It’s time to talk about HAPPY things like Cilla Makes’ success!!!

Have you seen this girl’s sunglasses?

I want one!

In today’s SISgraphy, we are going to talk about her professional life.

This birthday girl’s memories begins at the State School Prof. Maria Gemma de Souza Oliveira, in the city of Ilhabela (Brazil), where she attended elementary school. During her childhood, she changed school a lot, so this is her most remarkable experience.

After leaving Ilhabela, Cilla went back to São Paulo, and studied at the State School Professor Lourenço Filho, located in the Paulista Planalto, and also at the State School Dr. Octavio Mendes, in the Santana neighborhood.

Our girl was always very responsible and independent so one day, passing by her grandmother’s house, she saw that a laundry mat needed help. Why not try it? Cilla had her first job there as an attendant. That is why SIS is very proud of her. She was always a determined, hard-working, proactive person.

At age 15, Cilla worked as secretary in a bidding company, where she stayed for 6 years. Then she worked organizing events at Anamaco until she was 26 years old. Subsequently, she worked as a financial analyst in a large bank for 7 years. Our most stylish SIS attended Finance Management at Uniban Anhanguera.

Nowadays she lives in Boston and works as a makeup designer. That is, she changed radically her professional life and started working with something much more therapeutic than finances (there are those who disagree and think that money is something therapeutic too…but not Cilla!), doing what she does better: making herself pretty and taking care and making OTHER PEOPLE feel beautiful and good about themselves at the same time! (Almost a Cilla special edition of MPC)

Cilla, honey, in your special week, SIS wishes you to be happy, spreading your smile and good humor to everyone around you. Success always!





Author: Manu
Contributor: Alexandra
Proofreader (Portuguese): Lotti and Alexandra
Translater: Bianca
Proofreader (English): Lotti
Compiler: Alexandra

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