Are. You. Ready????


It’s Sunday, you’re home, enjoying your family, resting, eating KFC… getting ready to watch “Yessss Sammmm’s” Episode 109 (I know you are), and before all that you decided to look at SIS’s blog.


Well, wrong move SISter.

Things on this fandom are like this, when everything is really quiet, either SIS’s intern decides to almost kill everyone with weird news or Sam, Cait and gang reunites to figure out how to BURN down the fandom.

Come on!!! It’s Valentine’s Day.



And guess who decides that this year, SIS would not cry in a fetal position in our properly cleaned and disinfected bathroom?


Our very own Captain! Mr. Heughan !!!!


Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 15.07.14

Tell me, why did I spend so much time picking the right bleach, a new sponge and Mr. Clean and Mr.Muscles products to leave the floor whiter? … and for WHAT????




For SAM CAKE ROLAND HEUGHAN ruin my day. That’s why!

FEBRUARY 14th 2018.

Sam shows off his culinary skills making healthy pancakes.

Do you, or only SIS gets loads of chocolates (except M&Ms, we do not like those), and a very huge carrot cake with extra thick chocolate on the top and eats it all?

AHEM!!! Sam, darling…. just a small thing here…WHAT THE HELL IS THAT MESS ON MAESTRO’S FIANCEE STOVE???

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 15.50.23.png


Isn’t that Tony’s fiancée kitchen?

Isn’t that Tony’s fiancée stove top?

Isn’t that Tony’s fiancée frying pan?

My God!!!!

So! Where the heck is Tony???



I don’t think we gonna survive to see if Tobias comes back as Frank Randall’s 5th cousin or if DG’s therapy cured her from her shrimp obsession. Too much drama, even for a Maestro!

Let’s talk facts.

SIS investigated.

SIS compared.



GOT IT!!!!!

SIS is sure.

It looks just like Cait’s kitchen.

But, could we be so sure only from this photo?


Come here SISter. Let’s talk.

A while ago, a very strange person, obviously since he does follow Shamuso on twitter, posted what would be Cait’s address.

We could never confirm that since she has never invited us for a tea, or wine, or water or….NOTHING. #feelingrejected

Well, some time after that, we heard some rumors that she would be selling this place. Could that be true. Can’t say. If it was, could it be because of this twitter? Yes. No. The fact is that these pictures are everywhere we go.

A very close friend told us that Donal loves to take pictures of his friend’s apartments – WEIRD – but we don’t judge. Photos of Cait and Sam’s flats are around since 2015 but never this open. Apparentely they live 5 minutes from each other. BY FOOT!

SIS worries about their privacy but I guess that’s long gone here. 

So that’s why we are going to show y’all!!!!

Here they are!!


Let’s go by parts.

We have here a very cozy and beautiful fireplace for cold days.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 16.31.03


Well, well, well!!!! Look who we have here!!!! It’s the most unique and strange cat/tiger/statue thingy.


Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 16.31.11

Do you remember Mamacita???? SAM’s gift to WENDY????


But, what was Mamacita doing at Cait’s house?

  1. Sam went to climb a mountain and left it for Cait to baby-sit.
  2. Cait borrowed it to make her fireplace be cozier and for the photos to be prettier.
  3. They bought it together and have shared custody.
  4. He felt very lonely so asked Sam if he could spend sometime in Eddie and the other weird dog thingy’s house to play together.


Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 16.43.40.png



Let’s move on to the kitchen!!!!

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 16.22.59


But there are some apartments buildings in which they are build the same. If this is the case, here are some options:

  1. Sam and Cait live in the same building e the apartments are identicals.
  2. Eddie had the keys to both places and loves to go from one to another and take selfies on the way.
  3. They don’t live in the same building but have the same taste, so they buy the same things.
  4. That stove was on sale and they both bought it.
  5. Tony, who is a very fun person, made the pancakes, took pictures and posted as Sam on MPC just because he wanted to!!! Fun Tony!


Now, into the bathroom.


Look at Eddie!!!

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 17.12.13

We have an explanation for that too:

  1. Eddie loves sinks. CLEAN ones.


Last stop: the living-room.


This floor does look better like that, right?

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 17.23.09


Are these the same floor?


It could be. Or not. It really depends on your camera, your flash, the time of day, the angle…all of that can change the color you see. But what doesn’t change is the size and pattern of the floor.

But why would Sam take pictures on a wooden floor that could be or not, his co-star, friend and collegue’s floor?

  1. He was refurbishing his floor.
  2. He likes to pack at his friend’s house because she helps him, as she’s more organized.
  3. He has that floor saved on his phone, so he photoshops it A LOT! Cause that would NOT be crazy at all!
  4. His place was being re-decorated.



Few answers. Lot’s of questions.

Lot’s of theories. Few certainties.


And like that we end our tour, unfortunately.

We hoped you have enjoyed!

Any questions?


giphy (5).gif

Wasn’t Cait at Ireland on IFTA, winning a award, kissing her fiancee and dedicating a speech to him?


YESSSSSSSammm!!!! NO, NO!!! No Sam here, hon.


But she was in Glasgow on Feb 14th 2018. VALENTINE’S DAY.


Did you find that confusing????


Neither did we.

Well, this is the end of our very first  EPISODE OF STRANGER THINGS.




Here’s a little synopsis for you: 

Cait is engaged to Tony but like Sam’s pancakes. She was Mamacita’s mom/baby-sitter/aunt and kept her bathroom’s sink clean for Eddie, who has keys to Sam’s and Cait’s place and loves selfies.







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