Hello SISters, it’s Friday! As one more week comes to a close, we start a new NetSIS.



Let’s begin with Saturday when an article about the 2019 Golden Globes came out …


Okay, okay, we know that the 2018 Golden Globes doesn’t bring back good memories but let’s focus on keeping our hopes up so Harry and Dora can be nominated next year.

But hopefully with no unpleasant surprises this time, please …

Anyway, this article talks about Harry’s chances.

If it were up to the fans, they would be in the race, for sure.

Harry will remain handsome and happy in Budapest counting on our votes, although we will not be lucky enough to stumble upon him in our favorite restaurant as this fan did.

He was dinning at Tom Yum, a Thai food restaurant. Yummy!

Hey Dora, calm down….#TalkingAboutTheFood

But maybe one of us will be lucky enough to win a date with him! The campaign continues and he doesn’t get tired of posting about it, as if you haven’t already heard about it or entered many times with your many alias, right hon?

Get a date with Sam!

Earlier in the evening, he gave RT on this article.

I almost fell off my chair here!

Now we understand the emoji of his post on IG, with shirt and tie, bred as a Lord of respect, Dora even comes giving a lesson or two to him. Super stylish in the photo. #WeLikedIt!

Catarina is very worried about the tragedy in California, and its not for nothing, it’s pretty scary!

And the Harry too. #OfCourse

A part of your heart, huh? Sweet Harry! Sigh…

But not everything in her life is centered around this kind of fire! There are others. And today she was very “fiery” in her SM, many tweets, and even her  Instagram account that she doesn’t always remember exists, she was there.

We’ve seen this before, it always happens when Dora is away from Harry.

If she is far from him…


New Outlander Episode Day! It’s a great feeling knowing we have a new episode every week to watch, doesn’t it?

Want to know SIS opinion on the episode? (only in Portuguese but you can try the English subtitles from YT)

And today Dora commented on the episode. Harry did it last week and now it’s her turn. Making it clear that they are actually miles apart.

You got it, huh? They have separate lives and also live tweet separately.

We believe that! #NoWeDon’t


Today we woke up with a wee curiosity. Sam liked a photo of his friend Matthew Neal, totes normal, just a photo of what would be a happy hour, a good bar, a good whisky, but there was a chin, and a bracelet and hair and a woman, it was enough to fill our department with investigation requests.

As if being a Sam and Cait’s shipper wasn’t hard enough, they still seem to have clones in every corner of the world.

We are still analyzing the details of this photo. But what do you think? Is it them or not?

To help us further, Sam posted a story of … guess what? A bar, a glass and a shot of whisky. Is he joking?? A hexagonal cup is a real kaleidoscope. Lord help us!

Harry has now decided it’s fun to play “find the reflection” and has been posting photos and more photos of “anything glass” with thousands of reflections on it.

He also took the opportunity to thank outlander fans. Now the 0.1% is included, because shippers also vote, and we vote a lot, we do it till our fingers fell off.

And Dora, where are you hon? Are you in LA helping the fire victims? Are you at a bar drinking some whiskey? In Budapest? In Glasgow? Or just exploring?

We don’t know. Proof confirming that when she wants, she can go unnoticed anywhere in the world. Very different from the last vacation in Australia …


Finally a day with no glass, no bottles and no bars. But he showed through his Stories where he is.

Also on Instagram, a new picture of him with a fan appeared. SIS looked, SIS analysed and it seems that this photo is not so recent, it seems that was in NYC the day he, Sophie and Rick gave an interview to the Build Series.

On twitter, he gave RT and joked with the amount of photos of him in this article.

Focus on the number of photos with both of them in it. Dora&Harry. And don’t forget to read the captions.

Alright. This magazine is also part of the 0,01% and Harry likes that. #WeLikeItToo

In the afternoon, we saw another photo of Harry in Budapest. A million dollars to the one who guesses what he was doing?

Three handsome men, working out … is it hot in here?

Hey intern…watch out! We know that one of them is in fact someone else’s property. And she keeps an eye on him, even from a distance. Never forget that!

But it’s not just Dora who keeps an eye. SIS also sees everything!

We saw this photo and found a nice opportunity to find where Sam is staying in  Budapest …

The hotel’s gym. But is this Harry’s hotel?


Good morning to you that had a great night sleep, because for the rest of us it was hectic. This couple were pretty excited during the night (on our time zone)!

Sam must have left for work very early, and Cait was very excited about sharing some news, maybe Monday as she “herself” said on Twitter.

Online together! In different time zones and continents, this happens quite frequently.

Are they that far away? Really?

Later he posted a photo of his new super-secret movie.

His co-star, Ruby Rose, also made a joke.

Nice to see him with new friends. They hit it off very well. #SISHappy

They were having fun but every party has its party pooper, and this one wasn’t any different. This “lovely” person came with an unfortunate comment … and Ruby was spot on, gave a great answer and was still ironic.

Way to go Ruby! You are a SISter girl!!! So, we love you. Can we be friends too? #RubySIS

Outlander made it to one of the major newspaper in Brazil.

Brazilian newspaper talked about Outlander (in Portuguese)

In it, there is a very interesting passage in which Caitriona talks about the treatment Sam usually receives from some fans.

“None of us had any idea how much older women were hungry for some kind of excitement,” Balfe said, laughing.

But it is also an interesting discussion because I must say that at this point in time we are talking about respecting women, the kind of language we should use, I see women objectifying my cast partner here “

The Scottish actor commented that people would be shocked to hear about some situations that happened to him. “But I try to let this go,” he said.

When will people understand that this kind of behavior is not acceptable for either men or women?


Today the best video came out! Please watch it if you still haven’t seen it. Sam and Josh Horowitz are just hilarious. #WeLoveJosh

Of course Harry had to mention his wifey! Obviously #NotTogether.

Did you all notice the shirt he was wearing?

“Property of Claire”

Beautiful! We know Jamie belongs to Claire but what about Sam Roland Heughan…

There you go.

And speaking of the Queen of the F* Show, she who has been more elusive than a $100 bill, just popped up to comment on this video and of course, make fun of her favorite my amigo.

And he answered…

You could take advantage of this and show us some of the MANY selfies that we know you have together.

Your selfies are the best!

This is all SISters! See you next week. We will keep our eyes open!

Bye, bye.




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Author: Flávia Labruna
Collaborators: Catarina Balfe
Investigators: Flavia Labruna, Lotti, Catarina Balfe, Carolina Ramires, Eloise Zanatto
Images: Catarina Balfe
Media/prints: Catarina Balfe, Bianca Portela
Memes: Alexandra Favoretto
Text Formatting: Thais Belluzzo
Portuguese proofreading: Thais Belluzzo
Translator: Bianca Portela
English proofreading: Lotti and JPG
Compiler: Alexandra Favoretto
SM: Alexandra Favoretto

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  1. Thanks again for your weekely observations of Roland, Dora etc. i need the laughs and look forward each week. I loved the video of Sam and Josh. Thise two were weant for comedy. So much fun poked at themselves and other innuendo.

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