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Today we are going to talk about a part of the body that is very important! In some people it can be thin or thick, large or small, dark or light…

That’s it, guys!

This beautiful, delicious, good to smell, bite, lickTHE NECK!

What did you think it was, HUH?! You dirty minds!

After all, let’s learn more about this area.

It is the first segment of the human spine, which is composed by 4 areas: the cervical (C), the thoracic (T), the lumbar (L) and the sacral (S).

It has physiological curvature (meaning, normal), and the cervical and lumbar have a concave angulation, receiving the name of lordotic curvature. It is the opposite in the thoracic and sacral portions, presenting a convex angulation, named kyphosis curvature.

The neck corresponds to the “C” part of the spine, which consists of 7 cervical vertebrae.

Notice that these are much smaller than the rest of the bones of the spine, which is due to the function that the neck has: support the head and its organs. Then, according to the extension of the spine, these structures increase in size as there are more organs to support.

In this cervical region, and even in the bones of the head, are inserted muscles that allow the mobility of the neck. Like the lumbar spine, the cervical spine is hypermobile, that is, allows lateral tilt, rotation, flexion and extension movements, as well as combined movements.

From these bone structures projects small protrusions called spinous process, they are pointed, palpable and easy to identify. In people with thin biotype they are visible, look at our Claire Fraser:

Now that we understand that the neck is not just for sniffing a little more about the neck and its function, we can move on to some important questions:

Why does my neck hurt?

Let’s imagine:

You work on a computer /cell phone /tablet and to perform your function, you spend several hours of the day using these devices, even when you finish at work and get home.

Your desk is uneven with the height of your the chair, putting your computer below your eye level and, because of this, you have adopted a vicious neck posture, every day the same position, every day new microtraumas being made on this location.

You take muscle relaxants and painkillers, make warm water compress and they help for a while, but again the neck again hurts. After all, in the morning and in the breaks at work you do not stretch.

Result? Pain!

Assuming you have no apparent disease, the cause of neck pain may be due to the bad posture you adopt!

Other factors such as anxiety and stress can also contribute to the pain.

Then you ask: But SIS, I take analgesic, massage…why does the pain come back?

Because you do not prevent yourself, and with that you give way to pain and other problems.

But be aware, if the pain is accompanied by other symptoms such as tingling, weakness and numbness, seek a doctor and report this to him as it may be the key to determine a diagnosis!

We often see people on the street, at work, at college, and even at home using cell phones in a very unfavorable position for the neck, which is: with a neck flexion and the cell phone just below.

This is the amount in kilogram that the force of gravity applies to your neck when you stay in one of these positions:

Whaaaaaaaaaat?! So the comfortable and relaxed position I am when I’m on cell weighs 27kg in my little neck?!

Yep, that’s it!

The head itself weighs approximately 5kg, so according to the degree of flexion you adopt, the force of gravity will increase that weight.

It’s almost the same thing as being with the Craigh na Dun stones tied around your neck!

So when you read the SIS posts, do not follow the example of our Carrot Cake:

Carrot Cake Roland Heughan, have you anything to say in your favor?

I’m glad you know you’re wrong. Forgive me, Caitriona, but today who will teach a lesson or two IS ME!

What is torticollis, how can it be treated and prevented?

You’re at the mall with your BFF and she suddenly says: Girl, your crush is coming our way. Act naturally!

Then you decide to imitate the Exorcist’s girl and do a 360º abruptly, and the next thing you feel is that the neck caught. The muscles are contracted and stiffened, which makes movement impossible and causes pain.

But it is not only with sudden movements that one can get a torticollis. Whoever works a long time on the PC is also subject to this condition, which is caused due to constant bad posture.

So, this all associated with lack of stretching….as our SISter says…LENHOU!

The pain sometimes is so hard that moving the neck to any side is impossible, which makes the person adopt a march in block, literally walking like a little robot.

The most affected muscle in the torticollis is our friend sternocleidomastoid, it is superficial and palpable, and in thin people it is visible, especially the insertions.

In other cases, a muscle called upper trapezius can also be the villain. Talking about him, he was important to one of the analyzes made in HIPS, check it later!


Upper Trapezius (in orange)

To avoid this problem, nothing better than prevention!

  • Avoid staying in the same position for a long time, especially if you work sitting.
  • Do stretching daily.
  • Avoid using the phone between the shoulder and the ear for a long time.
  • Repetitive movements can contribute to the torticollis, make sure you can adapt them or decrease the intensity a bit.

Warm compresses and self massage can help relax the area, however, nothing better than looking for a doctor or a physical therapist. They will know the best way to treat you!

What is the best posture for those who work on the computer or use the cell phone extensively?

It is common to see people with poor posture everywhere while using the computer or cell phone. This impairs and promotes pain and other functional disorders.

Talking about the neck, it is advisable to always keep your computer / cell phone / tablet etc at your visual level! This prevents gravity from putting undesirable weight in the cervical vertebrae, as shown above.

The computer remains too low because of the height of the table and you still have the wrong angulation of the neck? Try to put some books under the screen to level and adjust with your visual field!

How to do a stretching and why is it important?

Like any muscle in the human body, the neck muscles also need care. For you who are sedentary or practice little exercise, it is essential that at least stretch.

Stretching is very important because it decreases pain, improves posture, prevents injuries, increases range of motion and flexibility, also decreasing the chances of injury.

Speaking of prevention, if you’ve never done a stretch, pay attention, I’ll explain!

Start slowly, without forcing or exceeding your limit, after all, we don’t want any SISter or Brother harmed.

Throughout the sequence stand up, keeping your spine erect and your legs slightly apart from each other.

  1. Flexion

With both hands on your head, bring your chin toward your chest. Remain in this position for up to 30 seconds, then return to the starting position.

2. Extension

There’s an anti passing right in front of you, you don’t want to look at her, so slowly raise your head, looking up at the ceiling.

You can choose to lean your fingertips on your chin, as if you were making a fake gun, which makes the anti knowing that you are armored to provide more security.

Remain with the stretch for 30 seconds and then gently return to the starting position.

3. Tilt to the right and left

Your crush is stretching out next to you, but you really wish he was smelling your neck.

So to give him a hint, place your right hand on the left side of the head, always maintaining good posture and alignment of the spine, your shoulders should not be raised so that there is no compensation, which would disrupt the stretching. Stay for 30 seconds.

Switch sides and repeat the process.

4. Rotation to the right and left

With your hands on your waist, let’s pretend the crush is passing by your side and look in that direction for 30 seconds. The crush realized that you were looking at him, so slowly doing the Egyptian, turn the neck to the other side and also stay for 30 seconds.

For best results, repeat stretching daily!

Now that we have learned to stretch and that we should always keep the notebook / mobile / tablet at a visual level, you can continue reading SIS posts and have no more pain! That goes for you too, okay, Carrot Cake?

So let’s prevent, and stop doing wrong!

See you next time!

Bye Bye!





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