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2019’s NetSIS!

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And we woke up to Sam giving his location. Well, it was a “fan”, but it’s already a very different waking up, right?

Amazingly, “mae.zona” seems to be a designer… of jewelry, more precisely of engagement rings. #WeAreNervous

But what struck us most was that he answered the girl. That he is polite we already know, but let’s agree that no matter how polite and humble a “celebrity” is, replying to a fan like this is unusual.

Later, this other photo was posted, but this one didn’t get a like. Why?

That’s not nice, Harry, if you like one, like all!

Unless your relationship with “mae.zona” is not just a fan and her idol, right?

Perhaps a customer?

We know a certain someone that has a thing for rings!

It may sound crazy, but nothing with these two is a mere coincidence. We have already learned to recognize certain patterns. These fan appearances services one purpose:


The funny thing is that while he was filming in Budapest (he stayed there for a whole month practically) we barely had any photos. Rare appearances with fans. Some only showed up after he had already gone home.

Then you might think: no one knows Sam Heughan, maybe if he walked around with kilt and left the curls back he would be easily recognized.

You have every right to think like that, my dear!

We have another thought, though.

When they want to hide, they do it with very well. But…

When they decide to post random things, open your eyes, there must probably be some hidden message.

The point is that we don’t always get the message on the spot, but at some point you’re going to look back and say:

Ahhh! So that’s what they were talking about!

But we can’t deny that our Captain keeps sending us messages whenever he can!

Harry was photographed at the Glasgow Queen Street train station. This station leads directly to Edinburgh. Did he go visit Mama Heughan?

And this time we only missed the selfie, Carrot cake! But that’s fine because we don’t need to be in Scotland to know his whereabouts when he wants to show us!

Another thing that didn’t go unnoticed in the fandom were these “little hairs” on Harry’s cap.

We asked our crazy cat ladies and they carefully took a look…

And yes, it seems to be cat fur.

Not any cat, intern, a certain fat cat that lives in a certain house and loves a properly disinfected bathroom sink!

Points for Eddie!

And we all know how this cat loves to snuggle in Daddy’s lap!


Hmmm, and today he posted this stories:

New toy, was it Santa’s gift?

SIS is paying attention

SIS is tuned

SIS is on it

On Christmas morning, Dora, the missing one, posted on her social media this photo:

Apparently a happy little boy with his bike. She said on her Twitter that it was nothing, just a story from her hometown:

But as we all know, nothing they put on their SM is random. There is always a message between the lines.

We also met a “little boy” who was happily exhibiting his new toy on Stories.

Just connect the dots. We believe that a person as generous as she is, would do so without thinking twice, an extravagance to satisfy her my amigo!

And let’s agree, for someone who already gave a speaking toilet and a handmade bracelet as a gift, why not a “bike”?

It seems like Dora likes to give these unusual gifts and then look at her hubby’s face while receiving them.

Must be something she really likes to do. Who has never been around the world trying to find something to surprise a my amigo, a co-star?

#WeAreNotCrazy, but we love to imagine their lives. We love it so much!

And speaking of Dora, she definitely disappeared, it’s been days since she’s been active on SM.

Please don’t have a fit, don’t think too much of it, and mainly, don’t go crazy!

We know very well how what time of year is like.

Except for last year when Dora was practically a walking GPS. For those who do not remember, read our Australia Brief here!


Today is the day we send our sadness away!

We have Bree and Jamie’s meeting each other.

And how do you think we are?

Strong emotions await us tonight!

Harry decided to post a BTS photo of him and Sophie.

Did you pay attention to this photo and everything that surrounds it?

Three chairs, three glasses … all in three!

This lunch, which they are eating, was bought from an organic food chain restaurant.

And who likes organic food?

Dora! We have no doubts that she was the author of this beautiful photo!

And today Dora, the missing one, decided to give us the honor of her presence.

We were happy with her appearance, we were already getting worried about this silence!

Even if it was only to publicize the episode, because “apparently” was just that, we even expected her to show up on Instagram, but nothing.


