Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

If by any chance you got lost in time, travelled through some stones and you no longer know where you are, you may find yourself clicking here

It’s Carnaval Friday and everybody here is on “samba” mood, dancing, meeting friends and having a great time!! We will party for 4 days, that is, if our loving couple gives us a break!

To be fair, our couple is not the only ones who likes to give us work.

Especially when they are on vacation.

Some followers have asked us questions about the possibility of Harry dating the actress Hannah James who was Geneva in Outlander.

You must remember her well.

I’m sorry boss, but I can’t separate the actress from the character, she shouldn’t have taken advantage of Jamie like that, and in such a vile way, blackmailing the poor guy.

We surely didn’t know where that came from, but we investigated and came across this on the other side – The Antiland …

Ahh that explains A LOT!

Yes, we already suspected that. We put on our detective hats and there we went to see what the story was about.

Doing some research, looking here and there, very carefully not to tear our carnaval fantasy, we found an explanation.

The argument is as follows. Get ready because it’s HUGE. Are you ready?

Sam and Hannah follow each other on Instagram.


Totes normal people! Hannah follows practically the entire cast and crew of the show. After all, she worked there.

But not everybody follows her back…

Cait is one that doesn’t follow Hannah, but Hannah follows her.

True, Sam liked her pictures recently. They like each others posts.

She likes his photos and he likes her photos.

Oh GOD! Is this why the antis are saying they’re dating? Spare yourself and spare us!

This is their first argument. But still, there’s more …

Another argument from our dear Antis, is that Sam and Hannah have friends in common Nicolas Rasenti and Nicole Reichlin, from Cape Town.

Nick was part of the Outlander cast in S3, just like Hannah, and he and Nicole became close friends with Sam and Cait.

After some wee research we found other common ground among all these people.

The other possible connection between Nicolas, Nicole and Hannah James may also be a photographer named Faye Thomas who works in Cape Town and London.

She’s already taken pictures of several people directly or indirectly linked to Harry and look who she seems to be BFF with!

And from the caption, it seems that the degree of friendship is quite big.

She also knows Harry for a long time

Everybody must heard about or even seen this video which was posted by Faye.

She dated a long time friend of Harry’s.

In April 2018 she went to the Outlander set in Cape Town

While visiting the set, she may well have met Nick and Nicole and many others as she follows most of the cast;

She has done a photoshoot with Rik too

And one with Hannah James

And this is the latest photoshoot she did with Hannah, posted on February 1st, but it must have been in January. She was in London:

She tagged Outlander too

After this Hannah went to LA.

So SISters, less, much less, there are other possibilities in life that don’t involve Sam Heughan.

If Harry dates every female photo he likes, then I’m in line.

#DateMeHarry #LikeMyPhoto #FollowMe #IAlreadyFollowYou

So answering your questions: Sam is NOT dating Hannah.

These people seem to forget who the boss of the whole F # $ @ Thing is!

Look who isn’t liking this at all!

We’re done, Dora, chill!

Wow … I got a bit tired there…so many photos and explanations, but for certain people if things are not step by step, in the smallest detail, they don’t seem to understand. #PayMyTherapy

Everything was quiet, we were getting ready for one more day of carnaval, saving our strength to party all day, caipirinhas ready to go, and then guess who show up?


Really hon? I don’t want to see it. I’m tired of hunting him down to find out where he is. Why don’t you go home Harry?

I can’t believe it boss, I’m going to end up ripping my costume before I even enjoy carnaval. #InternWorkingDuringCarnaval

We already knew the possibility of him being with Alex and Valbo in Vegas, the photo just confirmed.

Let him travel, intern!

If he’s not in Hawaii on a fishing boat, I’m happy!

And through Valbo’s stories, we found out his location.

He posted a tour of the streets, and then in a gym:

So, after trying to find them in Vegas and even trying our luck at Black Jack, behold, the hotel they are staying appears.

A very basic one, BTW! #WhoNever #NotSIS

Boss, my whole house fits inside that little room.

I need a few more square footage! #HireMe #PayMe

They took a plane to enjoy the UFC fight there!


Where is Dora in all of this?

Boss, it’s not time to ask this question, I’m sorry, I’m going to enjoy the carnaval today, but I promise to look and see if she’s dancing and drinking with a Dora the Explorer costume ok?

Intern, come back here!

And after our #Hangover we come across this:

First hers then his…a true gentleman! #ThanksMamaHeughan

I didn’t know that Harry was a PR as well? And even on vacation he can’t have a break … from her.

Did you return to work Intern? Was the party any good?

Dora, who had vanished finally showed up:

And it’s not even Ash Wednesday. Dora is getting some and will still end my carnival. # TraineeMedrosa

A wee ad for a certain Dr. friend….but WAIT!

Sunscreen? End of vacation? Reflection of a blue sky?

Was Dora at a pool?

Meanwhile the boys are at the hotel gym working out! #WorkItBoys #WorkIt

And she was posting, in a very curious sequence, to say the least. Then came the boys:

Well, well, well, look who’s in a pool too!

Interesting timing there.

Later on facebook, more photos of Harry. #LoveAFãWithCamera

It was enough for the fandom to connect the dots and believe Dora was in Vegas and in that pool. #WhatHappensInVegasStaysInVegas

You think Boss?

Carnaval Monday is a day for what? RECEIPT!

And what was the receipt, SISters?

