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Today is Premiere Day! A new series of posts, Hiding in Plain Sight, will make you think, wonder and by the end of it, we hope to make you feel very happy!


Well… if you know us by now, you will know we can’t stay long without talking about our favorite couple, Sam&Cait. That’s why we are always looking for new ideas. After all, this fandom deserves our efforts, don’t you think?

“But SIS, what is this new series about?”

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be telling a rather interesting story. In fact, there will be several interesting stories about our favorite couple:

Sam Roland Heughan


Caitriona Mary Balfe  


Shippers believe in the love between two people, even if they don’t have proof they are in fact a couple, and that’s why they often come across sentences like: “No, they are not together. They are in other relationships. Shippers are delusional, they see things that aren’t there. They are completely irrational. They confuse real life with fiction.”

So we kept thinking, WHAT MAKES US SHIPPERS?


Could it be the complicity between them, the way they look at each other, their smiles, their behavior when together, their intimacy, their friendship, their admiration for one another?

It could be all of the above, or just one or two things, but either way, it’s a very believable and very beautiful relationship!

AND STILL – believe it or not – there are people who think we are completely crazy, mad, and have no real basis for shipping them.

SIS thinks that’s not nice.

SIS is hurting.

Are we really crazy? Are there no real basis to ship them?

We could stay here arguing about what we believe, and the reasons why we believe it, but that happens on tumblr every day.

We could also write posts about random things Sam&Cait said, what they’ve written or expressed, but it’s like everything else we’ve seen and we don’t like the same old, same old. So, we will do this differently.

We decided to pack our bags and sail across the ocean to Craigh on Dun. And now we want to invite you to join us on this crazy adventure of a time travel trip!

SIS, will this be a S&C TIMELINE?

Well, to begin, we rented Artemis! YES! Calm down, we’ll explain!

This Sam&Cait timeline will be told in a different way: we will be traveling around the world… WITH THEM!

We present you, our very own SIShip.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-11 at 08.21.30First of all, you need to know a bit of physics. Better yet, metaphysics. Well, quantum physics too. I bet you guys aced this subject at school, right?

You didn’t? SIS will explain.

In metaphysics, impenetrability means that two bodies can not occupy the same space at the same time, but Harry and Dora don’t care for impenetrability and contradicted all laws of physics. SIS are not mathematicians, but we know this: they often occupy the same space and sometimes even two totally different places at the same time.

These are exactly the moments we are going to look into: times when they shouldn’t have been together, but actually… well… they were.

Still confusing? It’s all right… just breathe… it’s going to be ok. What you need to do now is go pack all the dramamine you can get, put on your life jacket and bring lemons for caipirinhas, because we’re going to set sail!

First Destination: Paris, December 2013.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-14 at 16.42.02

Ahh, Paris! They say it’s the most romantic city in the world!

It seems that our story begins there, in the city of lights. At least that’s what most shippers believe.

It was in 2013 that Sam and Cait met for the first time on that chemistry test (S3 DVD) in August of that same year.

In December Sam posted some photos of this trip on Instagram.

Nobody suspected that she was there with him (well, maybe some did), until he posted this picture:

mascarados em paris instagram

Two people in a mask. Sam and someone else.

“But SIS, who could that someone else be?”

Shippers have always been pretty sure it was Caitriona Balfe.

“But SIS, Harry and Dora went to Paris together the year they met?”

Everything points to: YES.

We asked our anatomy specialist to analyze the photo and compare it to other photos we have of Caitriona.


Yes, we will always review and make comparisons of EVERYTHING!! Nerds! We will invite you to observe, analyze, study and consider all possibilities with us.

Come along: 

collage paris jogo de tennis

This photo makes the analysis a bit difficult, but it does not make it impossible.

The impressions I had were related to shoulder angulation, trunk direction and neck. First, let’s understand how this person’s position in the photo: a slight rotation of the trunk to the right side (in a diagonal positioning), right hand holds some drink, and the head is in a subtle slope to the right side.

Shoulder: You can see, on the person’s left side, the curve indicating the ”end” of the shoulder. Judging by the person’s height and position, I would say this person has narrow, slightly angular shoulders in the upper sense. If the figure was male, considering the height and the male anatomical bone pattern (wider and larger than women’s), the collar bone would be more elongated, therefore the shoulder would be wider and longer, and it wouldn’t be possible to see the curve indicating the ”end” of the shoulder and the beginning of the arm.