Last day of the year, mission accomplished so far, posts are ready and we expect a midnight without ghosts. Just thanking for all the receipts offered this year and for the ship that strengthens each day. Amen!

Happy New Year, SISters!

But WAIT! Where do you think you’re going? Come back here, it’s not time to set the table yet… we have something still, apparently the last receipt of the year!

Where, how? I didn’t even see any receipts?

Sit down here intern, let me show you.

Harry, our Coach, our Captain posted this:

Okay, but what about that?

I think you’re exaggerating and needing vacation, because you’re seeing cats that are not there, I mean caps.

You see, my young apprentice…

Can you read? Can you see the word “bloody”?

Do you know how many times Sam Roland Heughan used this word (in that sense) on his Twitter?


From 2014 to now there are no records of it. But Dora uses it a lot, like, always!

So intern, if you thought she was lost in the middle of nowhere far away from Harry and that she was indeed missing, you’re mistaken.

There were other moments this week that we thought it was not Harry who was in charge of his cell phone, like the two likes on the post of the Distracted Husband’s friend.

Who likes to go there is the wifey.

Ok Boss, that’s right, as you always say, nothing in this world is what it seems to be, and this enchanted world of Harry & Dora is full of subliminal messages.

Today she appeared again. Late, it’s true, but she posted the photo of the episode on her instagram:

Go figure, right? Dora is really quiet these days!


And then latter, Dora decided to post again on her Instagram.

Christ, I thought as I felt my cell phone vibrating with a new notification, still in the middle of New Year’s fireworks, kneeling and praying… then you will see what it is:

F@#%, Catarina!

What the hell is this? Want to end our New Year’s?

A tower? Suddenly we can’t hear anything, not even the fireworks, we run to our laptop and search like crazy… Where is this Tower from?

Oh, it’s just a TOWER! Don’t you have anything better to post, Dora?

Well, I still prefer this tower than a landscape of Australian beaches. #WeAreTraumatized

Some thought it was a church, probably the antis, and that she had finally married the hologram, for sure!

WAIT! But how do you marry a hologram? You can’t! It’s impossible!

This is The Moot Hall building and it’s situated in the town of Keswick, Cumbria.

Why post this tower Dora?

Did you understand SISter?

I didn’t, my mother’s neighbor didn’t and neither did my mother!

Unless she just wanted to show the location, and say that she’s far from a #CertainHarry.

Okay, Dora, we got the message. But it’s not that far either, ok? But it was worth the try…

Just wait because someday, sometime this will make sense. For now it’s just a tower, a photo. That’s it! #Amen #ThankGod

And just when we think we’ve seen it all this year, the Irish Tatler Magazine comes along and decides to join our ship.


You heard it right!

They posted a cute story presenting us five reasons why they love Caitriona Balfe:

One reason is her relationship with a certain my amigo! So cute! Totes Normal!

And like every good husband, Harry can’t see anything that mentions the name of his wifey that he likes, tweets or retweets, like the very proud hubby he is:


Dora, appeared, disappeared, appeared and disappeared again. We suspect that the girl is on her way to LA for the Golden Globe Award.

She has already confirmed her presence at the Bafta Tea Party on Jan 5th. The same party she blew off last year, because she had caught the flu, remember? That one. And we are waiting to see if our Carrot Cake also appears somewhere around LA.

And speaking of him, there he is again.

In London! Exactly where Dora said she was in her last post. Is Harry on his way to LA?

To tell the truth, he deserved to be in this Golden Globe! He deserved to go with his wifey and we deserve to see both of them on that red carpet!

It would be a great way to advertise the show. But we know very well that this is practically impossible. The narrative must continue, unfortunately.

We’ll see what Sunday holds us!

Bye Bye! See you!!!




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Author: Flávia Labruna e Catarina Balfe
Collaborators: Bianca Portela e Lotti
Investigators: Flávia Labruna, Catarina Balfe, Lotti, Eloise Zanatto e Carolina Ramires.
Images: Catarina Balfe
Arts & Memes: Bianca Portela e Talita Brisola
Formatting (text): Thais Belluzzo
Proofreader (Portuguese): Thais Belluzzo
Translator: Eloise Zanatto
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