And here we go for another week! We’ve had some intense and some calm weeks, and as always, we’re letting the tide take us!

The thing is, between storms and calm waves, we can lose something.

And it seems that’s exactly what happened, some things got lost… or was it someone?

Chill out, yo! We’re going explain! Keep reading..

An Uber customer in Glasgow seems to have lost a ring.

Sophie, cute as she is, offered to help and even TWEETED about it.

Totes Normal! I always do that when I find something in an Uber. Don’t you?

But the only thing that got stuck in people’s mind was: it was a ring with a blue stone. Eeek!

What an amazing surprise. Sure it would be nice if that ring got lost somewhere.

Coincidence or not, sSomething did get lost, actually, it was more of a someone.

You see, once upon a time, there was a plan, a route, but someone got distracted, turned the wrong way and got lost… lost with the agreements and with the posts.

They say that every artist lives in their own wonder land and are distracted by nature. And because of this distraction something went wrong, it seems. Or very right, at least for us!

Caitriona wished everyone in the States a happy Thanksgiving.

But SIS, you already talked about this!

Yep, we did, but this is the starting point. The direction everyone involved in this plan should’ve taken.

Then the distracted one came.

SIS thanked him.

SIS saved a prayer for him.

It looks like the smart plan was: Cait, Sophie and Jon would spend Thanksgiving together. Sophie and Cait would keep Jon company, he was alone in Glasgow, since his husband, Barry Waldo, was in LA.

Then Cait said that she wouldn’t spend the holiday in the USA and that she would be in Glasgow with her friend, then asked for Sophie’s confirmation….which would then announce where she was.


We were on alert the whole time.

Sophie confirmed what Cait said.


Everything seemed normal.

There was a plan and a story to be told, there were alibis, but there was also someone distracted #AMEN, and when he showed up to what seemed to be his part of the plan, everything went wrong.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

On the 21st, Barry tweeted he was missing Jon on the holiday and the lack of his ability in the kitchen. Looks like Jon isn’t just an artist or distracted, he’s also a good cook.

Jon replied:

Ok, now take a look at the date and the time (this is the Brazilian timezone, so at that time it was 7pm in Glasgow).

But where was he?! Yep, that’s right. England, not Glasgow, where Catarina the good samaritan was keeping him company.

After that, Jon replied Cait. 1h20min after the last answer, he was still in the same place.

So, SISters, where was Jon on Thanksgiving? It sure wasn’t with Cait.

If at 9:21pm (local time) he was in Sheffield, England, how on earth was he with Cait in Glasgow?

Congrats, guys! Yet again you can’t fool us.

And for those who are familiar with all the patterns, you understand Carrot cake’s stories with the fans at the gym.

Ok Harry, after days of nada, you had to post something, eh? And guess what, with fans to testify!

And now, who believes that Dora was actually in Budapest eating some whole wheat carrot cake with chocolate topping on Thanksgiving?


Sam woke up very excited, it was Scottish Rugby game day and he was cheering for his team!

Unfortunately, our department of investigation couldn’t determine the reflections in these images. But you can try!

See something interesting?

On IG, they posted about episode 4 of Outlander.


Well, today must be a special day, #selfiesday!

Harry, who was not happy posting just one selfie, posted two, and of course his wifey was in both pics.

How many times do we have to beg to take just a wee look at your gallery, Harry Roland Heughan?

In the evening, Cait posted on IG. Trees, lots of them.

Was she suffering from insomnia or jet lag?


We think that a celebrities’ life is glamorous, but it’s not always like that, they go through some bad times, they are just like you and me.

More trees… interesting.

Cait also posted, but this time it wasn’t trees or the forest of Fraser’s Ridge…

Our friend Kyle Rees also posted a selfie. Married couple who love to take selfies.

On Twitter, they keep interacting.

Sam replied to his accomplice,  a. k. a. Sophie.

And this week’s rhythm is soooooo slow. #KindaBoredHere

Harry is working hard and he’s going to be one the main characters of his new movie SAS: Red Notice!

Read here.

We are so proud of our fitness Carrot cake!

Looks like Dora is enjoying some vacation in Europe and we are waiting on the holidays…

We only hope that this New Years isn’t so traumatic as the last one…

We like them best when they’re quiet and calm, right?




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Author: Flávia Labruna
Collaborators: Catarina Balfe, Lotti, Bianca Portela
Investigators: Flavia Labruna, Lotti, Catarina Balfe, Carolina Ramires, Eloise Zanatto
Images: Catarina Balfe
Media/prints: Catarina Balfe and Bianca Portela
Memes: Bianca Portela
Text Formatting:
Portuguese proofreading: Lotti
Translator: Lotti
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