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Let’s start another special SISgraphy today and we’ll be speaking of a actor that was in our favorite show:

Stanley Weber!

He played the ruthless Comte Saint Germain in Outlander’s S2.

(SPOILER!!!) Who never wanted to twist the neck of this Count, who had the courage and the audacity to poison our Claire, while still pregnant with Faith!


That makes me very mad! Thankfully he didn’t understand about Master Raymond’s herbs and, because of that, he lost his life. Our Claire survived.

When I started researching information about Stanley to bring to you, I was already very furious!

But then I came across this angel…

How do you think my heart was like? Skipping a beat…Stanley, honey, where did so much beauty come from? You have both: good looking AND talent!

This 31-year-old handsome man (32 on Friday) is an actor and theater director.

He is well known, especially in France, his native country, for his performance as Juan Borgia, in the TV show “Borgia“, and for his roles in the movies “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life” and “Therese D.”, as well as “Violette”.

As mentioned in this week’s first post dedicated to Stanley, he studied at the Cours Florent Theater School, at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in London.

From 2005 to 2017, he participated in 14 plays, being the author of two of them: “Le Chevalier de la lune” (2008) and “Comment prendre 5 ans en l’espace de 2h d’avion?” (2008). He was also the director of both plays.

Between TV and the big screen, he worked in 35 projects since 2006, among short films, TV shows and movies.

Before Outlander (2016), he went on to act in “Figaro” (2008), a work directed by his father, Jacques Weber.

The following year, in 2009, he played the role of Louis XV in “Louis XV, le soleil noir“.

This is a movie made for TV that tells the story of the same King of France who appears in Season 2 of Outlander and who determines the fate of Comte St. Germain (Stanley) in the series.

After Outlander, Stanley starred in “Pilgrimage” (2017), “Let Me Go” (2017), “Two Black Coffees” (2018), and “La sainte famille” (2018).

Currently, Stanley can be seen in his role as Lindon in the Britannia series (2018). If you want to know more click here.

Wow! Is this man running on solar energy?! And he still has the talent to keep his acting career on stage and on the screen simultaneously…he’s very persistent!

If you want to know his complete filmography, click here.

We hope to keep seeing him on TV, stage or on the big screen, but, please, Stanley, next time try not to be so mean! Behave yourself, please!





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