Buckle up, let’s enter the time machine and go for a ultrasonic trip 38 years before!

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Yes, this is another hallucinating trip, full of bright colors, hair sprayed bangs, leg warmers, and shoulder pads!

Hello 80’s, where are you??

This decade was a remarkable period for the XX century, was the end of industrial age marked mostly by the steam engines, textile industry and the beginning of the information age. It was also in 1980 that Carrot Cake was born, yes, THANK GOD … we are so thankful for that.

So, let’s focus on 1980!

Shall we?


For a good start, nothing better than those interesting but totally useless trivia, yep, because we were born on the TV era.

  • Sam was born on the 121st day of the year
  • Wednesday (forever my favourite day… hearts on the calendar)
  • The exact same calendar will repeat itself on the year of 2036. Very useful indeed
  • If he had saved 10 cents of a dollar a day, today he’d have $1,203.30 (he could eat 112115 tacos). I’m free.
  • Sam has already lived 13.881 days (and none with me, it’s a pity)
  • He’s seen a total of 471 full moons, how romantic
  • Diamond is his stone.

Kunal Nayyar, Rajesh “Raj” Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory, shares April 30 with Harry, although, he was born a year later!

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In 1980, the song “Call Me”, I know, you’re all thinking that it’s “Call me maybe”, but it isn’t. This one belongs to the Blondie group and it was #1 on Billboard between April 19th and May 21st, that is, on the first month of life of Baby Carrot Cake!

Maybe this one was among the lullabies that Momma Heughan sang for him!

Top hits de 1980

  • Diana Ross’ “Upside Down”
  • Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”
  • Pink Floyd “Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)”
  • Kenny Rogers’ “Lady”


Let’s now make a trip to the big screens, as Harry loves Hollywood and so do we! Look at what had just premiered on Sam’s year:

Friday the 13th: the first of 234 movies – premiered in the USA and Europe and made more than 38 million just in American soil.

Superman II – It was the only movie to be shot with two directors. For that reason, it is surrounded by controversies and gossip, since Richard Donner directed 75% of the scenes before he was fired.

Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark – The critical success and box office led to three other films. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystall Skull (2008), as well as a television show the young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992 -1996) and 15 electronic games. Total success!!! In 1999, the movie was selected for the National Film Registry of the United States Library and considered “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant”

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back – the best movie of Star Wars saga (in my humble opinion). It was a huge success as Yoda being Luke’s backpack during the Jedi training, the romance between Han Solo and Princess Leia (which was finally moving forward) and the famous scene of Han Solo being frozen in carbonite, event that helped the movie obtain U$ 500 million.


April 29th premiered the first NFL Draft on ESPN channel. If you want to understand how this Draft Day works, watch this movie with Kevin Costner, which, BTW, is VERY INTERESTING:

June 1st, CNN premieres. CNN is a 24/7 news channel, covering the latest news around the globe, besides documentaries and interviews. Let’s watch the first minute of the transmission?

July 23 – The David Letterman Show. For those who don’t know him yet (do you exist?), David Letterman is a television host, comedian, writer and producer. Wouldn’t it be fun to see his first show ever?


The action figure Boba Fett was released in 1980 and still makes many Star Wars fans crazy. When the manufacturer launched the dolls in 1980, parents worried about the rocket launcher on the backs of the dolls, which would not be safe for children. With this, the manufacturer relaunched the dolls the following year, without the launcher. The originals, from the first batch, are worth a fortune now, and can be found on the internet for up to $ 2,000.



To finish our time travel with style, a highlander kinda style, let’s talk about one of the things he likes the most!

Nope. Not me. WRONG.


It was in 1980 that Vodka Absolut launched its first advertising campaign and had more than 1500 published media. At the beginning of 2000, the company interrupted the campaign to “recreate” the concept of the brand. It was the longest campaign in history.


If you have anything in common with this birthday boy, it’s possible you have seen a couple of these:

Absolute Campaign

I Hope you had a fun time traveling back to the 80’s with us!!!









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