Among the many characteristics that an Outlander fan has, patience is the greatest of them all. #IHaveThePower #ButNotHeMan

We can say that the anticipation for the end of the droughtlander is on the same level as the day Sam and Caitriona will clearly announce that they are in a relationship.

And then you wonder, “If they are together, why don’t they say it?”

This is a great question for which there are some answers. #Intern? #OnItBoss

Let’s  consider  what an actor’s bond/contract with the entertainment industry is and how that same bond works with our favorite couple.

The power of influence in a career

The first point that we have to consider is that the boundary between public and private life for a person who has chosen an artistic career is practically nonexistent.

Obviously you may have the opinion that this is wrong or that it is not fair, but this is the rule, few can be the exception.

The legal side, contractual obligation, states that the privacy rights of celebrities are reduced.

Now stop and imagine something powerful, and influential that can dictate how you live your life both privately and professionally.

Get it? Know that entertainment producers can do this and more. Like God? No, but they think they are.

All series, movies, musicals or any artistic presentation in Hollywood drives a money truck.

An amount that exceeds into millions of dollars and that nobody wants to lose.

The big question is that it doesn’t matter whether these actions are positive or negative, when they need to be imposed, they simply are.

The contract is the main way to make a studio delineate what can and can’t in an actor’s life.

This set of regulations is the result of negotiation between the lawyers of the producers and the actors.

After all, the result of this has to be comfortable and meet the interests of both parties. #WeHaveInterestToo #Hello? #StalkingHere

Understanding Sam and Cait in all this

Now, where does Sam and Cait come in this story?

Well, they are actors, employees of a production company and have signed a contract.

What is known about this process is that the two signed a contract with Starz in 2013, at different times. #DoWeHearAmen?

There was stipulated the time of the bond, the values to be received, subjects that involve the activities of recordings (work safety, rest, what can be filmed …) and behaviors in the personal life.

Yes, the producers can tell  how an actor has to behave. After all, their private lives influence audience, sponsorship and revenue, no one wants to lose money.

Want an example?

Charlie Sheen was fired in 2011 in the series “Two and a Half Men,” in which he starred because he got into successive cases of drugs, drinks and sex scandals.

His behaviour had brought general damage to the entire production and as stipulated in his contract he could be dismissed.

The chemistry between Sam and Cait in front of and behind the cameras was evident from their first encounter.#AndEddieLivedHappilyEverAfter

And it seems that the Starz contract didn’t prevent any possible romantic relationship between the actors.

Through all the photos, videos and interviews, we can see that neither of them denied what happened, but as a safeguard for their private lives, they didn’t state publicly that they were together.

The receipts exist and you can see them here at SIS. #BingingNetSIS #BeenThere

Big chances and new times

The change began with the arrival of Lionsgate at the beginning of 2016, the stipulation of new rules and the consolidation of Starz’s contract to refelect the demands of the new organization.

Outlander has become Starz’s main product and the broadcaster’s Lionsgate arm in television.

The visibility and the money that surrounded them tripled in importance and our couple became the center of everything.

Lionsgate has a well-known clause in the contract that prevents its actors from lovingly connecting with each other. It’s the Non-Fraternization Clause.

Is this so hard to believe? Find out more about what happened to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson during the filming of the Twilight saga, which is from the same studio.

They had been dating for years, were targeted by various fandom speculations, but couldn’t come out as a couple until the contract expired.

Lionsgate’s position of power in the entertainment industry is so great, that a lot was at stake.

The challenge is not small. Recently actress Mo’nique, who won the Oscar for the movie “Precious”, received  huge professional boycott because she didn’t mention the director of the film in her Academy Award acceptance speech and didn’t comply with what the producer determined during the campaign.

It seems petty and something that is hard to believe, but it was destructive for her career. She simply disappeared. You don’t see her in new and relevant works.

Every time she is asked about the case, she says, “Lionsgate made my life hell.”

These examples show how much a studio can influence an artist’s life.

Sam and Cait are at the center of something that involves lots of money, influence and privacy.

And then you ask yourself if it’s all worth it.

They love their profession, love the work they do, love their fans and have a contract to follow. #LoveEachOther #LoveEddie #LoveSIS

The motivaction is challenging for  us to comprehend, been bound legally to hide your private life, but knowing a little about it makes us have respect for their choices and empathy about it all.

Harry and Dora deserve all the best and we are cheering for them.

We will remain so.





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