Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

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We started the week with Dora posting about her latest movie Ford vs. Ferrari, the trailer will be released on Sunday and she posted the art on both Twitter and Instagram. And even made stories!


Yes, Dora, we are always very attentive to everything that concerns you, even when it doesn’t concern us. #FanLife #StalkerLife

We’re already waiting for Sunday! Surely Dora will look gorgeous as always.

And, practically at the same time, Harry posted a photo of the plane wing. As we already anticipated, he was on his way to LA for the Starz Emmy event.

We already knew that they had gone together because of their time offline. We just didn’t expect another airport pic!

Another one, boss? I’m starting to love this. Every week a new pic!!!

Thank God, right, Intern?  

It seems that they no longer go so unnoticed! It is becoming increasingly difficult to deny appearances and disguise the evidences.

More and more evidences.

The receipt stack is getting very big boss. They aren’t fitting anymore!

We expect this recognition to grow even more this year, with new movies premieres and Netflix showcasing Outlander in the US.

Maybe, some more pics!

Preferably with something significant, right, boss?

It’s Celebration day, gang!!!

Let’s all celebrate and have a good time! #WorldOutlanderDay #ComeOn

And they commented and celebrated with fans through SM.

Then Harry gave us the great joy of posting a selfie of him and Dora at the airport.

I’m very thrilled with this selfie boss! A lot of emotion! There’s a party goin’ on right here…inside my heart!

I think Harry saw that they had already been caught and siezed the opportunity. Post more pics Harry! #NeverAskedYouForAnything #YesWeHave

Some observations to make about this photo.

Harry’s in a gray shirt!

Dora is in a beige overcoat!

They’re drinking Bloody Mary!

They are happy!

Dora seems not to be using a certain accessory

True, the cereal box ring seems not to be there.

Dora is wearing RINGS.

What does all this mean? Nothing and everything! It may be all silly but it’s the little things that matters and we’re happy.

Thank you. You’re welcome!

See? It’s not so difficult to make a part of the fandom happy. A selfie without accessories, without holograms, without blondes and without forced smiles.

Later, Dora posted on twitter about a boxer.

Wait a minute boss, the other day Harry liked this same fighter…

Exactly, Intern, then comes the antis saying that they have nothing in common, and that they live completely separate lives …

Starz panel day has arrived and we were waiting for our couple to show up.

The Queen was the first!

She posted a stories.

Amazingly, our stories teller did not post anything before the event. And we were curious because Melissa was out of the loop and apparently, she will continue. She erased Harry’s photos from her IG. And coincidence or not, she stopped following Dora as well

Well, we all thought Melissa should stay as far as possible from Harry’s hair but it was a joke.  #NotSoMuch

Harry only showed up at the event and his hair was flawless.

They were both flawless.

Sydney Sollod took care of Harry’s hair:

She works for the same company as Melissa, The Wall Group and for now we don’t know the reason for the exchange or if it is, in fact, permanent.

The painel took 30 min and they talked about S4.

Afterwards they took pics with fans.

Jill was very quick to catch that moment, the selfie and all of Dora’s contortionism to be in the photo, sensational!

Lots of people commenting that they were cold, distant, serious … same talk about the same event last year.

We will repeat the same thing here. This was an Emmy Event. It’s not the same as Comic Cons or fan events. They were surrounded by their bosses, working and having to sell S4. #GodKnowsHow

Hard one to sell. When I think about S4 and all the idiot speech from Roger…

Focus, Intern!

Jill, a fan who was there and witnessed everything, tried to put an end to this story of distance and coldness.

She posted several photos and videos of both of them. It is worth checking. If you want to take a look, click here.

Later came the Ford vs. Ferrari trailer and we can not wait for it.

Dora posted from the plane.

And we will have kisses with Christian Bale..

This is a true stage kiss.

Exactly! Harry didn’t “like” this post…

Why not, Harry?

Ah! Loving this, boss, wanna see him needing some therapy! #HarryIsNotCrazy #WeAreNotCrazy

He sure is the proudest when it comes to his Wifey.

Harry, there’s someone here with some great advice for you!!!

We waited while Harry and Dora were on the plane flying to their beloved Scotland bubble. #MissYouScotland

Dora was the first one to post, and guess what she posted?

If anyone had any doubts that they were traveling together again and alone, Dora did them a favor.

I can not believe nobody noticed the two monkeys in the wee mirror!

Boss they do everything together! They travel together, work together, go play together, have coffee together and live together.

And now they also stroll together!

True! More together and shallow now than these two, impossible.

Later, a Brazilian fã posted a photo with Dora at the Glasgow airport.

He said he didn’t see Sam there.

We know they went to London together and probably had a connection to Glasgow. The flight from LA to London was delayed. They may have lost the connection and have gone back separately to Glasgow, or they were together and the fan didn’t get a chance to see Sam.

Totes normal. When one is seen, the other is NOT!

That does not change at all in the fact that they went and came back together and alone with no one from the cast or crew with them.

Today Harry and Dora were active on SM and especially on Twitter. Active and in sync.

I don’t know which TL belongs to whom anymore..they are almost identical.

Donald Trump’s passage through the UK has sparked much controversy, debate and protests, and our very much “engaged” couple, wouldn’t be left out.


They also posted about Sunday’s event.


While Harry spent some time “arguing” about his political posts …

Dora decided to put an end to some pregnancy questions. And she was very clear.

Harry obviously liked her post! #TheyStickTogether

And we had DG, who decided to post the formula of the explosive chemistry of Sam and Cait that results in Jamie and Claire. The Fraser’s!

Way to go SISter!

Harry woke up to some MPC challenge no Twitter.

And Dora decided to play too.

One hour later she was…


Come on Dora, we wanted to see you meet the challenge!

She does have the BEST coach, so…

Cait’s tweet and hashtag turned out to be a beautiful campaign. Several women posted selfies displaying their bellies and bodies without shame, just as it should be.

She liked all posts and later said she was proud and happy!

Even this article came out.

It was very important and pertinent that she was able to draw everyone’s attention to such an important issue!

Way to go, SISter!

We woke up to a “new” picture of Dora, the hologram at the airport and a very weird story.

Well, we are still investigating this and we will talk more if we find something concrete. But it is very convenient for this photo to come out of nowhere.

The Starz painel video is on Youtube!!

With HD video, it didn’t take long for photos of Cait and her rings to pop up.

She was wearing two rings on each finger. The golden rings she’d always worn, one in each hand. One finger with a ring and the other with the engagement ring (the one she only wears when she’s in public).

Ah! There are two rings, so does Dora have two husbands?

Very confusing, boss!

That was enough and she didn’t need to do anything else to start the rumors. Often they don’t have to do anything to add to this absurd narrative. Fandom does this for them.

In the photo with Sam, relaxed and drinking in a private moment, she had two golden rings on.

We stand by the Blood Mary’s photos. The rest is nothing but rumors.

Bye Bye SISters and BROs! See you all nest week!





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