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SIS is innovating.

SIS is creating.

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But whose?




The Girl in Skates!!

The CEO of the general department said: “look, my dear, you’ve been doing a great job and I thought I’d give you a bonus, make it you’re own, make it your child, do whatever you want with it!”

Maybe I felt more powerful than Gretchen when she was invited to star in Katy Perry’s Clip, or Ellen Pompeo when she renewed another two years of Grey’s Anatomy becoming  then,  the highest-paid actress on American TV, or that Leah when the resistance destroyed the Death Star, or Hermione when…


It’s all mine, just mine!

I can talk about what I want, my God, I do not believe it! I want to thank my mother, my father, my colleagues who were not at all jealous, nor scandalous, and who are the best stalkers I have ever met, for their support! Chris Evans for existing, DC for choosing Gal Gadot to be the…

Wait there…I will choose everything? The theme, the tone, the text, the message, all of it…all by myself?

Okay, I got nervous here in Lallybroch, GOD?! Maybe I’m starting to panic, maybe I’m hyperventilating, or maybe I’m planning on getting my skates and running off to the Anti department, surely no one would find me because no one ever finds anything there, right … Okay, I’m going to stop with the drama.

SIS is life.

SIS is courage.



SIS is girl power.

…and since I decide everything, I was thinking here … better to go all in, isn’t it? I was promoted to do something unprecedented, so let’s start with an unpublished subject … or a hit, or something old but blue…

Well, better to keep on going and see what comes out. Let’s breath, relax, stretch a little …

Hey!! Intern !!!


Bring it!! Cause I’m ready to rock !!!!


Today’s Agenda: Sexual Harassment.

You are probably thinking….Unpublished where? Do you live in a bubble? That’s all people are talking about.


SIS surprises you when you least expect it.

“OMG, look at me! Being all controversial already!” My love, if it is not to cause, I won’t even get out of bed! YES! This is currently the most talked about subject in the Hollywood world and it is generating a mobilization of extreme relevance.

Many cases are being discovered, many accusations being made and it is rather necessary to look carefully at the development of everything.


..this text is different from all. Because? First of all, it is an alert to look at the same subject from a different point of view.

Second of all, I found it important to look for the exact meaning of the word, just to be clear, and that’s why I went to Google, because he knows everything, even the directions men never asks. No wonder they are always lost. Google came to me with a very strange but specific meaning. “Typically of a woman”…HUH?

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 3.30.07 PM

That said, let’s go to the main topic of this widely debated topic this year, which has barely begun and is already mind-blowing.

Topic: Sam Heughan!

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 8.34.04 PM


Don’t spit your drink!!

I bet 1 dollar and a portion of shrimp you got as surprised as they, right?

PAUSE for a description of this Greek God:

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 00.38.51

Sam, carrot cake, Heughan, 37 (by the time this post was written), Good boy! Good looking guy! Mommy’s pride! He didn’t eat meat until he was 24 (“such a hippie” Balfe, Caitriona), sometimes blond, sometimes ginger.

The energy in person (who wakes up at  5:00 – 5:30 am – his colleague’s words – to run in the snow, for God’s sake, really?!). Giant on Earth (1,91m, what ?!Why??).

Likes to climb anything, climbs a few hills, if you give him the vine, he becomes Tarzan himself! Good-hearted human, humanitarian, entrepreneur, actor…and handsome.


Focus here now.

Sam has achieved the feat of being chosen for a role whose character has lived in the imagination of many since 1991.

A brutal but romantic Highlander, who besides loving and respecting his wife, being intelligent, understanding and brave, is still good in bed! My God, does this even man exist? Well, not until 2013, he didn’t.

In the meantime, we have a period of 22 years in which Jamie Fraser has become the ideal of many, his personification almost faithful to the book enchants thousands (including the author herself). So what do you do when you have the opportunity to find the one that permeated dreams for so many years?

That’s the big question…

Have you, Outlander fan, stopped one minute to watch, read, or to see the comments of the actors or people involved with the series, and how us, the fans, behaves toward them?

If you didn’t do this yet, get a strong drink, it could be a coffee or a cachaça -IF CAIPIRINHA IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH – take that deep breath and sit comfortably in a place of your preference.

We’re gonna talk about a delicate subject so I hope to be as clear as possible. When we think of harassment, it is very common to think of a man  being inconvenient, persistent and pretentious towards a woman, just like the meaning Google brought us…but have you ever stopped to think otherwise?

I’ll be more specific. If you research statements, you will rarely notice our whole wheat carrot cake talking badly about people’s behavior.

Our protagonists will always say that the us fans are loud, are the best, the most supportive, but Sam will not expose his discomfort about some attitudes and that’s why another very important person gives voice to these reports .

Do you know Caitriona Balfe?

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.52.09 PM

PAUSE for a diva description:

Caitriona Mary Diva Creamy Queen of the world and the whole thing, Balfe. When God created this woman, he threw the recipe away.

She’s top model (or was), magazine cover type. The sedentary woman who does yoga and climbs some hills with heels, the woman with a wonderful genetics, whose skin glows with health. She loves gluten-free cookies, eats healthy things, never gets sick (except in GG, when she got something on the plane – words of her colleague – posted medicine for influenza, but I think she got well soon…I think!).

Loves to read, to eat, to sleep, to repeat, has a good and humane soul, is beautiful and, WHEN SHE CAN, she speaks her mind.


Focus here again.

