Hey SISters and Bros, we are back with one more:

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After last week’s hustle and bustle, Harry decided to retreat and get lost. The curious thing is that Dora seems to have had the very same idea. We had days of very little movement on SM.

Until Harry posted this picture all focused looking at the computer screen.

Good ol pic, right boss? Harry has his full locks dyed black before they were murdered by Melissa’s scissors.

The pic looks old, but we already know that Harry isn’t just our stories teller, he is also latergram’s mastermind.

This pic was about MPC’s 2019 program.

He looks so naughty all concentrated and focused. What’s in store for us?

What an odd Saturday, boss! The stories teller vanished! Puff, gone!

Stranger things, dear intern, stranger things. But did you happen to catch who was out and about on SM? Dora!

Insomnia maybe? Watching late late shows on TV? iNo comprendo!

They will drive us crazy. #TheirSpecialty

I am crazy already!

Yup, you’re right. We are.

And the Stranger Things are in full motion! The offline couple decided to show up to a online party.

Told ya! Same old, same old. They go MIA and come back posting the heck out of instagram. Lame.

When they decide to show us where they are and to emphasize that they are separated, we know it’s probably the opposite, right?

Harry posting stories of mountains and a boat. Don’t even get me started on the deleted post…

And Dora posting art from Glasgow streets.

Marina, her boyfriend Anselm (Anselmo, as we call him) and Sophie also posted the graffiti.

Quick sidebar for a theory. Let’s go!

On May 3rd, Anselmo, the boyfriend, seemed to be walking down the street in Glasgow and posted this:

Totes normal? Could be. This building is in Purdon Street, about three minutes from where those pics were taken.

On May 11th and 12th, an “art festival” called Yard Works took place in a complex called SWG3.

Gee, look at the Glasgow-based photographer click, so many people, right?

Yes, it’s an international event with 120 graffiti artists from all over the UK. This art is so appreciated on the streets of Glasgow.

Well, for the observers on duty, look at their pictures…

Unfinished works, paints scattered on the floor, empty environment… and if anyone has more observations just send us.

Another thing, folks, that make you wonder… 120 graffiti artists, it means 120 works… and they decided to post the same? Did all four just like those ones? Really?

And nobody appeared in any, any of the pics?! Puh-lease.

Our theory is this… Anselmo, the good Samaritan, was walking around the place and decided to photograph. He took several photos to get a better one, which is very common, right?

But they needed a plot, to put together a story to tell us that Dora was not actually with Harry, and once again that trick was used, just like that ride through Hollywood, up Mount Lee.

Wanna know what’s funny? The group is always the same. But they seem to take turns, once with Harry and once with Dora. The two of them together? No, never. Interesting, huh? #WarOfTheRoses

Intern, did you happen to find out where Harry was in those stories pics?

Of course, boss! I just can’t promise a sequence, because you know, they love to trick us!

They went to Mull Island and visited several places and one of them was Duart Castle, the same that is in one of his stories.

And there they found some more fans, maybe that was the reason for the graffiti story, I don’t know … it’s possible.

It wasn’t all for the 5 o’clock tea, I’m sure!

Apparently, the couple decided to drink some tea or buy some souvenirs.

Since Google won’t let us see inside, we have this picture showing the location where they met with the fans.

Since Harry can’t see a munro without wanting to climb it, he took advantage and went to the Ben More peak, where he recorded another of his stories.

In addition to other places that he himself tagged, this tour couldn’t be done in a single day. The duration of this climb takes an average of seven to eight hours, according to this site, plus three and a half hours by car, leaving from a certain region of Glasgow.

We can’t say an exact date now since Harry is now the master of the latergram, it becomes increasingly difficult to know. But we bet it was nothing or almost nothing in real time.

But what about the fans, boss?

Yeah, it looks like Sam went out willing to take pictures with as many fans as possible. Of course they said that they had met him that day and place and that he even was with, yada, yada, yada…

You aren’t buying it, are you, boss?

Hell to the no! Something is up.

Something is deff up since they all posted the pics on the same day, as if Harry could be in Mull Island and in Glasgow at the same time.

I can’t even raise the possibility of another Harry, we would not endure such nonsense!!!

The first fan was Manon, a French writer, photographer and human according to the description of her blog. She seems to be in Scotland since January of this year, more precisely in Edinburgh.

But according to her Instagram, Manon went to Glasgow in only two occasions and she didn’t follow Harry around and nor there’s nothing Outlander related on her Instagram.

