Dear SISter,

Gather around, let’s chat a bit about Wednesday, May 9, 2018, at 3:02 p.m.. Do you remember this date? It was an ordinary afternoon, nothing was happening … then suddenly we felt a huge shake that hit the whole fandom.

It was a major earthquake that spread all over the world. Maybe you felt it too, after all it caused a general outbreak everywhere.

Outbursts, screams, jumps, tears… of joy.

Outlander has been renewed. What?

Outlander has been renewed !!!


Not for one but TWO seasons.

The lack of control was really absolute.

It was impossible to contain the emotion, after all, we are privileged. What fan could you say that your favorite show, which did not even debut its next season, already has two more seasons guaranteed?

But, this is not what I want to talk to you about. Well, yes, but not just about renewal and its implications. After all the happiness came a concern: what about Sam & Cait?

Yes, this couple that we want to always see with a smile on their face, cheerful, having the freedom to be who they are, without any pressure. I know, it’s been a rough day, not day, months … well, years !!!

The pain we feel when seeing them tired, visibly irritated, no sparkle in their eyes, quickly losing their hair and fake smiles makes us really sad. What if everything gets worse? What if Starz CEO’s concern about “not killing them” from so much work, is real? How could they accept that?

Well, let’s take a deep breath, count to three and look at everything very calmly, and after that, maybe we can see things a bit more clearly …

First, you need to understand that Outlander is one of the most profitable shows on the network. That means it would not simply be canceled.

Yes, my loves, it’s money that moves the world, and then emotions. It’s how we fall in love that makes us buy absolutely everything that involves the story. If you have a toothpick with Jamie’s face on Wallmart, believe me, IT WILL SELL!

Let’s think together so we can come to a conclusion – or not, but the important thing is to think outside the box.

SIS analyzed all the possibilities and came up with 3 essential points of reflection.

OPTION ONE: They’re not together it’s all show business.


It’s all marketing, done to deceive us … to sell a show of fairy tales that we love so much and that we want life to imitate art.

You ask yourself, but does this really happens?

Yes, unfortunately it happens. And within the show business is quite common, after all, in theory, it’s worth everything to sell your product and receive the money you invested back.

No, we are not talking about any product, but a high quality that grows more and more each day, targeting a highly loyal, expressive and overvalued audience, the fans.

You may be wondering: how would this option play out?

Basically, Sam and Cait would consciously simulate flirtations, with the intention of deceiving the public and selling Jamie and Claire in Sam and Cait. It would be just a spark, everything else would be on behalf of fans, such as shippers, antis and everyone interested in the show. Leaving the doubt in the air, for the continuity of the magic and give viewings to the show, because things like speculations, but mostly LOVE SELLS.

It may be hard to believe that this really happens, but it is a painful reality. Ever heard of a pair called T.A.T.U? I’ll explain. There were two singers in which their target audience was LGBTS at a time when the world did not speak so openly about it. Both were presented as a couple. One problem: THEY WERE NOT. They were not even homosexual at all, but they agreed to sell the story of a “forbidden” novel. The project ended because of internal problems and the truth came out.

In situations like these, there is always a problem: it would be very efficient … if it were not for interpersonal relationships. Yes, you can manufacture flirtation, dating, and even a more serious relationship, as we already know well. However, love, complicity, friendship, affection and make it all visible through your eyes, actions and talk, and all very naturally, is a bit complicated, if not impossible. Maybe you can do it for a few weeks or during public events, but for years?

What about you, SISter? Could you do it?

So – although there is this possibility – we here at SIS do not believe in it, not for a second. There are so many receipts given by our captain, so much evidence, so many tips besides the pancakes and days in bed with Eddie. If we stop to reminisce about every event in which we were awarded – voluntarily and involuntarily – we would need much larger posts than this.

Since that’s not what we really believe in, we’ll continue to navigate..

OPTION TWO: everything will remais EXACTLY AS IT IS!


I know, it’s a painful choice, but we do not always have control over the decisions made by those whose authority is greater than ours.

It is no absurdity to understand that perhaps they both did not have the strength – or enough voice – to break up / renegotiate their contracts, or that they chose to keep everything the way it is, to wait for the next few years, to continue the whole circus. This could be the best way to deal with a powerful industry and that, for many years dominates everything and everyone without suffering great consequences.

They’ve signed contracts for seven years and change it like that halfway through, it’s not a simple or cheap thing to do.

Outlander was the first big chance for both of them, and sure enough it will open many doors beyond those that have already opened. Sometimes it is better to continue, than to miss a great opportunity in professional life.

We must always remember that their personal lives are very different from what they show or that we think they have. What we have access to is something called PUBLIC LIFE, in which values and convictions need to be expressed, but also a clean and spotless image is worth a lot.

Another factor that fits this possibility is that, depending on the company’s policy, relationships are not well viewed, especially by investors. Because?