Neck: A muscle in this region, called sternocleidomastoid, is visible on both sides. Considering the thickness and the fact that it is seen without the need for palpation, I say that it belongs to a thin woman, because to be seen in someone who has more body mass, palpation would be necessary and even the head would have to be placed in a different position for better access to the muscle. The neck is thin, has delicate features, but what most caught my attention was the discreet elevation in the throat region. Caitriona presents, on the same place of Adam’s apple in men, a small, thin and pointed rise, similar to the person in the photo.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-03 at 22.19.33 (1)-side

Taking all of this into consideration, what is your opinion? Do you think it was Caitriona who was with Sam in Paris? Do you think this was their first trip as a couple?

Unfortunately, our time in Paris came to an end, but we’ll be back soon. 😉 Let’s set sail to our next destination.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-14 at 14.38.44

Destination number 2:

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-14 at 16.41.52 (1)

September 2015. Scotland, bonnie Scotland! What a wonderful country, amazing landscapes, beautiful men and of course the best whiskies! Our second destination is Islay, Scotland. 


Islay is an island in Hebrides, the Argyll archipelago, Scotland. The island has about 3,000 inhabitants and eight distilleries. That’s a lot of whisky per square meter! 


Sam, a Whisky lover, was invited to attend the 200 years Celebration of the Laphroaig distillery, and where is it located?

That’s right, Islay!

He has said many times that Laphroaig is his favorite brand of whisky and that he felt very honored to attend the celebration.

Harry was so excited to go by helicopter that he posted his itinerary on twitter.


And who was dying to participate? YES. My amigo.


All totes normal. Sam walked around the island, went to the distillery and participated in a live where he did some whisky tasting.

Harry, you can tell us you only went for the free drink, right? Shhhhh…

After the event, one of the distillery employees posted a collage with several photos of Harry’s walk through the distillery on Instagram, and one of them is on the traditional white wall, where the name of the brand can be read.

This photo, in particular, has several people, and one of them is, of course, Sam. But what really caught our attention was the person next to him… and she looks like…



Yes, Caitriona Mary Balfe.

Let’s compare?

caitriona laphroiag

The way her body is positioned, the (discrete) right knee flexion angulation and the slight lateral inclination of the head, mirrors the same positioning pattern of Caitriona in the picture with her friend.

Let’s pay attention to the thickness of her leg, starting from the thigh. It is inferred that in the wall photo the girl is in boots, however, it is noticeable that the muscular volume in the triceps surae (muscular group that composes the leg) has similar mass when comparing to Caitriona’s leg. In addition to body structures and features, she carries a side bag that, if you look closely at Laphroaig’s picture, looks like Cait’s.

You know what the most interesting fact about this photo is?

A fan asked if the girl in question was Caitriona and immediately the photo was erased and the account was closed (restricted mode). Interesting, right?

Another reason to believe that Cait was there with Sam, would be this photo here:


At first glance, it looks like a normal picture of Sam holding a bottle of whisky, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that it has a well-known signature on the label.


How did that signature end up on that label if  Dora was not there, hun?

The third clue that might indicate she was in Islay, was in the live images. We watched them closely, focused on the details and found this person, that everyone in the fandom believes to be Caitriona:


We put our investigator hats on, got our magnifying glasses and investigated, compared, and concluded that this girl is not Caitriona.

“SIS, but why rip this nice receipt?”

We’re not ripping anything, we’re pointing facts. And the fact that his girl is not Caitriona, does not mean she was not there, right? There were a lot more people present that day, and we already know that when Dora does not want to be seen, she can go unnoticed by ALMOST everyone.

So, let us go back to the reasons that led us to conclude it was not her:


Although she looks very much alike Caitriona, the girl in question is wearing a blazer with the Laphroaig logo, as well as the other girl sitting next to her. Because of that logo, we concluded that it should be someone that looks like Caitriona, but not her.

But this girl right here, well, she could be Caitriona? 


Besides that, guess where she was sitting? In the same table as the relatives of the guests.

Want some more interesting stuff?

In the same week of this event, a guy from another distillery started following Dora on SM, and as far as we know, this same guy was present at the event too. Coincidence?

So, are you enjoying navigating in our SIShip?

On our next stop maybe we’ll have a celebration! Get ready for the next thrills of our trip! 

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-14 at 14.38.39






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