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If you lost whatever happened last week, read the last NetSIS:


If last week we had to use our time machine to write our dear NetSIS, this week we won’t have that problem.

It’s not April Fool’s Day but we could consider creating a new one today.

As you all know, the truth may take time to come out, but it will always appear, and today was this day. The day that at least one of the truths surrounding this mysterious couple came to surface.

Wow, SIS, why are you saying that?

Let’s explain!

It all started when one of Dora’s best friends, Karolina, decided to congratulate her for her fourth Golden Globe nomination.

Totes Normal?

No, nothing normal when Dora canceled an appointment on the Chicago Con claiming work commitments. But it seems, that she went, all happy and beautiful to enjoy a few days in Mexico.

Yes, because from what we could verify the photo posted is the same place that Karolina spent a few days in Mexico in August and on that same date.

At that time, somebody posted on a Facebook group, saying that Dora was at Mexico’s airport, but had no proof of that.

Now it has!

We are not here questioning why she canceled Con. We don’t know what actually happened.

We are only reporting the facts. Maybe it will open your eyes and show you again that not everything they say is the absolute truth.

Cait went to Karolina’s post and as a good friend she liked it and answered the post, all in the greatest innocence as if no one were to connect the dots! You made a mistake.

Caitriona, the Egypician who loves to play dumb, pretended she didn’t see or understand. Quite typical of her, when she is next to the one she loves, right? Because when she’s not, she does the complete opposite.

But she has been zen and calm.

Let us pray that she will continue like that!

Of course, after enjoying this paradise, it’s expected to be very Zen.

While Dora finds her peace in Mexico, we want to lose our wits in Scotland!

We decided to quit therapy and toast in style at Lallybroch!

If you are one of those who also loves to time travel and dreams of Jamie Fraser the history of this beautiful country, then SIStour is your ticket.

Pack your soap on your new handmade BatSuit suitcase and come with us on the best trip of your life!

For information:

www.sisbrazil.com.br/sistour or DM us on any of our SM!

Dora’s last “public” act, as a zen person, was to answer Harry’s tweet congratulating her on the nomination.

Nothing more calming for a fandom eager for news and that misses them so much!


And Carrot Cake who always dawns on Instagram, liking here and there, today decided to act differently, decided to pinpoint his wifey’s answer, and left a receipt, signed and stamped.

He always tries to make things easier. They always support each other. He came and left his message. And it was as subtle as an elephant!

In the morning it seemed that we were going to have some moviment, but it was pure illusion, we thought they “TGIF” earlier.

The afternoon seemed a doldrum until somebody realised that something similar had happened last weekend.

A silence above normal, especially on Captain’s part, always an assiduous user of the networks.

Department of Investigation was activated, we went the searching, looking for the last appearance of the Captain on the deck.

Exactly at 02:39 pm Brazil time, converting to Budapest timezone, so his last appearance was at 05:39 pm.

After that, it became a sepulchral silence.

Sirens playing!

Hmmm, we’re searched for flights at or near this time, which could take him to his safe harbor.

BINGO! Worth the wait!

Let’s see what time he returns to the deck, if he appears before scheduled, it was all a false alarm!

All we can do is wait for his “hello” now.

And here it comes, a like on our friend Rik’s photo!

Exactly at 6:04 p.m., Brazil time, do the math. But now, plus two hours, let’s go to Scotland timezone!

Ah! It can’t be! We got you, Captain!

We updated the flight information, and payed attention: two minutes after the plane had landed.

He didn’t even waited for the plane to taxi!

Right after that, he posted an IG stories! We don’t even need to see what it was about, of course some images of Budapest, as it was scripted.

And again BINGO!

So beautiful and bucolic. Look how those little lights shine … Oh, okay! We got it!

No SISters, we don’t have a crystal ball.

We just keep an eye on everything! And by watching closely we catch a LOT! And it helps that they are quite predictable.

Okay Harry, may your weekend be as bright as these Christmas lights!


And today we are dawning like this, Dora posting all about the new episode, as if she wanted to “get rid of the obligation” before her, for any reason that we totally do not know …

As it seems to have happened last week, when she posted everything late!

I am here imagining and understanding how it is, these family weekends, the delicious conversation around the kitchen table, a warm cup of tea, being able to relax, without having to hide anything from anyone, ahhhh must be so beautiful, I’m emotional!

INTERN! Stop imagining these things!

Ok boss, it’s just that I had a dream…

Our Harry, is trying to deny the evidence and the smart eyes of those who saw him walking the streets of Edinburgh!

Someone posted on a Facebook group that saw him on a busy avenue in Edinburgh. This ended up on Tumblrland and I’m sorry users of this network, but #ForRolandAndMary’sSake, it’s a very complicated Land…


Okay…okay!!! Actually she could have gotten confused, which we doubt because whoever is a fan of this human being, would hardly mistake him for any passerby. After all, he is not like everybody, he is our Whole Wheat Carrot Cake with dark chocolate topping, he is Harry…

He’s Sam F*&%$ Heughan!

The girl was respectful, she didn’t ask for photos and if she asked, he would probably not do it. Or, perhaps, if he did, he would ask for secrecy, perhaps buying some donuts, as has happened before.

And to emphasize his own plot, he posted a Stories, saying it was a working Saturday on set.

And then, a little later, we came across this post, another person who saw him walking through the streets of Edinburgh!

