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In the beginning of last month, to be more specific, on August 3rd, the movie The Spy Who Dumped Me” – TSWDM premiered in the United States.

Here in Brazil we had to wait a little bit more to see our Carrot Cake Sam Harry Roland Heughan on the big screen, as the movie premiered on the August 23rd.

It was so worth the wait that we prepared a very special movie review that you can read here!

A perfect combination of comedy and action, TSWDM exceeded our expectations giving us good laughs and some very well produced action scenes. Couldn’t leave out the soundtrack, which was fantastic!

During the time gap between the world premiere and today, we asked our SISters to send us pictures of them going to watch the movie so we could register this moment forever.

As always our SISters don’t let us down and they sent many cool photos and we would like to thank all of them for their contribuition!

Here’s the result of this beautiful group effort between Sam Heughan’s fans:


  • Brazil



@dottjupiterr – Rio de Janeiro – RJ (08.19.2018)


Marianne Donadio – Sao Paulo – SP (08.22.2018)


Alexandra Favoretto (SIS) – Sao Paulo – SP (08.23.2018)


@trizfraser e @didifraser – Judiaí – SP (08.23.2018)


Martha Mendes – Niterói – RJ (08.23.2018)


Gizelda Corvino – Sao Paulo – SP (08.23.2018)


Sheila Tamanini Kessel – Rio de Janeiro – RJ (08.23.2018)


Celia Maria Nardoni – Sao Paulo – SP (08.24.2018)


Adriana Malaquias and Ana Silva – Juiz de Fora – MG (08.25.2018)


Flavia Rossetto – Botucatu – SP (08.25.2018)


Viviane Meireles – Rio de Janeiro – RJ (08.25.2018)


Cleusa Pino Cirne – Sao Paulo – SP (08.25.2018)


Alexandra Oliveira – Rio de Janeiro – RJ (08.26.2018)


Cely Callegari – Volta Redonda – RJ (08.26.2018)


Ana Lucia Zolezzi – Sao Paulo – SP (08.26.2018)


Marcia Gadoni – Rio de Janeiro – RJ (08.26.2018)


Erica Oliveira and Leila Paula – Taboao da Serra – SP (08.28.2018)


Marina and Mariana – Belo Horizonte – MG (08.30.2018)


Beatriz Labruna (SIS) and Flavia Labruna (SIS) – Niterói – RJ (09.04.2018)



Eloise Zanatto (SIS), Matheus, Jéssika, Oliver, Lhaisa and Gabrielle – Foz do Iguaçu – PR (08.25.2018)



Kiria Antunes Gondim – Parnamirim – RN (08.23.2018)


Ivana, Railane and Lais – Salvador – BA (08.23.2018)


@carmem_cps – Aracaju – SE (08.24.2018)


Raphaella Araujo – Joao Pessoa – PB (08.26.2018)



Maria Luize – Belém – PA (08.29.2018)


  • World


Bianca Portela (SIS) – Hooksett – USA (08.27.2018)



Ana Luisa Caviedes, Kyra Winroth, Natalia Diaz Abarca, Carol Tapia S e demais meninas do SassenaChile – Chile (08.25.2018)



Cecilia (@samcaitscat) e Mireille – Nancy – FRA (08.08.2018)



@samcait4ever – Zamboanga – PHI (08.04.2018)


Thank you to all SISters who took their time to register this so important moment for Sam, as this will show our appreciation for him and show him to the world.

1st line: Flávia Labruna (Niterói), Beatriz Labruna (Niterói), Juliana Fuji (Sao Paulo) e Marcia Eaton Jones (Nashville); 2nd line: Cynthia Maria Pfau Lenz (Joinville), Denise Aguiar (Belo Horizonte) e Antonia Calixto (Belo Horizonte); 3rd line: Alexandra (Sao Paulo), @karol_c08 (Rio Branco) e Leila Maria Torres (Campinas)





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Author: Alexandra Favoretto
Images: Alexandra Favoretto e Flávia Labruna
Formatting (text): Alexandra Favoretto
Proofreader (Portuguese): Manu
Translator: Bianca Portela
Compiler: Alexandra Favoretto
SM: Alexandra Favoretto

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