Have you ever seen Caitriona Balfe talking about being impressed by the behavior of the fans towards her co-worker?

If not, do a quick research and you will find some scary results. That’s because she’s already witnessed our dear little big huge whole wheat carrot cake hear some inappropriate things, like stuff a fan would like to do with him and the time when another fan squeezed his ass and called him hot.

If you thought, “I would have done the same thing if I was her,” and you think it’s no big deal, turn on all the flashing moral and ethical warnings now. I’ll give you some examples and maybe, maybe, that will help you understand the situation better.

zoe decepcionada desapontada gif

Do you know Taylor Swift? If not, know that she’s a singer, 28 (by the time this post was created) that went from country to pop (totally irrelevant information , but I’m a master of useless culture).

In 2013, while taking a picture, a radio broadcaster – David Muller – ran his hand over her butt. Taylor sued the broadcaster, who in his defense, said that all Taylor wanted was to promote herself since it was no big deal and all she wanted was money.

The sentence came out last year and Taylor asked for the huge amount of 1 DOLLAR (you didn’t read wrong) as compensation.

The focus has never been money, she has plenty of, the focus was to show that, yes, he was wrong and that harassing another person cannot be seen as normal. The process was not to promote herself but to make people aware.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 8.44.43 PM

Taylor Swift – assédio sexual


Now imagine that you are a systems analyst and a strange person you have never seen in your life says that he really liked a report you did.

Of course, you’ll be happy and think of  all the nights you’ve missed working hard to make it great.

tenor (1)

And then, suddenly, the person who praised your work touches your body without your permission and tells you that he would love to do sexual things with you because of your beauty. I’m sure it would be completely uncomfortable (IF THIS HAPPENED ONE DAY OR IS HAPPENING NOW MAKE A HUGE SCANDAL!).


Going back a bit to our darling cake, one of the many embarrassing situations was told by a fan – A THOUSAND APOLOGIES, my dear, but I cannot remember your name – who participated in the promotion process of season 3.

She said that she always considered the strong security scheme that Starz provided at events exaggerated.The premiere location was only released hours earlier to avoid agglomerations.

The security guards were huge and in relatively large numbers for an event where there would be only the press, a small audience (much smaller than San Diego’s Comic-Con, for example) and the two actors.

When Caitriona came, the usual happened: shouting, shaking, photos and lots of excitement. So far, nothing new, after all, let’s face it, we’re talking about Caitriona Balfe.

But this fan realized that she was wrong with the scenario changed dramatically when Sam entered the room.

Suddenly, those huge security guards were no longer large enough to contain the euphoria.

The women simply wanted to jump at him, causing a commotion.

She realized that the women, who a minute earlier were very happy to see Cait, excited but RESPECTFUL, totally lost control trying (and failing, of course) to pull Sam and shouting shamefully inappropriate words.

I know, you’re probably thinking nobody knows how to act at a time like this.

But why treat Cait with respect and Sam not?

It’s not the first time or the last (unfortunately) that the fans talk very openly about what they want to do with him if they had the opportunity as if such things were simply normal.

So, if you’re beautiful, does that mean you should accept the malicious comments as a demonstration of admiration? This includes friends, colleagues, strangers, and fans.

It is undeniable that there is a good amount of fault coming from Straz, that treats him as a  sex symbol that has nothing but the very sexy and fit body to offer.

This leads to the image that the press make of him, forgetting his talent and focusing only on how women go crazy and would like to have him in their arms.

There is no more explicit case than the one made by Lynette Rice for EW on October 26, 2017 (useless culture again).

 “Meet the other WOMAN who’s paid to touch SAM HEUGHAN”

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 8.53.05 PM


The intention was to show the work of Wendy, Sam’s makeup artist on the show, but the statement was at least controversial: Obviously this had a negative effect on Lynette, mainly because of the visible irritation of Sam and Catriona with the idea that he was just a hot man to be touched and with that, minimizing Wendy’s function – let’s face it, Caitriona’s too, putting them in the position of women who were merely paid to touch him.

It has been a while since Sam has given likes and RTs messages that say he is not just a pretty face.

He is more than a pretty face. He is dedicated to his work and works hard to give his best. He strives not to be seen as an object and perhaps we should rethink our way of demonstrating our affection.

Harassment is a strong and powerful word, yes, but so culturally ingrained that it is rarely seen as a wrong behavior. It has no gender, no color and no race.

Any person can be harassed for various unjustifiable reasons and we can not see that with normality. No one has to accept inappropriate comments simply by being handsome and/or being a public person.

First of all, put yourself in the place of the person in front of you and act on what you know to be right.

Remember that if you have the opportunity to meet the people you love and admire, all you want is for these people to be happy, to feel loved and comfortable in your presence, so praise, but not pejoratively, because it hurts!

As for Sam, do not treat him like a piece of meat!

Don’t be a crazy fan, don’t talk inappropriately, don’t say depraved things and diminish what he does just because he is in the ideal man we have read for so long, and we feel we know him.

Gorgeous? He is, but we should never reduce his work to his physical shape, as some journalists have already done, without even realizing where the mistake was.


That said, I hope it wasn’t hard and repetitive, but as objective as possible since this was a very relevant but a little extensive subject.

Are you shocked? Good! That was kinda my intention.

Reflection is always good thing.  I feel a lot lighter now that I’ve passed the bomb to you, very relieved indeed! We should do this more often. But don’t get used to all this tension. I promise a serene text the next time. kisses, to and from the SISter-hood.







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