Hello SISters and BROs, we are back with one more:

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As we’d said in last week’s NetSIS, Dora didn’t show up for the Oscar Wilde Awards party.

I knew she was going to hit the party.

Yes, point for the Intern!

Speculation is this fandom’s last name and much was said about Dora’s reasons not to show up. Some people even said that a certain hologram might have lost its battery and would be out of use.

Anyway, the fact is that we don’t know the real reason she didn’t go. Maybe she was getting ready for the biggest party of the weekend!!Getting her beauty rest. Sure! #AsIfSheNeededIt

I still want to understand how these people go to so many parties in a single weekend or even in a single night. I can’t even change rooms in my house that often.

Yes, it’s a lot of parties. This is a weekend for business. It is important to be present, to be seen and to make contacts. # Networking

But Cait didn’t seem willing to fulfill her schedule, at least her face was clear about that. It’s so authentic and true. I love this woman.


While we were trying to figure out where Dora was, something curious happened on Instagram.

Sam’s company, Great Glen Company Instagram account, GGC, the one we had already shown here, suddenly stopped following Cait.

Nowadays giving an unfollow like that is enough reason to cause speculation. Obviously, the fandom went crazy.

I found an Intern just like me! Only worse!

Always blame the intern, but I will be in solidarity with this intern because I have my doubts.

It’s always the intern’s fault! #ExceptAtSIS

Except at SIS??? Ownnnn  #HappyIntern

Boss, since you’re appraising me, can I theorize a bit here? Everyone knows I love a theory, love exposing them, because it means I get to talk, and I love to talk…one day I talked for more than…

FOCUS intern!

Okay, intern, you can theorize. That’s all we have left. But be brief please.

OK! Let’s recap some facts shall we?

There are more details on the priors NetSIS, but I will summarize here.

Vacation in Hawaii, everything good, beautiful location, wonderful lodging, family reunited, until Dora had to return. The reasons for this are unknown, but I always suspect everything. Apparently, she went to that event representing the show in which she is the protagonist.

First of all, we know that Dora was with Harry as a co-star, a husband, a friend or whatever, and she hoped he would come back, showing his solidarity . I believe all of us women expect this from our companions. #Companionship #Solidarity

But Harry decided to stay and for some couples this is totes normal, for others not so much.

He travelled around the islands,  appeared at a local event and on the wrong fishing boat.

Second point, if there was any resentment on Dora’s part because he stayed, the fish was the final nail in the coffin.

We are not even talking about his companions on that boat, because for us it’s no more than a business excursion , two people who are involved in the entertainment world.

Yes, Harry’s fishing partner works in a large studio and perhaps the onsite meeting was no more than Harry’s networking, since he is an Outlander producer.

Because she was in Los Angeles, Dora did not have much to do. We said here that she did what was within her power to ease the situation for him, in her way, of course.

Do you remember the photo session, right?

That was not for nothing and I don’t believe it was for any particular brand or magazine article. Not to mention the type of clothes chosen to used in the photos with no mention of any brand, it was just a “joke” among friends.

Harry seems to be as hurt as she was and didn’t like it or comment on that post, quite the contrary, he simply IGNORED!

Come on Harry, don’t be so stupid, swallow that pride of yours. Maybe she overdid it but whenever you need a friend, a shoulder, she will always be there for you, in her own way, of course. #TheseFiveWordsWeSwearToYou

And if you didn’t understand this comment, it refers to the union of all these facts and events.

In a moment of hurt (almost fury), what did the intern at Sam’s IG company do? Unfollowed Dora! Yes, it could have been the “always guilty” intern or maybe Harry himself. Or do you guys think he doesn’t have the password to his own company’s IG?

That’s it, SISters and BROs.

Just one more thing, Boss!

I know that many of our readers may resent us for not putting all our assumptions or even our convictions.

But just as the facts pass through our timeline, they pass on to all of yours as well. It is up to each one to think and believe whatever they want.

Just as we know that so many of you will complain about our theories.

As they say, whoever is in the rain always gets wet!

#WeLoveTheRain #WeActuallySingInTheRain

Are you finished, intern?

Yes Yes!

And it was on the basis of this theory that the intern doubted she would show up at the party.

And she didn’t! Bravo Intern!

We woke up on Saturday kneeling on corn. Praying to all GODS!

Afraid of what this weekend would bring us.

Although we are used to the emotional roller coaster of this fandom, it doesn’t hurt to say a prayer or two for some peace.

Harry posted a selfie (in black and white), saying he was ready for the Oscar weekend. #GodHelpUs #HeMayBeReadyButWeAreNot

He went to the Spirit Awards. An award for independent movies.

Harry, sweetie….YOU ARE HOT!

He was very handsome and better yet: alone! #TheFijiGirlDoesntCount

Dora went to the Armani party.