And, out of nowhere, in one of those only two times in Glasgow she recognizes him on the street and asks for a selfie. Yes, this picture was in Glasgow. #That’sALuckyOneRightThere

How so, boss? Wan’t Harry lost in some island?

Our SISters spent 10 days in Scotland and didn’t see him. SIStour went all aorund…Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Isle of Skye, London…and no sign of Harry.

Yep intern, it looks like taking a picture with him is the easiest thing in the world for anyone visiting Scotland, but it’s not. I can assure you.

The second luckiest fan of the day is also French.

Let’s take another look at the photo, this is difficult but not impossible.

Apparently, the car behind is David’s, Sam’s driver.

Let’s think, ladies, if the car is standing in front of a gate and David’s at the wheel, it means they’re leaving somewhere, right?

Besides, the girl said in one of her comments that it was past midnight and that he stopped to talk to her anyway, even though he was so tired.

And where does David pickup and drop Carrot Cake every day?

If you thought about Wardpark Studios, you thought like us. We found several of these fences circling the studio, but this region is quite remote and Google doesn’t keep it up to date (tsc tsc), so we’ll let you choose if this is the place or not. #Sorry

Harry’s festival of fan pics is still on.

This one is even Brazilian.

What a lucky gal, boss!

Yes! Did Harry decide to use this gray shirt on all those pics?

They were on sale, boss! Buy one and take six, one for each day of the week.

The lucky girl has made her IG account private! It’s amazing, just post a photo with Harry and close the account.

Yeah. Like the PRD syndrome. Everybody gets infected by it. Either that or leave the account private. It never fails.

Hey boss, did you hear the rumors?

What rumors, intern?

About Sam’s new blonde! It seems that one of the 1800 fans that met with him said that he was with a girlfriend and that she was blonde! Of course! She had to be blonde.

Oh, ‘course! It had to be a blonde. They say that because brunettes can be confused with Dora, then they say right away that it’s about a blonde you know, to be clear.

Our stories teller must have infected Dora with his ig addiction, because she posted three, yes that’s right, three stories.

It’s true, we didn’t quite understand the logic… On the road, in a garden (with feet that don’t seem to be hers), and the blue sky from the trailer?

It seems that someone was quite happy with the sun in Glasgow. Was that it, Dora? Whatever it is, you can keep posting, we like it and thank you very much. Especially if you want to post more things from Eddie and his dad… ops, co-star.

Dora was quite active on twitter defending her causes.

We love a woman who stands up and inspires us! #YouGoGirl

Later, the actress and presenter Aisha Tyler made us happy by posting a photo of her with our babes.

OMG so cute!

I’m so emotional right now, boss! To see them with these new wigs gives me life.

What a nice pair of wigs! Hurry up season 5! Can’t wait!

While season 5 is nowhere in sight, we keep watching the reruns … Outlander and HarryDora’s.

You think it’s over? Nope! The rollercoaster continues in full steam.

Today on tumblr, a friend posted this and tagged us.

She was in Scotland to spend the Easter holiday and she saw Sam and Cait.

Do you remember how the Easter saga of those two was like? If you don’t remember, read here.

I’m shaking, boss! OMFG!

Yes, they were home, and yes, she saw that they live together. This was on a monday, when the photos were taken, they went out for coffee and came back.

Totes normal, married couple living together. If you take a close look at the photos, you’ll realize that he goes home first, as someone who is accustomed to doing so.

What does that change?

To us, absolutely nothing.

They are together, they do work together and things are pretty good.

Sam said it himself.

Maybe the photos and her story will change something for you, maybe not.

The fact is that the photos exist. What she saw is real. The photos and the story are hers to show and tell when, where and how she wanted and if she wanted to. She took 3 weeks to share knowing that this storm would happen.

She finally decided to share them with you and throw the first stone who never wanted to see such proof.

Deep down, they could never hide. The story and the photos only proves it.

We will not talk morals here, after all we stalk their Social Media, we look for what they do, we look for reflections and shadows in photos. We dig evidence that they are together 24/7 and every Sunday we come to tell our findings.

Raise your hand if you never stalked them. Thought so.

Now we can add one more saying to our mantra: “We live together”

SIS will continue to watch carefully the HarryDora primetime soap opera and all its reruns.

Tchau tchau, folks, until next week, on this same channel and who knows, maybe with some new and exciting chapters.





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