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The best day of the year has arrived!!! The day we get to celebrate the HIGHLANDER we all know and love! We will be talking about him all week long in all columns but here at SIS Happy Hour we will talk about his sign, his charities, his favorite drink and we will take you on a trip to the past and remember all that was going on the year he was born!!!

You ready, SISters?

We divided all of that in 5 columns that will go on from Monday through Friday!!

  • SIS Party
  • Alto Astral (Good Vibes)
  • Flashback
  • SIS Angel
  • Open Bar

And our premiere today is with him. Our Captain. Our Jamie Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.

Sam Roland Heughan!

Sam our warrior was born on April 30, 1980 in New Galloway, Scotland. This man of 1.91m tall  is completing 38 years of pure joy today. He grew up in a house remodeled from a stable located on the grounds of a castle. He was born King and did not even know it!

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He studied at a Waldorf school where his father was a teacher. By the age of 14, his class at the school consisted of only four students.

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Our Carrot Cake already said that he was very lucky to study this method, since the Waldorf pedagogy integrates in a holistic way (pedagogy that addresses the problem to be treated as a whole).

The goal is to create free, integrated, socially competent and morally responsible individuals.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 15.44.57

We can see how much it was important for Sam and how it helped him to become that amazing person he is today! This pedagogy believes in nature, music, in helping others, on activities that will develop your self-knowledge and much more.  As you can see, Sam has a lot of that in him.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 15.50.45

Congratulations Momma Heughan for creating such a spectacular man inside and out. SIS thanks you in our knees. Every night!

Waldorf believes that traditional schools do not form sensible citizens with great ability and creativity to think outside the box and solve problems quickly and efficiently. Because of that Google, Facebook and a few other companies came together and found a Waldorf school with a future workforce in mind.
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Happy Birthday to you Sam!!!!

We wish you a lifetime of happiness and health!!!








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