The very proud of his work Marcus, the hair stylist, posted this photo. LOOKING BEAUTIFUL hon!

Beautiful photo, even though she’s very serious in it!

In fact, we know this place very well.

It’s Villa Carlotta, a newly renovated hotel that has been managed since July 2018 by their close friend, Brian McGrory.

Remember him? From The Australia Brief? James’s husband?

Since returning from her interrupted vacation, it seems that Dora is actually at Villa Carlotta, at least to date …

That Audi photo that she posted was also there:

It seems like a beautiful place to take pictures. Maybe a photo shoot?

What about a selfie?

Intern, we don’t know if Harry’s selfie in black and white was taken there.

But it could have been.

Yes, it could.

Later he posted this thoughtful photo watching the sunset!

Wow, that’s what we call a melancholy look.

Dora showed up at the Armani party.

What a angry face! God…that scares the hell out of me. Worse than Miranda.

No wonder Harry is afraid to take a lesson or two from her. Who wouldn’t?

I didn’t want to say anything, but I’m going anyway, she reminded me of the mother superior of my student days.

Not so much intern, not so much.

It seems Harry partied all night. It was one of the most attended pre-Oscar parties. A Night Before.

HEY! Looks like Harry ran out on whisky!

Curiously, Harry didn’t post anything about this party. He was totally quiet and discreet about it.

Where did the storyteller go?

Weird thing, huh, boss ?!

Yeah, it’s weird. They asked us if it would be possible for Dora to come to this party.

Yes it would be. #VeryPossible

Ian Somerhalder was at the Armani party, the same one Cait was and he was also in the same party as Sam. #Coincidence #StrangerThings #Mysteries #BestSeller

Everything is possible in this universe! Learn this! When they want, they know how to hide very well. Do you understand Intern?

Oscar night!

Vanity Fair Party Night!

We are waiting for our couple!

And they went, but … Separately !

And surprised a total for ZERO people!

First we see Dora:

At Villa Carlotta as shown on her bathrobe: VC.

Jesus, has this woman been crying? Poor thing! Didn’t I say they had a fight and then …

Intern, no speculation now!

Dora came first and we can only say one thing:


Sorry to all the mere mortals, but how in the world can someone be so beautiful?

I don’t want to picture Harry standing next to her in this dress. #RatedXR

He arrived an hour later, accompanied by Marina #ThankGOD and his weird bow tie!

Harry, what went wrong with that tie?

If it was just the tie… I want to know why they insist on cutting his hair like that? Is it some kind of promise to some god we don’t know about?

How is it possible that NO ONE saw that tie like that?

I have the impression that he wanted it like that. It’s Harry trying to find a thousand and one ways to bring Dora’s attention to himself!

Yes, we know that Dora has had a relationship with her hubby’s tie, even if it’s not there.

If she speaks to him like that online imagine in private?

No one is foolish enough to believe that Harry would be getting ready by himself for this event as he has a room full of assistants. How come a personal stylist doesn’t know how to tie a bow tie correctly? #GoDoSomethingElse

Hey SISters, can you imagine if he stopped in front of us with that thing crooked?

Guess what we would do? We would FIX THE TIE! Long live CODs! Miranda would certainly have delirius tremulus.

Intern, more respect please!!!

But SIS, why did they arrive separately and with so much time difference?

Well, these parties have invitations and they are expensive. Of course we don’t know if they were invited or if they paid for the invitation, but depending on the invitation there is an order to get past the carpet and take the photos.

Usually the biggest celebrities come sooner. It’s a party full of Hollywood class A stars!

We don’t know what kind of invitation they had, but it might be explained by the order in which they walked the carpet. Cait first and Sam later.

Here we see Dora in line for the photos:

Did you see Natalie Portman with her husband back there?

But Dora was with no one!

Intern we already know that this Hologram doesn’t pose for red carpet photos. He’s shy!

Shy or not, the least you’d expect, even from a hologram, was that he’d overcome his shyness and keep her company, at least for the photos.

Then he can unplug.

Dora was very happy!

Apparently the party was great …

But we didn’t have a miserable picture of our couple!

Do they seriously want us to believe they didn’t get together inside? #BoysAndGirlsClub

Still about the party…we have questions:

What’s the problem if two protagonists and now new producers of Outlander take a picture together?

Don’t they say they’re just friends after all? It’s like they have something to hide. Pulling the “Chandler and Monica” here is not going to work. To obvious.

They didn’t take a picture together because they knew what everyone will think. The two together at a party and on a red carpet, becomes obvious and becomes evident. They draw attention. Everybody notices. It’s transparent.

Well, it’s magic!

When they don’t take pictures together, so as not to generate gossip in the media and to not excite the fandom, guess what this same dissatisfaction does?

Flood their SM with pictures of them, side by side, on the red carpet. #WeLoveMediaShipper

The co-workers help too.

