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The SISters

Bianca Portela

She looks 20 but has double the age! A full-time mom (of 3 beautiful boys and of all us SISters), housewife and translator. Loves chocolate, TV series, books and writing! Her strength is creativity and optimism. Her weak point, of course, is her memory: “Hi! My name is Dory!”

CEO, creator and one of the SIS  founders, chief editor, head of the translation department and collaborator for all departments and columns.

Thaís Belluzzo

With only 24 years of age, this SIS is a young old girl. A journalist who fell in love with digital marketing, she’s a voracious reader and always very curious. Loves to chat,  but hates long audios on whatsapp. With a very ironic sense of humor, this SIS is the mother of some cats, in which, one has a very interesting vacuum cleaner trauma. Best not to ask.

Vice-CEO and one of the founders of SIS, author of The Tobias Club, head of the Text review (text proofreading) and Art departments. Our IT girl and a member of the creativity department.

Flavia Labruna

32 years old, graduated from Social Work, is a translator and SIS with PRIDE. Wakes up every day at one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Love TV series, movies and music. Known as a musical encyclopedia, with only a few chords she can guess the name of the song, who sings it and even who the composer is. Uses her Sherlock Holmes instinct to unravel all SamCait mysteries.    

Author of  the columns NetSIS and Music Speaks, head of Investigation Department and member of the subtitle and creativity departments. Video editor, boss of YouTube, Instagram and collaborates with Tumblr.


23 years old, addicted to coffee and TV series, crazy about all kinds of flowers, specially sunflowers. Future doctor but should be a FBI agent, the best SIS investigator, she even finds genetic diseases! Passionate about the art of helping people and a cry baby (she even cries with tire commercial!). Lover of the english language, UK, music and everything blue.

Co-author of NetSIS, co-boss of the facebook group, member of the subtitle, investigation and translation departments.

Talita Paes

In her thirties, she’s a proud mother of a beautiful boy, married for almost ten years, has a bachelor’s degree in law. She was an English teacher,  weddings ceremonialist and now she’s a housewife, artisan and SIS. She books, TV series (she has already lost count of how many she has watched), movies, coffee, traveling, candy and sleeping. Geek, romantic and shipper!

Our art girl! Responsible for all SIS arts and member of the creative and art departments!

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