We are still #Shocked around here!

When no one was expecting it , She, the Boss of it ALL and the owner of the whole thing released this post in her Instagram.


That’s right? She wants us to believe she’s in Hawaii, and this has nothing to do with Harry?

Thinking about how big the world is and how big her bank account is, knowing she could go anywhere in the world and she ended up in the same place as Harry?

The world is big, but when it comes to Dora and Harry, it seems to be one block.

That she was in Hawaii, we already knew.

We were very surprised that she confirmed that we were on the right track (if not always, but most of the time). #TeamSIS

Another good surprise was that the Four Season Hualalai account started following her, well not only her, but Harry also!

Nice comment!

This hotel is very close to where Harry had his wee adventure.


He can’t seem to take their cap off.  #FinallyTookThePatagoniaOneOff

We would love to know the excuses for that. If there is an excuse!

Why do two coworkers and friends who lead “totally separate” lives and have plenty of money to go anywhere in the world, go on vacation to the same place only weeks a part?

We are waiting for the excuses, please!

Thank you, you’re welcome!

If you pressed play and nothing happened, don’t worry, it’s not a bug in your PC, the video was temporarily taken off the air by the content authorities, for lack of content!

As Dora dances on SM, Harry and his friends decided to go an extra mile. #HarryLivingADream

While he keeps having fun out there, I’m kneeling on corn for this holiday to end and they go back to Scotland.


Still thinking about the size of this receipt Dora had given. We kept an eye on all comments in her post.

And one in particular caught our attention, not only ours, but of most shippers. Quite polite and discreet, the person says he saw her at the Resort. The other day…

Many asked who Dora was with??

What do you mean, you tell the saint but you do not tell the miracle?

If she were accompanied by a certain hologram, would it be too much to say:

– Yes, she was with her fiancé!

I think Dora has temporarily unplugged the hologram, as there are no official commitments, which is when he usually appears.

But she said nothing, on the contrary, she deleted her comment.

Another one infected with the PRD virus (Post Regret Delete).

I will never understand people who post and then delete their posts, she had weeks to think about if they would comment on the “encounter” or not and when they decided to post it, they deleted it.

She should of been celebrating this comment because Dora liked it and she NEVER does!

And we found this other comment:

Boss I’m crying with this, they love to call us crazy, shippers who live in the past and are delusional when someone confirms that we are not crazy, it is a multiple orgasm. Wonderful feeling!!! #DesperateAntis #SISHappy

You mean they saw Dora in Oahu?

Pause for a geography class.

Oahu is an island in the archipelago of Hawaii, the island is wholly occupied by Honolulu County, where the capital and largest city of Hawaii is located.

The northern region is known as the North Shore, where the archipelago’s main beaches, including Pipeline Beach and Waimea Bay are two of the hottest spots for surf lovers. It is on this island that is the famous military base of Pearl Harbor.

So Intern they even questioned whether the account was fake, but we didn’t believe it, she made a very interesting comment about the fish on Harry’s post, explaining the customs and even indicated who he should look for in case he comes back one day to Hawaii. It really looked like a local resident. Fan account is different from a fake account.

It was on this island that Harry was detained at a military base when he went on the Pillbox Hike when a certain Uber driver helped him. If you don’t remember this story, you can read it here.

Well, the story goes with the theory, doesn’t it?

Let’s wait and see where else this story takes us!

Meanwhile, Sam seems to have been testing the power of the Audi through the desert in Nevada. Yes Harry, we already understand that you are in Las Vegas and not in Hawaii!

Later a Stories for Fifi!

But who is Fifi boss?

Good question! We didn’t know who she was either, but our dear SIS from Australia explained to us.

She is an Australian and works on a radio there.

Looks like Ruby Rose, who is also an Australian, introduced them. #WhereEverybodyKnowsYourName

Hey, boss, watch this video. Do I see what I see?

Seems to be someone that looks a lot like Dora or are we going crazy? #TheCrazyReflectionSISter

Later, Harry appeared on twitter and answered questions. Among all his tweets, one especially caught our attention.

Oh, hon if you saw her, we will too!!!

So, are we really going crazy and that reflection there really was our Dora?

Didn’t I tell you it was her?


Yes, boss?

I want the lottery number! #SinceYouGetItRightLetsMakeMoneyOutOfIt

Boss, let’s make a deal?

You hire me and next month we go on vacation. I know the perfect place.

We were about to close for the day, just talking, getting ready to call it a day when the cell phone beeped … oh no! Not a notification?

Boss, I told you she was in NYC!

Yeah, you did …

She, the powerful one, the owner of it ALL, closed our carnaval week with perfection. Beautiful and powerful she attended the debut of Fleabag.

Fleabag, is a London production piece, a comedy written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge playing in New York for a six-week season. The piece that inspired the television hit series, FLEABAG, is a look into a certain type of woman living her life.

Nothing more perfect for her to do before the International Women’s Day!

And while they have fun we follow them, in our daily struggle, whether in search of our couple, or in search of ourselves. Opening our paths, seeking our achievements, realizing our goals and above all, in search of our happiness!

May we be be respected for who we are and especially for the ability to be WOMEN.


O SIS BRAZIL deseja um feliz dia internacional da mulher! Seja todas as mulheres que quiser ser! …#CaitrionaBalfe…

Posted by SIS – Brazil on Friday, March 8, 2019





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