The more you hide, the more we see!

All everybody talked about was the lack of photos together. They managed to draw more attention. Maybe that was the intention after all . #Testing #ButWhy

We have some ideias…

Harry and Nina Dobrev, his friend, took a pic together. #CauseThatsWhatPeopleDoInParties

But none with his my amigo!

Part of the fandom soon came to the conclusion that the two hate each other, that they don’t talk and that’s why S4 was so bad!

Less, people. Way less! Please.

People who hate each other like that don’t take photos like that backstage!

Now, it’s shippers fault!

Obviously, boss! If the apocalypse came, that too will be blamed on shippers!

Zero patience for this! Wonder if Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper care about that?

If so, do you think we would have that spectacular performance of Shallow that made the whole world ship the two of them?

Returning to Harry and Dora, they spent a good time online together on IG posting photos of the event:

According to him the tie was his fault.

Ok Harry! We will pretend to believe you. If it was intentional you had your reasons. #MaybeTheInternWasRightAfteral

This man always has an agenda!

Dora also posted a photo!

Look at her, all romantic!

She even took the opportunity to comment on Harry’s POST.

And she had to make fun of his tie … he answered accordingly.

Do you see boss how the bow tie had a purpose? He got what he wanted. #SmartHarry

Ok, totes normal now!

Al least that’s what everyone thought. Although SM interactions are only a small sample of their relationship, it always ends up showing us a bit more.

The designers of Cait’s dress started following her and Sam. And Sam started following them. He even liked the photo.

Wonder where they met. Before, during of after the party?

Cait was with them before, during and maybe after the party. They posted photos and stories of her. So why follow her and Sam at the same time? Isn’t it obvious they were all together?

And as if that was not enough, Harry’s company account started following Cait again!

Someone asked why and this is the answer:

What’s the point of following, unfollowing and then following again?

You think it’s over?

Look at this strange dialogue on the Great Glen Company account:

Interesting term:

I suspected that it was the Captain and his sorrow that unfollowed Dora, and this time the interns were not to blame!

#InternsUnited #WeLoveAlex


And what do we do?

And if the “world” complained that they didn’t take pictures together on the gala evening, Harry, the diplomat was on duty, tried to solve the problem and posted this stories.

Ok Harry, I never asked you for anything …


This is beautiful, we love it, but we want photos together!

A photo of Dora came out.

Cait, Tunico, Marina and a mysterious jacket.

Sweetheart, release the original photo, no black and white effect please!

Do you really need all this just to “catch” one wee affectionate moment between an engaged couple? Is this serious? Are these desperate actions?

Looks like Cait’s hand is big,and almost elastic.

Would Cait be Mrs. Incredible?

Is Tobrian so shy that he needs a mask? He looks like the Phantom of the Opera!

Maybe it’s all make-up? The man is all white! #MichaelJacksonWannaBeStartingSomethin

Meanwhile in Tumblrland, one very generous person also questioned this photo and gave us this gift:

It looks like Dora is looking at somebody right there in front of her. Now just think a little: who went to the party with Marina?

Thank you. You’re welcome!

We’re bored, nothing happens! Aren’t these two  tired of Los Angeles yet? Don’t you miss the good old Scotland?

Go back to the bubble!

Intern, you shouldn’t complain because here in this ship the tide suddenly changes. #NotAnEasyShip

Since we’re talking about ships, look at what Harry posted:

Sony Studios!

There’s a big possibility that these two are not on vacation, they are both in LA working. #Produtores #PowerCouple

Harry + Dora + rainbow = a beautiful story!

Look at the pot of gold in the end!

Boss, I beg your pardon to disagree, it was not quite a pot of gold he was referring to, I bet it was a pot with honey, if you know what I mean.

#HoneyPot  #FingersOrTongue #FlashBack #GoldenDays

Ohhh…I guess you coud be right…all we want is a treasure of some kind at the end of a rainbow.

Our treasure? #HarryDora being happy and sharing it with us!

Another very calm day. Activities starts later for these two when they are in LA.

But the W.Network IG made our day very fun:

Ohhhh…seems that 99% of the 0.01% of the very loud shippers went to vote!

Or could we be more than 0,01%

EXTRA, EXTRA! The original Phantom of the Opera picture came out!

Only the photo for now, without the source. Cait, Tony, Marina and … somebody in a brown suit!

Who could it be?

Who does Dora look at this way? Huh? Huh? #NotHologram

Here is our cue for this week … but before leaving we want to wish all of you a Great Carnaval (it’s Carnaval in Brazil!!!), and remember:

“Leave your troubles behind, have fun, drink caipirinhas, and don’t drive…”

Call Uber, maybe, if you get lucky, a my amigo comes to your rescue!

#DontHikeNearMilitaryBase#TakeIDWithYou #Always

Until next week!

Bye Bye!




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