Hello, SISters!

This weekend, Harry was in Rome!!


He had canceled his participation on JIBCON because of BAFTA reasons and even with the super busy schedule (we’ll talk more about that!!!!) he managed to squeeze two days just to meet with the Italian fans.

Let’s take advantage of this space and make an invite: PLEASE COME TO BRAZIL!!!

giphy (1)

We are very warm people and we will give you brigadeiro, paçoca and caipirinha, and we promise not to complain if you bring My Amigo along <3



Well, Sam showed up using a bracelet that had already caught our attention before and apparently it also caught the attention of the fans who were there… but that’s a subject for later on!

There were many videos and reports of this event, it is almost as if we had been there with him (a girl can dream, right?), that’s why we’ll summarize it for you.

The information about the event on this post came from @Maria_Two to Clan Lallybroch in Spanish.

Saturday, June 2nd:








giphy (2).gif


At the very beginning of the panel, the host said he had some questions, and Sam, the biggest kidder ever, was already like “if it’s about the wedding episode… ”


He explained that during the first season he and CAITRIONA were following a regular diet, living a healthy life and he worked out a lot, but since then things have been going downhill.


They asked about the marathons and he said “do not recommend, do not run“, but of course it was with a joke because Harry was very honored to run for Cahonas. He said that in the last marathon (which he ran the previous Sunday) he was more nervous than Stirling’s and it was colder as well.


Sam said that he has TWO movies coming out. Initially we thought he was giving an exclusive and talking about another movie that he could shoot during Droughtlander, but he was referring to The Spy Who Dumped Me (TSWDM) and Bloodshot.

About Bloodshot, he said he is currently reading a book about military and this may have something to do with Corporal Harlan, his character in the movie. According to him, his character may be a villain, or, in his own words, “not exactly a good guy“.

Already very anxious!!!!!

tenor (1).gif

At one point, Harry decided to take off his coat and when a fan asked about his workout, he insisted on showing the muscle she was asking about.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-07 at 18.22.15

And how do you think we felt after this photo???

ff16faf1-2e94-4a76-a47d-1414ca1dd269 2


As we all know, if you are in Italy you eat PASTA, he was asked on how he ate his spaghetti.

But SIS, what’s the relevance of this question????

WELL, WELL! Outlander is also culture. Are you taking notes?

Harry said he wraps the pasta around his fork (he is people like us!) but the Italian fan said the right way to eat it is with a SPOON.

Did you write that down?????

Sam was shocked. So were we!!!

He took the opportunity to ask for a tip: what is the best pasta?

They all agreed: Carbonara!

And this dialogue explains this photo here:

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-07 at 18.26.21

Of course we caught Sam’s baby-blue eyes that only stands out when he wears blue… but the spoon!!! I bet you also zoomed in to see if there was anything interesting in that reflection!


Going back to the panel:

Harry said they only have one more episode of OL’s S4 to shoot and that his most exciting scene this season was with (!SPOILER!) Brianna. When he started talking about it, he wondered if everyone in the audience had read the books. There was one woman who hadn’t read it yet, so he joked “You can leave the room, come back when we’re done here“. In the end he was able to tell that the scene was a very emotional one.


He also said that David Berry wrote a letter to him as Lord John to “get into character” and that Jamie took a veeery long time to respond, but that he really likes Jamie’s relationship with LJG.


VERY IMPORTANT: He said that S4 will be very faithful to the book and wit will have a few surprises!!!


After this “panel” he had a small Meet & Greet with a group of 15 fans.

SIS was jealous.

After everyone introduced themselves by the name, all very intimate, Sam said they are filming the last episode of Outlander. Usually take 4 weeks to film two episodes, but being the last, it could take a little longer.

So he decided to give us his whole agenda. We’re not complaining, of course.

Again: Are you writing all of this down????

