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Outlander is everything but an ordinary fandom, and if you’ve been around here for awhile, you know that very well. Stranger things happens everyday in Roland & Mary’s lives and navigating those waters aren’t for the weak ones. For that reason, NetSIS – Stranger Things, was created. Our team of investigators, who puts FBI to shame, are here to investigate and uncover all these mysteries in a weekly summary. Wait for it on Sundays, published when we finish!

Shippers are always finding Sam&Cait together in places they shouldn’t be, or denied being together. Hiding in Plain Sight – lovingly called HiPS – intends to uncover these theories, point out evidences that our favorite couple were, obviously together at those places.

This column represents our SISters. Besides interacting directly with them in our facebook group, we also ask their ideas, thoughts and opinions and show it to all Sam&Cait universe. Here, we have the opportunity to debate all sorts of matters. It is a match made in heaven and we are truly happy with all the comments and love we receive, because FROM SISTER TO SIS is made for you!

Because theory alone is not enough sometimes, we needed to go deeper on some matters. So, SIS went looking for someone who knows, who understands, who can attest. The Analysts are a group of psychologists specialized in behavioral analysis, that have not yet been infected by the Outlander virus, so their analysis are entirely neutral. Make your request now on ASK SIS, but remember, these analysts have life and a career, so it could take a while, but they will do it!

Want a space to scream out loud and free your ship? Found it! Here in this column, you’ll be delighted with everything SamCait! A kind of a 24 hours shift to all random events of these two. Receipts, stories, news, interviews, analyses and cases are some of the themes around here! As we know that shipping these two is not an easy thing, this column is always welcome!

Want a place to talk about the best TV show of all times? And “of all times’’ is a long time! Here we are going to debate about the books, the TV show, the differences and similarities, what we like on the adaptation and what we don’t. News about the cast, crew, filming, episodes, deleted scenes, speculations about book 9 and if DG will finish it. Well, it’s a never-ending subject, so join us and lets have some fun!

For years, some theories about Sam and Cait have been haunting this fandom. We decided to research them all, as we love to shake things up. This way, all fans, being shippers, antis, neutrals or #teamsomeone, could acknowledge its existence, why it exists, analyse the probabilities and this way, make their own decisions. After all, information belongs to all!

Because there will always be theories, this column is in eternal construction.

This column is for you who have seen this story before, who believes this shipp is real and takes every single receipt seriously. On this columb we will talk about other couples from different series and bring all the evidence showing they too, were a real couple even though they denied it. Afterall any resembelamce is not only a coincidence.


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Can you ride skates? If not, then run to learn because you don’t want to miss this ride! The Girl on Skates was created to shake things up and she doesn’t measure efforts to talk about difficulties, achievements and controversial issues that surround us on a day-to-day basis. This column will take you to stroll through various themes, using humor to talk about serious and relevant things, always with the purpose of informing and bringing reflection. After the first ride, you will ask for more!

Have you joined this VIP club yet? The Tobias Club was created especially for you to go on an adventure through everything but ordinary indications from this SIS, who is not only member of the Club, but also is cult, geek, modern and irreverent! This column will expand your go to on TV shows, books, movies and music. A Club to celebrate classy and beautiful things, as our dear Tobias. Our indications have the renowned SIS seal of quality, that is, guarantee that you will get addicted to each one of them.

If your passport is up to date, your visa is valid and you bags packed, I don’t see why not come with us on SIS on the Road! In each post, a new opportunity to visit gorgeous places around the world! All of them picked with care from this SIS who loves to share her experiences. This will be your pocket guide on your next trip. Want to know about a specific place, transport, local currency and much more? Come on board with us!

We are women and we love sports, so come along to chat with us about the most striking sports events! Find out the female point of view about this subject and discover how we would form a team if the were the coaches.

Good Vibes is our monthly column about the deary theme of many people: signs! Get to know the mainly characteristics of the regent sign of the month, it’s positives and negative points, love life and so much more! Here, we’ll have the participation of our SISters, who will help us to set up each sign perfil through their stories!

ALL ABOUT SIS! Find out who we are, follow our videos with reports and exclusive news for our readers. Here you’ll have the chance to get to know more about us and take away all your doubts.

This column talks about those who take our breath !!! Cookie was born to honor the most beautiful men in the SIS world!

Music is a powerful form of communication, but it is not only that, it heals, it can change our mood from one moment to another and especially, music is therapeutic. If you like music, this column is for you. Here we will talk about why an artist composed certain songs and about how they tell their story and illustrate their personality throughout their music. Because, after all, music speaks.

SIS is also health! In this column you will find precious tips and curiosities about the human body, physical exercises, food and much more! Are you curious to know which snickers to use when running after your idol or the best posture when reading SIS posts? Stay tuned!

Happy Hour


We’re throwing a party today and there’s gonna be cake, candy and a lot of fun! So come along to party with us, because in this mini column you’ll get to know, with details, the birthday boy/girl’s of the week personal life! We’ll be telling a bit more about their love life and all his remarkables curiosities.

With Flashback, you will be travelling through time to remember or discover a little bit more about what was happening in the world on the year the birthday boy/girl was born. We’ll talk about the world events, movies, TV series, music, fashion and sports, since there are lots of situations to be learned and lived in the past, and here we will revive all those glorious moments!

SIsgraphy will do an x-ray on the birthday boy/girl’s professional life. It will be a mini column dedicated specially to tell the story of their achievements, discography, bibliography or the most remarkable works they’ve ever done.

SIS Angel has a great respect for charity, love, helping others and that’s why we will talk about the birthday boy/girl of the week social work! Want to do good, but don’t know how? With SIS Angel you’ll have access to all info about each institution mentioned here.

As creators of #PayMyCaipirinha, we could not miss the chance to dedicate a post about the birthday boy/girl of the week favorite drinks. This is our time to relax and take a good shot of happiness. Here we’ll be chatting about the drinks your open bar must have! This round is on us, because you are our special guest!

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