Ever heard of shows that were canceled because co-stars got involved, finished and could not stand to record together anymore? Guess in whose pocket that will reflect? Exactly.

Which brings us to our third option.

OPTION THREE: Renegotiation.


It took so long for them to give us the news! Most of us almost had a break down for the wait and hoped it was for good reason – that Sam and Cait were smart enough to understand their importance and value in the show, and have tried to negotiate its benefits.

This entails innumerable possibilities, such as: contractual clauses, salary increases, personal benefits, and – as some shows – the possibility of being producers.

There may also be changes in how they behave in public, what they talk about in interviews, and how they will break down the current narrative to migrate to a new one

It will not be surprising if we see patterns being extinguished and others being created. In the specific case of Outlander, we know that there have been changes in the PR and Marketing sectors and we have already seen what this meant.

It is a question of intelligence, an understanding of how things work, so that we do not become desperate for any banality.

For example, it is very common, in shows that have been in the air for a while for major actors to become producers, what could be another aspect of a possible change in their contract. The list of series that the actors have also been producers is endless, but I will mention only three: Bones, Castle and The Vampire Diaries. Google it and you will know that it’s true.

Having said all that, and having all three options in mind, don’t be fooled into thinking that, because they are visibly tired, they do not really worship what they do. They love their job they have, whenever it’s possible, thanked publicly – especially to  fans – showing gratitude for the most-expressive-Fandom- that exists.

In the show business world, this is not very common. It is very difficult not to have backstage problems, issues like inflated egos, power struggle or wages … but that is not the case here. We see that in Outlander everyone seems to be very respectable, always having fun, going out together, and talking publicly about the admiration they feel for each other.

Dear SISter, do not suffer in advance from anything you see going around. We do not know exactly what is going on, whether they participated in contractual negotiations or not, whether they agreed to continue exactly the way things are or not, and if they did not accept and decided to fight for it.

We believe that both have the ability to choose what is best for their lives, so let’s not underestimate them. If it was a bad environment in a way that they could not continue, they would certainly not stay any longer or would appear happy with the shows’ renewal.

In the end, I dare say we should celebrate. Yes, celebrate!

Outlander was the show that made us meet important people in our lives, who have the power to make us laugh, suffer, cry and fall in love for these two protagonists.

Before falling in love with Sam and Cait, we fell in love with Claire and Jamie, and learned to appreciate the history of an unfamiliar country, meet a near extinct culture, and bond with strangers as a result of our love for the characters and how we identify with them.

But SIS wants to know, what is your point of view on this matter??


Alexandra: Sometimes I think it sucks that it was renewed. Honestly. I’m trying to put a scale, but from a shipper point of view, it’s hard to balance. It’s very suffering. Of course, my point of view is not from a book reader. I am purely outlander and samcait fan. I confess I’m selfish and biased.

Rita: Of course we’ll have 2+ years of fuckery and by then we’ll be fluent in “urban dictionary slang english with scotish accent”. Nothing is boring in samcait universe.

Marissol:I like to think that all the time they take to renew the series was to renegociate some clause of their contracts, who knows? And maybe now, if they want, they can finally assume this crazy relationship they have. I just wouldn’t like that the period between season was so long, but our beloved are human beings and they nees to rest. Anyway, I approved the renewal.

Anne: It’s a mixed feelings situation. By one side, I’m happy because I love the books and there’s great cenes to come… However, this Sam&Cait story is driving me crazy already, I just want that the truth comes out, and than I could enjoy the show free of any stress haha

Carla: If the show come to an end, the ship will dock in the harbour, so it’s better we sail for other two years in our pursuit for the truth!

Fernanda: I’m very happy with the renewal of the series. Very happy to know that we will have two more seasons and cheering a lot for the others. I would like the series to illustrate all the books … Since in books 5 and 6 it calms down and then the it picks up on books 7 and 8. I want it to be complete and that Diana, the crazy one, finishes this story and gives a more quiet life for my Fraser’s. From a shipper point of view, I’m happy too! There will be two more years of joy. Highs and lows. For a world as complicated as ours, shipping Sam & Cait is a great distraction. I want more!

Lícia: For me, it all started because of the series, the love for the books and even my shipping. I am very happy to have the series renewed, I want to see, through the eyes of the series, the end of the saga of Jamie and Claire.

Ana Flávia: Thinking on the shipper’s point of view, let’s pray for good surprises at the end of the year when the old contract is over … If god helps us, we will have two more seasons and confirmation of the most loved couple on the planet! Thinking about the fan side of the series, I’m happy and dancing for the renewal! Cait and Sam are the personification of the Frasers and a story like this really needs to have continuity! 10 seasons! My dream! With them! Yes, two answers .. I’m a Gemini … I allow myself! End!

Jayne: I loved it! I want them to be together, but I like them regardless of whether they are together or not.

