us with this! Thank you so much girls for the help! #YouRock

Do you remember that he posted a video in January very much like this one in the studios? Last week we said here on NetSIS that Dora’s backstage video could have been filmed at that time too.

Mr. Sam Roland Heughan, are you trying do trick us?

You think? Don’t they do that all the time?

Good point! And if you think he got home and put on his good ole cap…look again! Look at the side.

There’s a lot of hair in there for someone who was recently groomed by Melissa.

Exactly! It’s hard to believe he grew all this hair right after Melissa’s scissorhands!

After that, Harry’s driver, David, decided to make his IG account private in addition to having deleted four posts that gave signs where he or they would be.

Getting close to Glasgow.

There is something very strange in the kingdom of HarryDora!

There’s always something strange right? It will be a miracle when everything seems normal in the world of these two

So strange that Dora, after summoning the hubby back to work, confesses that she is in London and went to see a play in the Barbican Theater.

You mean she’s in London, so that photo of Eddie would be…? Aren’t they tired of this? Will I survive to tell this story? #HopeILiveToTell A man can tell a thousand lies right?…

Whenever Harry doesn’t want to be found, or even doesn’t want to give a clue where he is, he  posts MPC… all the TIME!!

But between Harry’s posts, one in particular caught our attention, not only because of the message in it, but who it was.

And went on to Twitter

This beautiful woman is Maxine. Her husband is a Scot rugby player, and they own The Garden Shed Drinks Co.

They produce and manufacture gin, and have recently been participating in a gin contest in Scotland. A cute couple!

If you want to know more about this story and maybe even help Maxine’s cause, you can click here.

Harry already visited in May 2018 along with Alex, something else related to GGC maybe.

And apparently Dora is friends with them too, she was at the first anniversary of their brand.

And this celebration came with some controversies, which you can read here.

Geez, they are a big group of friends! If we put everyone in a mixer, shake it well, do you know what kind of drink we will taste?

And stalking through SM, we took a quick look at Dora’s Twitter post, about the play that she went to watch yesterday. To learn more about her and her tastes.

And, to our surprise, among so many posts we found one that made us shake!

Shake you, shake us!

Are you seeing what our eyes are seeing?

Boss, if it’s not him, then it’s his double.

You sure intern?

Well, we can never be sure when it comes to these two. What do you all think?

Was Harry keeping Dora company?

If Harry went to the play with Dora, Dora probably went to the play with Harry.

When evening came, Dora presented us with this poem by William Butler Yeats

After that we can turn out the lights and dream under the stars. Let their love take us to the moon and back… goodnight moon, goodnight cow jumping over the moon…

Goodnight SISters…





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Collaborators: Bianca Portela

Investigators: Flavia Labruna, Catarina Balfe, Lotti, Carolina Ramires e Talita Brisola

Images: Catarina Balfe

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