As soon as he finishes filming Outlander, he goes to Budapest for a while to shoot Bloodshot. Then he goes to LA and NY to promote The Spy Who Dumped Me and then to South Africa for TWO MONTHS to continue filming Bloodshot. Finally, he spends another week in Budapest. UFA!


CAITRIONA and I help each other.” He said they rehearse together when they have auditions, but that for this movie he procrastinated so much that he only had time to rehearse it WITH HER on the NIGHT before the test.



So you’re telling me that they rehearse together, AT NIGHT? Must be a normal thing with co-stars, right?!


And then he said CAITRIONA again. Totes normal! They said they were a lot of mosquitoes in Scotland time of year and they are having to use repellent all the time, but that last week the mosquitoes were going for Cait’s face.

Could Harry be spreading repellent on the Dora’s body? He must have used it to give her a massage… Hummm


They asked if he wasn’t afraid to be remembered as only Jamie Fraser, especially now that OL has been renewed for TWO more seasons. He said no. He said that he is very happy with the role and that the show is incredible and changed his life! He also said he could see how much he had changed  considering the kind of roles was being offered to him, as in Bloodshot and TSWDM.


They asked again about S4 and this time he gave a few more details: he repeated that it will not be different from the books, but that we will have some surprises, like (!SPOILER!) Murtagh! He said he already read book five and that he will be (!SPOILER!) a grandpa. He’s super excited about Fraser’s Ridge and the way it keeps growing and bringing the whole family together.


giphy (5).gif

He also talked about the whisky he’s about to launch. If it has alcohol, we get interested.




He said he’s having a few problems with American legislation because every state has different laws but wants to launch around the world when OL is over. For now, he said that everything is ok in Europe, but that the US is being more difficult.

Bring it to Brazil, Harry!!!!

The event’s organizer (Hello Daniela, we’ll soon talk about her!) had set an alarm to warn when the time was up, but since Sam is a wonderful person, he decided to stay for a little longer, for the fans happiness!

He said that with his current haircut – that we love but we do miss the redhead – he can walk without being recognized in the streets.

I’m sorry to tell you, but we would recognize you with or without hair, Sam. Your forehead is internationally known!


Another fan said she loved his acting in the second episode of S3 and Sam explained how the first episode was about emotion and physical pain because of the battle and because Jamie almost died. In the second episode, the pain was emotional, because Jamie felt guilt for having sent Claire away and failed to prevent the battle from happening. He said it was very difficult because he hated the beard, but that it helped to show that Jamie did not want to continue living.


He also talked about the scene that Jamie kills a redcoat and that shows how Jamie has changed. He said they had cut the scene because they wanted Jamie to continue to be a good guy. One of the fans said that this scene is on the DVD as one of the deleted scenes and he was very happily surprised.


At one point he said that CAITRIONA always arrives grumpy on the set in the morning, and that usually starts a small x-rated confrontation on twitter.

slander cait

discharge sam

sam spaghetti

These two can’t control themselves, can they?

We want to know how they will handle the two months that Sam will be away (in South Africa). Will we have interaction on SM or will they leave SEXTING to private DMs?!


Sunday, June 6th:

Sam arrived wearing a bathrobe. Everyone was confused, but no one complained. Obviously.



The explanation: he said he was feeling so comfortable with the audience that he might come in his bathrobe. And he did.

He also had the excuse that Jason Mann, who was with him on the panel, had lost his time and went exactly the way he woke up.


We do not mind, Harry!!!!

He was asked about the bracelet he was wearing. For our surprise, it was not the bracelet of discord, but a bracelet full of pendants, very feminine. He said it was a gift and he loved the teddy bears.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-07 at 21.14.39.jpeg

Aren’t you a funny Harry!!!

But where is the bracelet of discord???


SIS searched the databases.

SIS used our contacts on the FBI.

SIS reviewed photo by photo.

SIS zoomed in.


And then we found it.


Guess in whose arm Harry’s bracelet was???

daniela ela .jpg

Daniela’s!!!! The event’s organizer!!!


