This may be old news for most but we still would like to address it as it was and it will be a recurring subject when it comes to Sam, Cait, Starz (LG), Outlander and our fandom.

Respect. It is a word loaded with meaning. I think we can all be comfortable in the most true meaning…..courtesy, consideration, civility and thoughtfulness of others.

It’s a guiding principle in our every day lives, for most of us at the very least.

Respectful of loved ones, friends, work colleagues, and in this instance the very people who have facilitated and contributed to the success of your career and the show you are a part of.

Beginning Sunday 28th October the roadshow begins. S4 premier of Outlander. Press…interviews and photo shoots. As well as engaging with the fans that have supported and made the show a success.

Time to talk about the show and about yourself, same same but NEVER different. We get it, it’s repetitive and exhausting.

But remember when it used to exhilarating, fun and respectful?? We do!!

To believe that no one lies or has secrets is unrealistic.

Daily we all either tell “white lies” which are deemed less awful than say a big lie.

We do it to lessen the impact of the truth, or to not hurt the person you are lying to.

Hell, lying has now become an accepted part of government and business. 2018 has been a spectacular example of just this.

Lying for convenience and expediency.

As fans we think we are given tantalising access to the “real Sam and Caitriona”, but this is an illusion.

It’s a carefully thought out and crafted form of content for SM.

It gives a false sense of knowing them. We don’t.

We should not have an access all areas pass 24/7.

It’s intrusive and unrealistic.

But there is a responsibility to not mislead and lie.

It’s disingenuous and deceitful. If your engagement with fans is a burden just don’t do.

Step back and stick to professional content and promotion, that would be respectful But that doesn’t generate the all important likes, views and clicks.

Which brings me to secrets. We all have them.

We all share them. Just like we all lie. So to believe that Sam and Caitriona don’t is foolish.

They do and will continue to do so.

Because they have secrets which they protect by lying.

No pedestals here, they are human.

This should surprise no one who believes that they are true life partners. They have had shared secrets and the protection of the lies they spun for the last 3 years.

So with this is mind SiSters, buckle up. It will be bumpy and at times demoralising over the next couple of weeks.

Caitriona has spoken very openly about her engagement, she has been photographed wearing an engagement ring, but at the very same time looking at her every day partner with love and adoration that CAN NOT be misinterpreted.

Are the lies to protect the secret, ABSOLUTELY. Will they continue to lie, Yes. But trust in your intuition and instincts. You are not wrong.

There are more than 20 aggressive shippers who are not fooled by the lies that have been spun to protect secrets.

We will be witness to sincerity, heart eyes, secret/ silent communication, but then the lies and push back will be inevitable. It’s an established pattern.

Respect is given and earned in equal measure. Remember this the next time requests are made to support go fund me, etc, for friends, long expired/ (read dead) former cast mates!




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