Let’s go LA FESTA!!


It’s Roland’s birthday week and our SISters are going to party too, why not, right? We have NOTHING to do. (mainly because our bathroom is already properly sanitized and clean).

SIS loves a birthday cake, especially if it’s carrot cake. In that case, no need to call twice!


Speaking of cake, we want only high spiritually things for Roland on his new trip around the sun. Thirty eight years of pure delight, I mean, joy with that baby skin, bright blue eyes, big hands, strong body….

Where was I again?

giphyLOST (2).gif

Oh, ok! We wanted to make an astrological search to stalk learn about his future, after all, we wish that, on this year, he doesn’t go through any bad circumstances, misunderstandings, odd companies and do an espiritual cleaning to make his aura crystalline.

We do that as well, hon, just give us a call!

Thinking of that, SIS turned to a higher power, to the cosmos and to the good day-to-day HOROSCOPE!

But how?

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SIS has connections that go beyond any universe, AKA wifi connection!

If you are a taurus woman, or your partner, your mother, mother-in-law, crsuh, your cat…whatever, this is a complete guide to the astrology chat of those who were born taurus sign.

Let’s do this!

Basic Info:

Negative points: conservative, slow, stubborn, possessive, suspicious.

Positive points: loyal, dedicated, patient, skillful, helpful

Element: Earth

Numbers: 2 and 6

Tarot card: The Temperance

Colors: yellow, green, orange, grena

Stones: citrine, pyrite, pink quartz, sapphire

Regent planet: Venus

Week day: Friday – OPEN BAR DAY! #TGIF

Perfume: Predominant notes of rose, jasmine and sandalwood.

About taurus: “Taurus men take their time to give out their hearts. They need time to be sure that you’re really special. But, after they fall in love, nobody will show as much dedication and effort in the relationship.” – anonymous

Taurus’ quote: “The best things in life come for those who wait” Cassandra Clare. “To exist is is a fact; to live is an art” Lenoir.

Predictions about Love

(Attention all shippers, reserve a big receipts folder, because this will be the year of receipts)

Taurus’ love life in 2018 couldn’t be better.

This is a great year to tie and strengthen the bond you have with your loved one. This is the best year to be that corny romantic you always wanted to be.

Great year to serenade A Thousand Years in Lallybroch!!

“…I have died everyday, waiting for you

Darling, don’t be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years

I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed, I would find you

Time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you for a thousand years

I’ll love you for a thousand more…”


Sam Heughan, birth date April 30th, 1980.

*(using the Solar Time of the day of his birth).

This will be an analysis based on planetary movements. The goal is not the prediction of his future “receipts” (though we hope for lots), but changes that occur within themselves that often and mysteriously coincides with the outside world.

HUM! We are very interested in those inner changes that end up on twitter after a bottle or two.

Below we have Sam Heughan’s astrology chart (but it could be Samuel L. Jackson’s too..we’re still a bit drunk from #DiaDeRoland)


Did you understand it?


giphy (2)

Neither did we.

So, for further info, please contact the Astrologer closer to your home or go into this link to understand more about who is Sam Heughan and what will this year be like for him, and for us too, right?

We hope you have enjoyed our pos…WHAT intern?? What is it???

Oh! of course, almost forgot. We have to announce Sam’s birthday Week Winner!!

Let’s do it right.



We made a contest on SIS’ private Facebook Group and asked:

“If your handsome husband/partner/boyfriend/lover, whoever he is, could have only ONE of Jamie Fraser’s features, what would it be?

And the winner of the SIS Trophy of Best Answer goes to...


Ana Flávia

“There’s only one feature of Jamie that my husband doesn’t have… his height. And he has suffered for it… I’m 1,76m tall and he is 1,74m… but he said that when we’re in a horizontal position, the size is the same!”

Congrats, Ana Flávia!

You comment won the SIS Trophy, because in the end he’s right! The SIZE is the SAME!








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