And Harry, you must have been thinking: “OMG! What do I do? “

I answer or I do not answer, I pretend it’s not me, after all I’m working hard in Budapest, and in the days off I always try to enchant some kitten, and who knows, it will be a good companion for Eddie.

He must have thought for a long time, after all he answered almost an hour later.

OMG, Sam! If it wasn’t you, perhaps it was Jamie Fraser?

And she insisted, trying to prove, as we do, that #WeAreNotCrazy

And he, in an attempt to get away from the farce, answered again, this only proves that she was right, and that indeed he was walking the streets of Edinburgh, but in this life, you can believe what you want to!

And as the popular saying goes, You catch a liar faster than you catch a person with a limp.

And to complete everything, guess who celebrated birthday this weekend?

That’s right! Mama Heughan! And she received flowers. Australian flowers. We hope that from Australia, this year, only these flowers will come. #TraumatizedWithAustralia #AustraliaNeverMore

We went searching a little bit more and it seems that our mother-in-law really has  a birthday in December.

And guess where Mother Heughan lives?

That’s right! Edinburgh!

Now, why didn’t Harry say he went to visit Mama? Why the need to emphasize that he was in Budapest?

However, our soft, covered mega blaster Carrot Cake is not just a farce.

Answering to a Dora’s manip as “Mrs. Claus,” he said perhaps one of his greatest truths:

Here in Lallybroch, we truly believe in these words of yours!

And so, between truths and lies…guesses and suppositions we finished our Saturday, accompanied by a beautiful soup, many caipirinhas and therapy around the conference room table!


And Sunday is day of…?

That’s right, new episode!!!! Many emotions were felt. What episode was that?

We cried and laughed as we desperately made the subtitles.

And before the episode, Harry decided to show up on Instagram Stories.

Wait a minute, here we are still processing all the weekend events!

The abandonment of the deck, the assumptions of the flight, the people saying they saw him in Edinburgh and he denying it.

Harry, could you give us some time?

A break to process things? Drink a caipirinha, go to the beach, eat shrimp …

Ok… Ok, while the fandom is happily coming up with great questions hoping you will answer, we are doing something else.

But why?

We want to know why our Captain, out of the blue, in the middle of an ordinary Sunday decided to do a Q&A?

As far as we know, we’re not even in the middle of season four, it’s not the end of shootings, much less the end of the season, let alone Jamie’s birthday… these may be reasons to promote a Q&A …

Why now then? So randomly?

So he could give the answer he wanted to give and once again confirm his narrative!

And what was the first thing he answered?

The perfect opportunity to end any speculation that he was in Edinburgh.

The question that everybody wants to hear!

Harry, where are you?

He took advantage of the moment and gave some more messages.

He said he’ll be home for Christmas.

Which house did he refer to?

His, theirs, his mama’s or his mother-in-law’s?

He talked about the new year in good company and that sex scenes are easy to do depending on who’s with you.

We like to know those things, Harry, even if we already knew that. After all, we see well how easy and natural those scenes are.

Back to the subject.

Harry very smartly confirmed, “I’m in Budapest at The Big Fish Restaurant.”

He was never so clear where he was. To the exact location!

If he keeps these things up, our Investigation Department will close.

When he really wants us to know his whereabouts, he makes no secret of hiding, but most of the time, they are never given to us, unless he wants to prove us something.

OK! Harry, we will give you the benefit of the doubt!


Sam dawned on twitter!

With all due respect, Harry, but you can make other dead things, look much alive.

Impure thoughts passed by my mind, however, in a very respectful way, ok Dora?

In fact, the boy was very excited today, you can see by the number of new photos he posted on instagram!

Look closely at this photo!

Classic Mirroring!

The same crossed leg, the same hand position and the same head inclination.

We just love it!

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out our video about mirroring!

And if you liked it, don’t forget to “like” the video,

Thank you!

You’re welcome!

He also posted this beautiful picture with Oliver, the actor who played Willie in this week’s episode.

Some people in the fandom have been very rude.

Speaking very unpleasant things about the actor and tagging Sam!

You have every right not to like the character or how the series portrayed the relationship between father and son, but do not lack respect to any actors especially a child!

As for Dora, she is still missing!


And on the set the saga continues.

Who will win the kitten first.

The cat is wicked, and Sam smart, tried a pad but it was not very successful. So, as a person who knows his way around cats, he went for the stomach. And food always works.

Ruby, on the maternal side, tries to be affectionate, but the beast doesn’t surrender. Offended by that, she asks Sam to leave “her” cat alone!

Make your bet!

I’m observing this interaction and thinking about Eddie. I miss Cait’s fat cat, who is still missing by the way! Cait not the cat. Even though the cat is missing also.


And today we had another challenge on set…THE COW.

And … then the horse!

Do you think the wee kitty cat deceived these two, or did Sam win him over and took it home as a gift to Eddie for Christmas?

Eddie is not going to enjoy it. She is capable of swallowing the poor thing.

And before you ask where Dora is, we have to say:

We haven’t the slightest idea.

I mean, we can imagine where, but she is more blundered than that cat on the set.

Let’s wait for the day she decides to finally show up, beautiful and happy, maybe with a new haircut.

The only thing we do not want is for her to show up with another F*&^% ring!

No more surprises, Dora! This year has already paid off for a whole millennium.

And for now, that’s all folks! Have a great weekend and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do, or do. Better yet, don’t do, unless it has bathroom and cleaning involved. In that case, do it.

We’re going to enjoy our caipirinhas at the bathroom company party, of course, if those two would let us!




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