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Do you know who we’re gonna talk about on today’s SISgraphy?

Yep, it’s him, the owner of Outlander – the writer and producer of our favorite series – the boss of it all!

Ron D. Moore, our birthday boy of the week is the angel of good news, and Ron, hon, we want the best news, ok? What about announcing Seasons 7th, 8th, 9th….


This wonderful person, who should be paying our therapy  was always interested in theater and script. He studied Political Science at Cornell University, but did not finish his studies, instead, he moved to Los Angeles to fulfill his dream of being a writer.

One day, while walking around with his girlfriend on Star Trek Studios: The Next Generation (1987), Ron left a script for Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the series, with one of his assistants. The script must have been really good, because in 1989 he participated in the S3 episode “The Bonding“, which sealed him a place with the team of writers of the series.

By the end of the series, he was already the producer, being considered by the team an expert in the alien race, Klingons, created for Star Trek. He wrote 60 episodes and was nominated for several awards, winning the Hugo Award in 1995. It was then that Ron began a solid and long partnership with producer Brannon Braga.

With the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Ron joined the Star Trek team: Deep Space Nine (1993), where he continued to write episodes about the Klingon culture. He also dealt with controversial issues such as genetic engineering, and co-wrote the first episode of Star Trek containing a kiss between two people of the same sex. A man ahead of his time, huh, Ron? Just the way we like it!

After Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Ron went to the Star Trek: Voyager (1995), where he stayed for two episodes. After that, he took up the position of consulting producer in the fantastic series Good vs Evil (1999) and later he was co-executive producer and scriptwriter for the Roswell series (1999).

Roswell is an American science fiction series based on Melinda Metz‘s books. Hmmm… Here we see where Ron’s experience comes from adapting literature to TV.

Moore also worked on the HBO series Carnivàle (2002) and Universal’s Battlestar Galactica (2003). This last one premiered with a record audience, being the most watched series on cable TV that year.

Battlestar was aired in the UK in 2004, and in the United States and Canada in 2005. With the episode “33“, Ron won another Hugo Award in 2005. He also won the Peabody Award in 2005, the Emmy in 2008 and the Streamy Award in 2009.

In 2007, Ron D. Moore was involved in the United States Writers’ Strike, which debated about the profits from other medias. Battlestar, Lost and Heroes were pioneering series to be made available on streaming platforms. We love an engaged producer, right?

In 2012, Moore began developing Outlander for television. We already know how much he dedicates himself and is valued for his incredible work in this show that we love so much, don’t we?

He also participated in a Cameo (when a person who works off screen in a series and does some special participation as an extra and usually without speech) in the episode 1×04 “The Gathering“, alongside Diana Gabaldon (who did have lines in her Cameo).

Although it is news to us, Ron has a very interesting history of Cameos in his series. He has appeared in two episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Chicken Robot, Battlestar Galactica and Portlandia.

Our beloved producer and writer is also an actor!

Did you like his SISgraphy?

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