But SIS, what is Sam’s bracelet doing on her arm??

We have some theories.



  • he took the bracelet off and asked Daniela to polish it;
  • he was very tired and two things on his wrist would weigh too much;
  • he saw Daniela’s bracelet and just wanted it so she traded with him.

This gif started scrolling through the fandom:

https%3A%2F%2F78%2Emedia%2Etumblr%2Ecom%2F2bed6c686bb8e76a6a84c829aa8603da%2Ftumblr_inline_p9reu1PmdU1ue1947_400%2Egif_encoded 2.GIF
Source: http://jamesandclairefraser.net


We do not know the real story because unfortunately we were not there, but let’s tell what could be the two versions of the story:

  • Sam was talking to a group of fans, one of them asked to see the bracelet and went to touch it. Sam pulled her hand, in a joking way, as girl was not even offended, but he did not let her touch it. Very curious.
  • Sam was talking to a group of fans and one of them showed that Daniela had marked her hand with a pen (we have no idea why) and Sam pulled his hand, joking, saying she could not mark his hand.


We have the video of that exact moment. Put on your headphones on and listen carefully.


Which version do you think most likely happened???

Speaking of bracelet, we noticed that Sam has been using this one since May 22nd



We got curious after all, curiosity is our middle name.

Thanks to Daniela, we got a better picture of the bracelet, so we can take a closer look. We send to our Department of Advanced Investigations and Theories and…



WE FOUND the source!!!


The piece was manufactured by Jonathan Day, a goldsmith specialized in jewels made of antique american silver coins, more specifically.

jonathan day .jpg

We contacted Jonathan, who informed us that “each piece has a special touch, since they are all made by hand, so it will never be one that 100% equal to another“.

About the symbols engraved on the bracelet he explained that, “Thunderbirds have been used in southwestern jewelry for a hundred years. I just enjoy the beauty of the stamps. They have very literal meanings for me. You can say that it is an eagle, which is important for the Hopi [Indigenous tribe] to carry the prayers of rain to the clouds.

Jonathan also said that he often notes celebrities using his jewelry, but as he ships worldwide, he would hardly be able to identify the buyer, because sometimes the celebrity in question uses some else’s info such as an assistant, for example.

This bracelet cost around $400 + shipping.

Speaking of shipping, do we know someone who really loves to buy online?



It seems to be something Sam really likes, considering he has been wearing it all the time. Could it be a late birthday present?



Back to the panel..

They asked him if he would do more line of clothing with Barbour. He said yes, they did a fall-winter collection and now they are doing spring-summer and he loves Barbour’s campaigns.

We love it too, Harry!!!!



He spoke a little bit about Outlander’s new villain, and said we’re going to love him and hate him at the same time, maybe even more than we hate Black Jack Randall because he’s so charming. He said he loved working with Ed Speelers (who plays the villain) and that it’s great to have new characters, a new enemy, which in this case will remain for a long time in the series.

As usual, he was asked about the intimate scenes, after all, everyone loves to talk about an Outlander porn.


Sam said they took TWO WEEKS to film the wedding episode, and they were lightly dressed every day. He said they needed to look nude but when the angle closed, for example, from the waist up, they would probably be dressed from the waist down, leaving the scene more comfortable for both. He added that working with CAITRIONA is very easy and, although his characters are not the only ones with that kind of scene, he likes to see them reconnecting.

To everyone’s happiness, Sam said “Sassenach” to the audience.


Speaking of happiness, Sam had difficulty remembering one joke in particular, but said that CAITRIONA often spoils the scene because she starts laughing.



We noticed he’s not wearing the bracelet of discord, here:


But on this one he is and Daniela got her bracelet back!


As if we were not loving all the photos and videos already, Jason Mann presented us with this picture here:


Did you survive this?

tenor (2).gif
As one of our SIS would say: if I were there, I would take a calculator and count how many times he said Caitriona.



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