Iara: I’m pretty sure they will marry Cait within 7 months. I do not know if they will disclose this or -draw photos-of such a wedding, or if she will just show up with the wedding ring in the other hand and that’s it. For me, what is clear is that something radical can happen. PS: I do not believe she’s engaged to Tobrian and I think if I get wedding pictures, I’ll still doubt it. Creating a wedding scene, inviting friends and recording a movie is cheaper for STARZ than a lot of the few minutes spent in the series, and it can be an effective strategy for many people to let go. I do not know if Creamy would accept this, but for who had to submit to kiss the friend after receiving a very important award, right? It may be that they finally give them the freedom.

Ruth: I hope doesn’t happen the same thing that happened to The Walking Dead, the wait was so long that caused fans to lose interest in the show, it was very sad to see.

Cleusa: I loved the renewal! It is important to see the continuation of the saga, to see new chapters, although we do not get tired of seeing the old ones. But, to have more episodes to see and to review is priceless. As for the couple as a couple, I think we will continue to suffer. My opinion is that Starz will not give up, no, although I still do not understand why the contract requires them to hide the relationship. But if this is a requirement, why should change now?

Julyana: Still analyzing it.

Célia: I think a lot about this … the first I felt joy to know that we see several scenes of the books that have touched us and that we will see them with our beloved couple … but soon begin the worries … they seemed to be overjoyed with the renewal, but they did not hint about being together, continued the same games, passing receipts and then denying what was said or done … and us, how are we ??? … it’s like leaving the peace of Lallybrock to fight the Battle Culloden with the aggravating fact that, at least they knew what would happen, and we don’t … let’s pray and hope they will do whatever it takes to come out as a couple after renegotiating this new contract … I believe that ..

Heydi: As a fan I enjoyed the renewal but as a shipper I hope they have been less naive. In my opinion they have already confirmed the relationship as Sam has already said and demonstrates every day and Cait as well. I think we should not forget that this is work and that although they have some annoyances (MM, Tony, mysterious blonde) they are trying to move on. As a fan and as a shipper I am rooting for the series success and by for their relationship independently of being caught in public or giving us receipts in social networks.

Rafaela:The renewal of the series was great, we shippers should hold on because troubled waters are coming.

Adriana:I was happy for the renovation because I love the series and the books. But I think we’ll have two more years of agony

Anna Carolina: Gee, I liked the show being renewed. I just hope they have established non-interference clauses in personal life, whether to be together – which I would love – or with other people. They are not children and not even so young and deserve a say in their personal life. I want the series, but let them be happy first of all, of course!

Daniela:The theme is the 7-month interval; I think that everything is going to be the same anyway. It was very good with all this confusion, so I do not think it’s going to change anything in the S / C relationship. I celebrate the renewal of the series, it seems to me that it is well done although the last season I did not like it very much, like I think it is a beautiful story and it deserves to continue until the end. And I really enjoy shippar so: vote to keep it that way and not clarify anything jajajajjaja

Ana Cristina: At first I thought it was good, then I remembered that the real-life soap opera will continue in this drama … but now thinking about those 7 months off, I believe we will have an answer about that.

Carol: What defines me is FEAR !!! I am very afraid that if they do not take over at the end of the year this giant Hiatus will make us have many mini heart attacks with @s wanting to marry Dora !! Hope that this whole delay has been our couple fighting for freedom. For the series, love that it was renewed !! But for SamCait there will be more and more thrills !!

Rafa: I was very happy with the renewal, because it was the show (and the books) that made us meet and shipp this couple. I do not know if it was spoken differently, but I have the impression that season 5 and 6 will be recorded together (since they will be smaller) and divided for us. So I think they’ll be “free” a little ahead of schedule. Even so it seems like every day we have clues that they are about to take over and our Starz shipper trainee is hinting that as well.

Marisa: I’m glad to know that we’ll see Claire and Jamie for a longer time on the screen, because that way they can give a decent end to the series. As for Cait and Sam, I think if they continue with all this bitching, most people will get discouraged and abandon the boat.

Silvia:I loved knowing we had Jamie and Claire for two more seasons. Now as for Sam and Cait I hope they are happy in this period.

Stela: I loved the renewal, after all I love the series … I think we’re going to suffer another two years, but I’m already getting used to it … we get used to suffering

Ana Clara:As an fan I am pleased with the renewal, even personally and considering that there was a lot of hard work on last season’s production that will likely linger on the following, having S & C as J & C still motivates me to watch and hope for the series success and eventual conclusion of the story. As a fan of Caitriona and Sam as a couple, the news of the seven-month break leaves me thinking, for I have nothing good to look forward to beyond the next step in Cait’s engagement narrative, new narratives, and questionable public appearances. I hope that at least they can have the most well-deserved rest and can dedicate themselves to new projects and, thinking later, I hope that they can have more autonomy over their contracts.

Renata: My relationship with Outlander began with the series, which after research discovered the books and groups. I met very special people. We will have the fourth season and another year to post photos, doubts and our gossip. Yes we will survive, because we are together !!!






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